Letters to the Editor

Mr. Fulford,
I’ve been finding your news letters lately interesting as they always are. It’s amazing to me the fact almost everything you’ve ever mentioned in the last 5+ years since I started following you has come out to be true no matter how crazy some of it sounded at the time. I know you have said the Khazarian mafia has been defeated but after witnessing what they’ve been doing using weather modification flooding numerous areas around the world , causing earthquakes to set off tsunamis/volcanoes and especially the complete torching of areas like Paradise California and Maui with directed energy weapons, I’m still feeling quite uneasy . How are we to know that they can’t just burn down any area they want from now on with DEWs or put any area under water to destroy it . You say they’ve been defeated but they are still hiding in Geneva Switzerland so technically they’re still there right and not defeated? I know you said the collapse of their banks will lead to their demise but they could just take this all out with them right? Also I saw you pointing out to Nino Rodriguez (one of the other people I give credit to besides you and Dick Gregory for keeping me from taking the Covid jab) the other day that you don’t take any medication’s and not to trust any pharmaceuticals and I am on the same boat with you. I had a friend teach me that a long time ago luckily and now I’m on zero medications and I feel great. Thank you for the work you continue to do. You are one of the true heroes in this world and you should be mentioned often and celebrated.
Thanks for your letter of support. It is clear the war is not over yet and we have to keep fighting until victory. The best way to stop the Khazarian Mafia from using their weather weapons is to target the people who ordered their use. For example, the Mexican cartels were informed that Larry Fink of BLackRock ordered the recent attack on Mexico.  If Fink is still alive, he won’t be for much longer. – Benjamin Fulford

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