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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new blog, Beyond Blue Beam. Every Wednesday, prepare to dive into a curated selection of UFO/Project Blue Beam and other extraordinary news updates, directly from our confidential sources within the space force. It’s up to you to judge their authenticity. Additionally, we’ll be sharing intriguing video clips that we believe you’ll find fascinating. Initially, access to our blog is complimentary, but please note that it will transition to a subscription-based model in the future to support our sources. Join us as we explore the unknown.

Kicking off today’s newsletter we have mesmerizing footage captured in an undisclosed city in Canada. The object, characterized by its unusual shape and erratic lights, staying stationary in the sky, defying conventional explanations and captivating onlookers. The film quality seems to be affected by some form of energy pulse emanating from the ship.


Next up a breathtaking spectacle unfolds over the Philippines as a fleet of UFOs made a dramatic appearance. Eyewitnesses captured this remarkable event, where multiple unidentified flying objects were seen hovering in the sky.


This next feature presents a video from a highly credible source, purportedly showcasing governments’ tests of the infamous Project Blue Beam technology. This footage claims to reveal the sophisticated holographic projection system in action, potentially as a precursor to more public demonstrations or psychological operations. If we can spot the fakes now, imagine the realism when they truly aim to deceive. This raises crucial questions about discerning truth in an age where technology blurs the lines between real and fabricated.

Why do numerous ancient artworks feature representations of aliens? What insights did our ancestors have that we might be missing?

Finally, we present a video that appears to reveal ancient star-gates, possibly constructed by civilizations of the past.

P.S. What’s your take on this? Haven’t their predictions come true surprisingly often?

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