US and Russian deep states likely to be taken down in June black swan event

The world is headed for a once-in-several-thousand-year historical anomaly. While this process will take years, a major inflection point is expected around June or July, multiple sources agree. This is when the fall of the US Corporation and the Russian deep state are likely to coincide with the re-emergence of an Islamic caliphate and many other events.

Let us start with the multiple news events pointing to the fall of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

The most obvious confirmation something is not right is US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy saying: “Unfortunately, I have not heard from the White House since our very first meeting [February 1st],…Biden has been missing in action and misleading the public.”

To understand just how fake the Biden show is, check out the HUGE turnout for his bid for the presidency. His 81 million supporters must be hiding somewhere behind those trees.

This so-called Biden is supposedly running even as multiple criminal investigations zero in on him. “We know of at least eight Biden family members who have profited from…human trafficking…It is gross, and it is disgusting,” says Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN). a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.


This speech by Glenn Beck reflects the anger of Americans toward their criminal government. In it he notes “No matter how many decades I expose people on Twitter & our website – they will get away with murder. And if you and I did a fraction of those things, we would be in jail.”


No wonder the people behind the fake Joe Biden have been hiding since the US Corporation went bankrupt and defaulted on its external debt on January 31st. This is being presented to the public as a deadlock over raising the US debt ceiling.

Other confirmation of bankruptcy came from Japanese diplomats who contacted us to say the World Bank and IMF just finished their big meeting in Washington where they were unable to provide any financing they promised to countries like Pakistan or Sri Lanka. They offered Special Drawing Rights but these turned out to be worthless, the sources say. MI6 confirms the IMF cannot cash their SDRs because “the SDR is simple back-to-back bookkeeping so actual Sovereign debt written against a non-existent currency.” The non-existent currency they are referring to is US dollars newly printed by the FRB. These are being quarantined from the ones being held by the rest of the world.

Former IMF head and current European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde admitted in a speech the “fragmentation” of her rules-based world order “under the hegemonic leadership of the United States…can happen in two ways: gradually, and then suddenly,” In other words she is hinting the slow fragmentation we have been seeing is about to head into a sudden collapse.


That is why US President Donald Trump says “This is the worst crisis in the history of our country, the United States may not survive,”


Another sign that something happened in February is that the money supply fell by “6.6%” year on year for “the biggest drop in at least 60 years,” Note the 666 number hints this data is fake but that something very bad is happening.


The following charts confirm a continuing run on all US banks, indicating widespread fears of a financial system collapse. 

This is happening even as the FRB pumps out record amounts of funny money as this chart shows:

Clearly, they have lost trust or all this funny money would be showing up in bank deposits.

Elon Musk, echoing many informed people, says “given Federal expenditures, it is a matter of when, not if, we default,”

As to the when, criminal fake US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the US can keep going until June, possibly July, using “extraordinary measures.” This means stealing from pensions and social security, extorting from allies, etc.

The extortion may have even led to the murder of Mexican president Manuel Obrador, according to Mexican sources who contacted us just as this report was about to go live. They say he has canceled all of his public appearances and that the Mexican Presidential plane was sold to drug dealers from Tajikistan.

Both the EU and Russia have demanded that Obrador meet their ambassadors but he has not been able to see them, the sources add. These sources told us previously that Obrador was scheduled to have a secret meeting in Nicaragua with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

This came after Obrador on Tuesday accused the Pentagon of spying on his government following leaks in U.S. media, and said he would begin classifying information from the armed forces to protect national security.


Now the official story being put out is that he “tested positive for COVID-19 and is taking a few days off.”


“This is going to be a very tense week and we will monitor the situation,” the Mexican sources say. They sent this picture of what appeared to be his body.

Regardless of what transpired in Mexico, the Khazarian mafia is now lashing out in all directions. As MI6 notes: “Trapped rats bite hard.”

In addition to the usual attempts by the KM to murder all dissenting “leaders,” we are getting multiple threats of all-out nuclear war. Donald Trump has been repeating this as have many others.

We also have Warren Buffet selling his entire stake in Taiwan semiconductors because “there is a danger of seismic activity.” This sounds like a threat to the Chinese to destroy Taiwan with earthquake weapons unless they keep financing the US Corporation.

Somebody should remind them that if they destroy Taiwan, then Silicon Valley will be destroyed in retaliation.

In any case, the troubles of the US Corporation or US deep state are well known and are being extensively written about.

What is less known, is that a take-down of the Russian deep state is also imminent.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Russian military company Wagner says “a community of near-state elites that operate independently of the political leadership of the state”, is actively sabotaging the war effort in Ukraine.


Now Russian FSB sources investigating the Sputnik vaccine in Russia have found out that


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