Mexican false flag event: LeBaron massacre

I’m writing because right now the military-industrial complex or the CIA or Deep State wants to invade Mexico with the excuse of fighting the cartels.  But what they really want is the North of Mexico because of its vast resources and control of the distribution corridors of drugs to the USA.

In recent months several and bizarre attacks attributed to the drug cartels have occurred, but what all have in common is that the U.S. government has been involved.  The tragedy that happened to the LeBaron family of Mexico—American citizens—smells like a false flag attack orchestrated by the CIA.

Here is the intel I got about the subject:

  1. At the same time the attacks occurred, the U.S. Ambassador was in the State of Sonora.
  2. Rhonita Maria Miller, one of the women that supposedly got killed, was part of the Sex Cult NXIVM.  Also, Julian LeBaron, the cousin of Rhonita, appears in an advertising video of NXIVM.
  3. When ex-governor Duarte was in office, Alex LeBaron ended up being a Deputy of the State.  The people of Chihuahua have denounced the LeBaron family for exploiting aquifers illegally and kicking farmers off their land.  The mother of Alex LeBaron, Maria Gonzalez, was incarcerated from 2002–2011 for the crime of smuggling drugs across the border.  The adults of that family are not saints and have a history of corruption, organized crime, and murders.  Los LeBarons family are friends with Salinas’ son, one of the top corrupt political oligarch leaders of the Deep State of Mexico.
  4. With the excuse of the attack, the U.S. Congress is going to label drug cartels as terrorist organizations, therefore opening the door, thanks to the Patriot Act, to wage war in Mexico.
  5. In the video of the attack, the truck the family supposedly was traveling in has no bodies and no clothing left on the scene.  All of the supposed victims were taken to a hospital in Arizona.  There was not a single witness.  What we see in the video is only a truck burning and bullet holes.  The guy who is filming is supposedly the father, but you don’t see his face, and when he starts saying that they killed his sons and daughters he doesn’t sound too sincere or hurt about the act.  I’m not saying that did not happen, but in my personal opinion if that had happened to my family I would be devastated and crying and screaming.  In the video, the only time he speaks, he says, “Oh, they killed my children,” and that’s it.  Really, it doesn’t make sense at all.  Where are all the victims, the bodies, and the kids that survived?  The official story is that the kids that survived walked with bullets in their bodies 15 km to a ranch for 6 hours in the middle of a harsh environment, full of snakes and coyotes, etc., which doesn’t make sense at all.  Also, the excuse of the official narrative is that the attack was so devastating that the bodies burned and nothing was left except ashes;  however, we all know that always some remains, such as bones or clothes, are left in those kind of circumstances.  I could be wrong about this, but we don’t see anything that could indicate otherwise.
  6. Both of the attacks happened in states held by the [Mexican Deep State] PRI, and Chihuahua is ruled by PAN.

Now I want to show you some similarities with the failed operation to arrest El Chapo’s son in Culiacán:

  1. The DEA, one week before the failed operation, held a meeting with the governor of Culiacán, a meeting the President of Mexico was not notified about.
  2. The local government of the city casually canceled school that day because of “the threat of rain.”  That shows the governor of Culiacán knew what was going to happen.
  3. The Chapos cartel had a reaction response comparable to that of a well-organized army.  The stink of CIA operatives is all around.  They were ready and prepared, therefore they knew in advance.
  4. Someone within the military leaked the information of the arrest to the media and cartels.

The last parties that were in power before Lopez Obrador have been trying to destabilize his rule since day one of the new government.  I know that PRI is controlled by the Scottish Rite Freemasons and the PAN by the Yunque, an extreme-right secret occult sect with trails of pedophilia (Father Marciel Maciel was part of it).  Clearly both organizations are controlled by the Cabal.  My theory is that the U.S. Cabal and Mexican Cabal are working together to take down these new governments of patriotic people in USA and in Mexico.

It’s also a well-known open secret that the USA has always wanted to invade Mexico, especially the North, and that is why the whole time they are trying to balkanize Mexico and divide it.  My geopolitical analysis is that the dirty game that the Cabal had in the Middle East is falling apart, so now their machinery is focusing on Mexico.  It also makes a lot of sense, because a depression in the USA is coming next year since they are running out of money.  I think it is one of the last stands of the Deep State or USA corporate government to avoid falling into bankruptcy.

I need your help because you’re a well-known writer who has focused on denouncing false flag attacks and right now Mexico is suffering the consequences of them.  I am a patriotic Mexican who believes in the sovereignty and the determination of the people.  My intel is well based and I encourage you to do your research.

You might think Mexico is of no geopolitical importance, but a lot of undercover wars have been carried on here throughout history.  For example, history analysts say that the Last War between England and USA was the Mexican Revolution.  Right before the revolution, all the big important industries and businesses were owned by the British, but after the revolution it changed to American owners.  Right after the revolution, the British empire declined and the U.S. empire rose.  Of course, the Second World War was part of it, but the Mexican Revolution influenced that.  My point is that I don’t doubt that one of the last battlefields to get rid of the Khazarian Mafia is going to be Mexico.  There’s also exopolitical theories that underground Reptilian bases still remain in the North of Mexico.  There are a lot of unresolved mysteries.

You have an international audience and the best way to kill the objective of a false flag is to denounce it as one.  We have to stop this.  Of course, I’m open to listen and learn the information that you have about the subject.  I might have some things wrong, and I hope I’m mistaken.  I also said in social media that I don’t mind help from the U.S. government to take down the organized crime, but if they are going to help us, only the Marines should help us because they have been the only institution that has not been infiltrated by the Deep State.  How can the U.S. government plan to help us if they are the bosses of the cartels?  Of course, you know this;  it’s thanks to all the drug money that the Deep State has been able to build the Secret Space Program.

Thank you very much, Ben;  keep going with the good fight to the liberation of the earth.

Cheers, and farewell!

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