What’s happening with George Soros?

Hello Benjamin,

I don’t know if this was covered in your latest bulletin, as I haven’t read the entire article.  There are rumors floating around that George Soros has been indicted/arrested, or at least his assets frozen.  Have you heard anything yourself?


Hi VP,

As I have repeatedly said, I was told George Soros was killed over a year ago.  After I was told that, his children put out a press release saying they were dividing his fortune among themselves.  All we have seen since then are CG (computer-generated) representations of him.

I even called the Soros organization to confirm this and they were unable to provide me with proof that he is alive.

However, what may have happened is that the people who were still using him as a front had their assets frozen.  This may mean we will soon see an “official” death notice put out.


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