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Hello readers! Apologies for the delay, I have been away for two weeks gathering otherworldly information from the beyond. Welcome back to another exciting episode of Beyond Blue Beam, be it fiction or be it reality? You decide! Enjoy the read.


Within the obscure recesses of the National Archives and Records Administration lies a trove of mysterious photographs from the Goddard Space Flight Center. Each labeled “Flying Saucer, June 4, 1964,” these cryptic images hold secrets within NARA’s holdings. Attributed to Paul Villa, they are part of a larger narrative of extraterrestrial contact, where Villa claimed telepathic communication with otherworldly beings since childhood. Among them is a chilling snapshot near Peralta, New Mexico, allegedly depicting a flying saucer interacting with its surroundings, including the levitation of Villa’s truck. As these enigmatic photographs surface, they beckon us to ponder the unsettling truths they may conceal about our universe.


Amidst whispers of intrigue, readers clamor for articles written by Dr. Michael Salla. Delve into the enigmatic world of Russia’s pursuit of truth with the compelling piece titled, “RUSSIA STUDIES CRASHED UFOS AT TAGANAY PARK URAL MOUNTAINS & NEAR BAIKONUR COSMODROME.” with Dr. Anton Anfalov. Within its cryptic depths lies a tale of mystery and exploration, as Russia delves into the wreckage of crashed UFOs in the remote expanses of Taganay Park in the Ural Mountains and near the shadowy Baikonur Cosmodrome.


In the tumultuous years following World War II, a remarkable discovery emerged between the years 1945-1950 from Antarctica’s icy grip: 2 UFOs, frozen in time. This enigmatic relic captivates the world, hinting at extraterrestrial contact during a pivotal era in history.


In the night skies above Goiás, Brazil, witness a captivating UFO sighting unfold before your eyes. This remarkable footage captures a mysterious object illuminating the darkness, leaving spectators in awe and sparking intrigue worldwide.


In the UK countryside, two luminous orbs descend, crafting a baffling crop circle. Documented worldwide, this captivating event ignites speculation and wonder.


Potential mining or construction activities on the moon, a topic frequently addressed by Cliff High in his audios on Substack. With numerous readers also referencing his insights, the subject has garnered considerable attention. This ongoing dialogue prompts further exploration into the possibility of there being lunar developments in secret (Or in plain sight?) Not so far away.

CANADA (We apologize as this video couldn’t be resized)

In Alberta, Canada, clusters of fleeting orbs dash through the night sky, captivating observers and sparking speculation about their origin. These mesmerizing sightings prompt questions about the nature of these celestial phenomena, fueling curiosity about their significance in our understanding of the cosmos.


In an undisclosed location, a peculiar “cloud” drifts across the sky, taking on a mysterious shape that defies explanation. This unusual phenomenon captures the attention of onlookers, stirring curiosity and prompting speculation about its origin and significance. As the enigmatic cloud continues its journey, it leaves observers pondering the secrets hidden within its ethereal form.


Veteran paratrooper Franc Milburn reveals to that British special forces recovered a ‘non-human’ craft in northern England in the late 1980s. Milburn, who spoke with a member of the MI6-run unit involved, also recounts encounters with ‘disc-shaped’ UFOs by UK Royal Air Force crew. Operating under the alias ‘John’, Milburn’s ex-Special Forces friend divulges details of the operation conducted by ‘E Squadron’, a secret unit specializing in covert operations. 

E Squadron, previously called ‘The Increment’, recruited the most experienced and reliable operators from the UK’s Special Forces units: the Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Service (SBS), and Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR). The US equivalent to E Squadron is the CIA’s Special Operations Group and Joint Special Operations Command, staffed from ‘Tier-1’ units including Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. John describes their mission to secure and retrieve the craft, highlighting its non-human origin and the mysterious occupants who fled the scene. These revelations align with recent claims of a covert UFO crash retrieval program, adding weight to the growing discourse surrounding extraterrestrial encounters.


Closing out the article, hidden amidst the desolate expanse of Nashtifan, Iran, stand ancient Persian vertical axle windmills, shrouded in the enigmatic veil of time. These millennia-old structures are not mere relics of a forgotten era but continue to whisper secrets of sustainable engineering to those who dare to listen. Crafted from natural materials like wood and reeds, they harness the relentless power of the wind, defying the ages with their timeless functionality. Their intricate design, a testament to early technological innovation, reveals a profound understanding of the environment and a foresight in utilizing renewable energy centuries before the dawn of the Industrial Age. As they stand sentinel in the barren landscape, these windmills beckon us to unravel the mysteries of their ancient origins and the wisdom they hold for our modern world.

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