What the Hell is Going on Here, Anyway February 8th, 2024

Dear Readers,

It seems that very important people have liked what they saw in the first two installments of this weekly column. Moreover, it seems that “What the Hell is Going on Here, Anyway,” is viewed as a appropriate name, so here goes with installment three.


Our lead story of the week: Senator Josh Hawley does the impossible.

The previous installments of this column started with “our top story,” but I have intentionally chosen the phrase “our lead story” because it is not really that important in the big scope of things, but provides a nice on ramp to issues that I will subsequently discuss. A 90-second video clip went viral on Twitter of Senator Hawley, full of outrage, lambasting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who defended himself by invoking his relatives who died in the Holocaust. Mayorkas was facing an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives over his open border policies, so naturally people assumed that uncontrolled illegal immigration was the “despicable performance” that sparked Hawley’s outrage, and Mayorkas was invoking the Holocaust as a “get out of jail free” card. (America’s Jewish Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas gets challenged on his open border policies. You’ll never guess what card he plays next. https://t.co/U9g7YGkC5c” / X (twitter.com) ) People have come to expect this from Jewish officials, because it happens so frequently and it almost always shuts down any criticism.

But if you watch a longer clip of the exchange that puts it in context, you realize that, although Alejandro Mayorkas has done more demographic harm to the United States than any other individual in history, Hawley is the bad guy in this movie. Impossible, you say? Hawley DOES the impossible. His outrage had nothing to do with illegal immigration, but rather that Mayorkas was derelict in his responsibility to protect Jews from criticism. Hawley showed Mayorkas and the Senate committee a social media post from a Homeland Security employee praising Hamas and insulting Israel. He demanded to know why the employee had not been fired and talked over Mayorkas while he tried to answer. Hawley then speculated that the employee may have unfairly denied asylum applications from Jewish Israelis fleeing… something, while also contending that Jewish students across the country were barricaded in libraries in order to avoid genocide. If you watch the longer six-minute clip, you will be 100% rooting for Mayorkas by the time he plays the Holocaust card. (Video | C-SPAN.org https://www.c-span.org/video/standalone/?c5091022/heated-exchange-dhs-employees-anti-israel-social-media-posts)

Hawley represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. He has before him Mayorkas, who could not be a more perfect poster child for the Jewish-led campaign to turn whites into a minority in America, and yet he scathes Mayorkas for not more forcefully promoting Jewish interests. It is important to understand that nowhere near current levels of immigration, neither legal nor illegal, would be occurring were it not for Jewish power in the United States. Chapter 7 of Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” makes a definitive case for the critical role played by Jews in shaping immigration over the past century (The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements https://www.nationalists.org/pdf/culture-of-critique-kevin-macdonald-kindle-edition-2013.pdf ). Mayorkas himself is a Jewish immigrant from Cuba. As Obama’s Deputy Homeland Security Secretary he was the prime architect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which allowed almost a million young adult illegal immigrants to stay in the country and indirectly assisted millions of their family members. While out of government during the Trump years, Mayorkas served on the board of directors for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish “charity” that claims to be America’s leading pro-immigration organization. Now, as Homeland Security Secretary, Mayorkas is overseeing the invasion of America by 10,000 people daily. No single person has been so transformative of America’s demographics, a transformation that has been an explicit Jewish priority, and yet Hawley berates him like an abusive parent for not having done more for Jews.

(HIAS Congratulates Board Member Alejandro Mayorkas on DHS Nomination | HIAS https://hias.org/statements/hias-congratulates-board-member-alejandro-mayorkas-dhs-nomination/)


Benjamin Fulford comment; What Patrick calls Jews is what I call the Khazarian mafia because the average Jew has nothing to do with this.


Meanwhile, as everyone has heard, Congress is debating a $118 billion bill introduced by Democrat AND Republican leaders in the Senate that includes $60 billion for Ukraine to feed its remaining male population into a meat grinder, $14 billion for Israel with zero restrictions on its use for genociding Palestinians, and $20 billion for “border security,” whatever that means. Another $5 billion would go to bribe Taiwan and Asian countries into an anti-China alliance, $2.5 billion to fight a losing war against Yemen, and $10 billion to provide humanitarian aid to conflict zones, i.e. lining the pockets of bought-off leaders in Ukraine and the Palestinian Authority.

American politics are so tedious and retarded that I almost don’t want to talk about it, but sometimes events on the surface reflect more interesting phenomena below. First of all, who in his or her right mind would be talking about providing another $100 billion for provoking World War III in order to get $20 billion for Alejandro Mayorkas to spend?

One of the most revealing parts of the bill is a “concession” made to Republicans that introduces a mechanism for halting illegal border crossings if they start averaging over 5000 per day for an extended period of time. First of all, that is an admission that the government has the ability to shut down illegal border crossings, but simply doesn’t want to. Second, what does it say about the people running this country that they are offering to cut illegal immigration to “just” 5000 per day as a concession? What does it say about the so-called opposition that they might view this number as acceptable?

Also, all the focus on illegal immigration obscures the replacement-level LEGAL immigration, which has been at 2-2.5 million per year for the past couple decades. Do the math, and that comes to 40-50 million legal immigrants over the past 20 years. The foreign-born share of the population has never been higher. In 1960, the last census before the transformative 1965 immigration act (which was passed on the strength of Jewish power, as MacDonald demonstrates), the census bureau reported that the American population was 88.6% white, 10.5% black, and 0.9% other. The Hispanic category did not exist in 1960, but there was data on ethnic origins of whites, which included Mexicans and Cubans, indicating that what was to become known as Hispanic made up less than 2%, meaning non-Hispanic whites would have been about 87%. By the 2020 census, non-Hispanic whites made up only 57.8%. Non-Hispanic blacks rose slightly to 12.1%. That leaves over 30% of the population in categories that were barely represented in 1960. An increase in mixed-race people plays a small part in this, but overwhelmingly the change has come about through immigration.

Moreover, in 2011 for the first time less than 50% of babies under the age of one were non-hispanic white. By the 2020 census, due mainly to immigration but also to differential birth-rates and the propensity of white women to have out-of-wedlock babies with black men, non-hispanic whites make up less than 50% of people under the age of 35.

Getting back to the spending bill, its’ chances of passage are remote for pathetic reasons. The parties and their various support groups cannot agree on how to best destroy America. The Biden Administration, which, it must be noted, is the most Jewish-dominated administration ever, has an all-of-the-above approach, including wars everywhere and self-invasion. However, the Democrat base, which the administration relies on, is made up overwhelmingly of non-whites, homosexuals, and unmarried women. They were supportive of the war in Ukraine and especially replacement-level immigration, but they are pushing back big against Israel’s slaughter of Gazans. Non-whites do not share the weird fetishization of Israel that so many whites have, and are likely to view the Gaza war as white Israelis doing racism at brown Palestinians. Ironically, it was Jews themselves that indoctrinated these people with an anti-white worldview that is now coming back to bite them. Polls show that half of people who voted for Biden in 2020 say Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, while only 20% say it is not. (econTabReport_i9N6Z0N.pdf (d3nkl3psvxxpe9.cloudfront.net) ) Of course, this mindset is much less common among Democrats in Congress, but it is still a factor.

On the other hand, the Republican Party is coming to grips with the fact that the bulk of their voters are following Trump’s lead on opposing any more aid to Ukraine and viewing the bill’s border measures being ineffective at best. So House Speaker Johnson, a Republican, has proposed a separate spending bill just for Israel that would give it all its funds and then some. Biden, the self-proclaimed Zionist, has vowed to veto the Israel-only spending bill, knowing that if money for Israel is divorced from money for Ukraine, then the Ukraine project becomes history.

It’s possible that some modification of the bill that includes even more money for Israel and slightly less ridiculous border measures could eventually pass, but the big takeaway is that the Jewish power structure that dominates America is finding it increasingly difficult to cobble together coalitions to carry out its priorities, and that this is a result of its past successes in bringing in tons of Third Worlders who have not yet been housebroken into feeling guilty about the Holocaust, and also indoctrinating young people and women with anti-white narratives while simultaneously repressing people’s ability to distinguish between Jews and non-Jewish whites.


And that leads me to the last story this week. Which is not so much a story as an observation. With the Israeli devastation of Gaza and America’s support for it, there has been an increase in people saying that Israel rules America. People saying that Netanyahu is the real President. People saying that 30% or whatever of people in Congress or the Administration are dual citizens. I suppose this is an improvement over the Chomskyite line that Israel is a tool of the American military-industrial complex, but it is not really any more accurate. The reason people say things like this is that criticizing Israel incurs far less repercussions than criticizing Jewish power, which is taboo. The fact is that Israel doesn’t rule America, rather America is ruled by a Jewish-dominated elite that puts a high priority on support for Israel. American Jews may have eligibility to get Israeli citizenship, but few actually do.

The Jewish-dominated elite also puts a high priority on mass immigration. Elite Jews in the Biden Administration gave us the war in Ukraine for their own reasons, which have to do with Putin’s betrayal of the Jewish oligarchs who put him in power in the first place in 1999. That is an important issue for diaspora Jews, who have to depend on bought-and-paid-for goy politicians to govern for them, but is less existential for Israelis. If anything, the Israelis benefited from having Russia’s Jewish oligarchs come to Israel with their fortunes, and Russian-born Israelis have benefited their adopted homeland by facilitating lucrative business relations with Russia. Moreover, the war in Ukraine wound up depleting so much of the American arsenal that a successful war against Iran, which Netanyahu has desperately wanted for decades, is impossible. Notice that Israel didn’t even join the economic sanctions against Russia.

The thing is that over the past several years, especially since the rise of Donald Trump, the Jewish power structure has taken increasingly bold, and perhaps desperate, measures to accelerate the achievement of their priorities, including destroying white Americans as a cohesive group that can compete for power. and eliminating any possible geopolitical challenge to Zio-American hegemony. The problem is that it is increasingly hard to prevent people from noticing the Jewish connection when so many of the leading actors in the drama – Netanyahu, Zelinski, Nuland, Mayorkas, Yellen, Garland, etc. ad nausim – are Jews. Gilad Atzmon once said that the essence of Jewish power is the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power. The corollary is that the discussion of Jewish power is the destruction of Jewish power.


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