Letters to the Editor

“Morning Ben.. Here is today’s post from Michael Salla on the current ‘UFO’ subject.’Note he mentions the General who is head of NORAD and his views on this.. lol This is the General i mentioned to you who headed the meeting Elenas Paladian Friend from the GFof W attended on laying out a plan for disclosure to Earth.. The GFof W calls Earth Terra of course Latin for Earth..I just thought you would find it interesting. Also Elena Danaan is on Telegraph. You could send her a message there and please note this is the correct spelling of her last name. I had been spelling it wrong..You can buy his podcast if you had interest. I just sent it for the message on these incidents..” – Anon

My problem with Michael Salla is that when he came to Japan, heavy duty security types prevented me from attending his seminar because they knew I would ask questions about him working for the Rockefellers.
Lawrence Rockefeller and now his son James Podesta. They have been funding a lot of the UFO type “disclosure” stuff for a long time. – Benjamin Fulford

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