UFO New Feed

Dear readers, we are starting a new service. On Wednesdays we will send out a UFO/Project Blue Beam and other otherworldly news feed. This is sent to us by our secret space force contacts. Readers can decide for themselves if this is for real. We will also send out other video clips that may be of interest.

Ancient Cave Drawings of U.F.O

Two off-world ships shown at the crucifixion of Christ.

Is is it real or fake? Decide for yourself. Video depicting what appears to be a portal opening in Geneva, Switzerland.


Hypersonic take off from Military base.


UAP seen over Columbia


UFO’s over New Mexico.


UAP takes off at extreme accelerated speeds.

Crashed UFO

Lastly, today we will be leaving off with Ex-Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson onĀ  UFO’s.


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