Trustworthy intelligence


Apparently SM, the author of the missive to you featured on your newsletter this week, doesn’t understand compartmented intelligence.  I will only go so far as to say that I do understand.  Certainly he should understand “need to know.”  He should also know that whatever level of high clearance he had/has, has an unknown and indefinite number of “slashes” at the highest levels.  Many levels have no knowledge of the others—that’s the point.  The probability of anyone with other than the topmost levels knowing anything about what you’re talking about is something a bit more than nil.

Meanwhile, though, your information comes from a source that you trust.  That’s a hard one for me to swallow sometimes, inasmuch as intelligence people make their livings lying.  There isn’t a concept of “trust” except in its worst form—a kind of “whether or not you’re being compromised by some force or another” as its measure.  Thus, I also hope you are careful in your qualification of your sources.  I trust that you are and tend to believe the reports that you make, especially since you accurately called the American elections when no one else did.

This whole period from 2001 to today—or perhaps even in consideration of my whole life—has really clarified my patriotism.  That is, I was never a “flag-waver” and have never easily adopted pledges and creeds.  That said, I firmly believe in the American Republic as conceived by its founders and as embodied in the Constitution of the United States and its corresponding Bill of Rights and Amendments.  To these I can say that I am 100% pledged.  To the extent that our leadership betrays the principles embodied there, they are most certainly traitors.

Unfortunately—as perhaps through all our history—their means and methods of deceit are more sophisticated than most of my fellow countrymen wish to acknowledge.  Goodhearted as most of us are, we are not—as criminals always are—so predisposed to see evil in others’ actions.  Thus acknowledging that a person like Hillary is an arch-criminal and that at minimum half the nation has been utterly duped to her wiles is not a pill the nation readily can swallow.  We are in some desperate shape here.


You are right to note that agency folk have the bad habit of putting out disinformation.  They often use 90% real information to get you to swallow a 10% disinformation hook.  That is why I am very careful with my sources and make sure to inform my readers any time disinformation slips through my filters.

You are right about average, nice people being unable to understand the incredible criminality at the top of the power structure.  These people are able to do things like order the murder of millions because they think it is for “the greater good.”  That good, of course, means what is good for them, not for the rest of us Earth-dwellers.


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