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The mass murdering Khazarian Mafia think they can avoid war crimes trials by arresting lawyers like Reiner Fuellmich on trumped up charges. Chancellor Olaf Scholz  and Ursula von der Leyenwill will be held personally responsible for this atrocity. So will the agents involved in his kidnapping.


OCT 15, 2201
How did Reiner Fuellmich get arrested in Frankfurt? What was he doing in Frankfurt?
I’ve listened to the live broadcast, Dagmar Schoen on Bittel.tv. In German.
Here’s the translation.
Reiner and his wife lost their passports and visas quite some time ago, needed to get them replaced. As they have been staying in Mexico, this led to their needing to go to the German embassy in Tijuana, Mexico. The first time they went, on Monday, they needed to come back. Dagmar was already uneasy, but everything seemed all right.
A time was arranged, for Friday, for them to pick up the documents. So the embassy knew exactly when they would be arriving.
When they went back on Friday, Reiner’s wife got her documents and was allowed to go. Reiner was arrested. He had nothing with him, only the clothes he was wearing. No toothbrush, even.
A warrant for his arrest had been issued in March. A second warrant was issued in May. One was from Germany and the other from the EU. Obviously he was not informed.
As Reiner was in Mexico, which is outside the jurisdiction of the EU, the warrants could not be enforced.
So there needed to be a way to get him onto German soil.
Reiner’s needing a new passport and visa gave those who wanted him arrested the perfect opportunity.
When he entered the embassy on Friday, there were 6 men waiting to detain him, take him to the airport, escort him to Germany.
The charges, as Dagmar found out when she had the official papers opened, were 30 pages long – so this was something carefully planned and executed.
They related to allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member on the Corona Committee, about financial wrongdoing.
Three people signed the charges against Reiner.
Perhaps the craziest aspect of the charges is that the money Reiner allegedly took is in the bank account (or anyway, was in the bank account) of one of the 3 people.
Source: https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/breaking-reiner-fuellmich-taken-from

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