Letters to the Editor

“Hello dear Ben,
My name is Alexandre Desmarais, and I am from the region just under Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.
I follow your updates, and I truly enjoy them with my wife and friends, and I thank you for it.
I saw your interview with Kimberly Goguen. I found you were very courteous and respectful toward her. She didn’t give you much space nor enough credit.
I have watched multiple interviews, and I have to tell you that I have been puzzled by her….
She had one, into which she was powerfully challenged by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot (Kerry could be someone you’d truly enjoy having an interview with!).
My humble counsel to you would be to disregard what she told you, and to not give it much importance. Why? Let me try to explain…
I would categorize what she does as blackpilling.  She’s supposedly the “manager” of the world’s finances or something like that….
She offers the alternate “truth” without the particulars, while denying factual things occurring, and downplaying important, key developments genuinely affecting the dying Deep State. This is exactly what she did with you.
I have never seen her giving ANY importance to Devolution (see at the bottom – to study!!) and other powerful developments that have clearly and INCREASINGLY bothered the Deep State, as the news from MSM would then show us in an OBVIOUS, reactionary manner.
IF this and that development occurring let’s say, are not so significant, then WHY would we see MSM propagandise them? It is as you know very well, because the higher ups do NOT want these to be shown, nor talked about – and Kim seems to be downplaying all of that.
She said Trump is dead and that his family is JUST about collecting $$$ from fake rallies – like WHAT! I almost fell off my chair! I also found that to be utterly degrading to the Trump family, nevermind 1st Lady Melania!
Then what? Kash Pathel is evil. Dan Scavino, General Flynn, Devin Nunez, Mike Pompeo, Mike Miller, Sydney Powell, etc – ALL evil! Putin, doing the Cabal’s bidding?! – she can’t be for real!
I have also noticed that she doesn’t like Trump, and is bothered with the mention of anything concerning him. She is like a more cunning version of Alex Jones. She talks trash about, and portrays Trump as if he just faked it all, and that untold millions have simply been fooled. Once again – then WHY has MSM attacked him SO ferociously to this day? That doesn’t lie…
So I just wanted to share with you my input concerning her, and please continue to keep doing what you’ve been doing – according to sources, intel, facts and striking/notable developments.
I believe that God is and will avenge us from the great evil that has ruled to a great extent on this planet – and as Q said it – the best is YET to come! God WILL glorify Himself.”
Thanks for the feedback Alexandre,
From the contents of what she said, and from other research, my best guess is that Kim Goguen is an AI construct managed by the Rockefeller faction of the deep state.
As a journalist I need to talk to all sides in order to get the truth. I have also learned that friendly interviews obtain a lot more information than hostile interviews. However, just because I talk in a friendly manner, it does not mean I support what the people I am interviewing are saying.
Overall, the feedback has not been supportive of her.
-Benjamin Fulford

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