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Simultaneous military, G7 and BIS summits point to something big

Major world changes are clearly close on the horizon. This past weekend saw a G7 Finance Minister’s summit near the North pole, a BIS central bank governor’s summit in Australia and a gathering of the world’s military leaders (including Nato, Russia and China) in Germany. All of this is a sign of preparation for some major public announcements almost certainly related to the new financial system.

The Federal Reserve Board has been actively buying up all its old bonds, notes and Treaty of Versaille boxes at 1% of their face value, according to a Black Dragon Society member with esoteric banking connections. The Bank of Japan has also been buying up all of its bonds owned by non-Japanese. These are some other indications a big announcement is imminent.

The most likely scenario, according to our sources, is that the 90% of US dollars owned by non-Americans will be renamed Hong Kong dollars and backed by the Renminbi. There are conflicting plans for the US as we write but our latest information is that a gold-backed Amero will replace the Mexican peso as well as the US and Canadian dollars to form a North American region currency. In preparation for such an event the Pentagon, the Canadian mounted police and Mexican Federales are said to be prepared to deal with civil unrest in the US, according to our sources.

The Amero will have a lot less purchasing power (30 to 50% less) internationally than the US dollar has now so many Americans will be understandably angry when the change is announced. The un-escapable fact though, is that Americans have been living beyond their means for the past 30 years.

Nonetheless, it is still not clear if the Washington D.C. criminal establishment will be ousted and replaced by an interim government until the US can return to constitutional law and hold new elections. There is still infighting going on as we write and a final showdown has yet to be seen.

It remains to be seen if the US falls into civil war but Pentagon sources believe this can be avoided if the military takes legal steps to remove the criminal corporate government in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the military summit in Munich revealed some major geo-political changes that may be related to this. Basically, there was talk of Russia joining Nato with, among others, Polish delegates making this suggestion. This coincides with arm sales by the US and the EU to Taiwan as well as military exercises in Thailand involving Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Singaporean troops. All of these moves are clearly aimed at telling China not to overstep itself and assume it can form a China centric world dictatorship.

Of course the Chinese delegate in Munich made it very clear that China had no such ambition. Senior Chinese sources in fact did tell me earlier that China did want to rule the world but of course now that they have been confronted with all of these forces they have had to scale back their ambitions.

The center of world financial and intellectual gravity will nonetheless shift to China over the coming decades but it will do so in an organic fashion that does not alienate or endanger anybody.

The only way for the West to prevent this from happening would be for them to purge their financial and political systems of the criminal element that took over the highest echelons of power.

There are many signs that such a purge has already begun and will continue for a long time.

First of all the financial industry has seen thousands of bankers arrested and hundreds murdered. Eventually, the ring-leaders of the 911 attacks will be arrested if not executed. This only a matter of time now.

Secondly, the pharmaceutical industry is going to see a major purge as the criminal element that deliberately manufactured diseases in order to sell cures continues to be exposed. Cures are already available for most diseases so that industry will have to retool itself towards the creation of life, ability and pleasure enhancing substances.

The application of free energy technology to replace petroleum will also begin in earnest. In order to prevent social disruption the oil, nuclear and other industries will undergo an orderly transformation. Early use of free energy technology will be restricted to such things as turning deserts green.

The political class is also going to see a major purge and many government are expected to fall over the coming year. Regime change is likely in Canada, England, Germany and the US.

It is not clear if all of these changes will be made with big public announcements or if they will just be phased in over time. Hopefully there will be a truth commission set up.

Meanwhile, right wing elements in Japan are busy plotting the creation of a nationalist party to compete with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan. They are trying to get right-leaning members of the DPJ to defect to a new party.

They have also forced the DPJ to distance itself a bit from China and take a more balanced diplomatic approach.

Overall, there is a lot of confusion in government circles in most Western countries as well as in Japan because the political class was mostly unaware of the existence of a secret government above them that ruled via control of the financial system.

There may not be any big public announcements this week. However, a date to watch for is February 15th. This Chinese new year is a special once in 60 years year of the tiger and it begins on February 14th. That is a Sunday so the first day markets will open after that will be the 15th. Since many Chinese believe in numerology and Chinese astrology and, even if they don’t, it would be logical to announce the new financial system at the beginning of the Chinese new-year.

Will 100 years of Fed tyranny end this week?

There are many indications this is going to the week the 100 year Federal Reserve Board reign of tyranny comes to an end. The following AP article serves to confirm what my own sources told me about January 30th being a deadline for the Federal Reserve Board:

Central banks end US dollar emergency swap lines

The emergency lending program the article refers to started with an unprecedented show of support for the Federal Reserve Board in 2007. In the autumn of 2007 the Swiss, EU, Canadian and other central banks provided the Feds with $500 billion in emergency funding. This allowed the Feds to meet a September 30th, fiscal year end payments deadline. When the Europeans cut off Fed funding in September 2008, causing the so-called “Lehman shock,” it was a Chinese faction that came in and provided them with $1 trillion to keep going for another year. That money ran out on September 30th 2009. After that the Federal Reserve Board and the Bank of England tried in October to pay China the money they owed with gold plated tungsten. When this was discovered they said they would get real gold “soon.” In the meantime, they managed to get bridging finance by selling US military secrets, using drug money and by stealing whatever they could.

Now that the Feds have been cut off from the global central banking system, it is hard to see what rabbit they are going to try to pull out of a hat next.

The attack on Haiti with an earthquake weapon and the seizure of their central bank assets did nothing but further disgust the rest of the world.

What follows next is anybody’s guess. One move a Pentagon official mentioned was an invasion of Nigeria. That could be accompanied by an invasion of Venezuela, according to the hawk’s scenario.

However, saner heads in the military do not want to start World War 3 because, among other reasons, war games always show the US losing such a conflict. A worst case scenario would see 90% of humanity wiped out in a nuclear war that would leave the Northern Hemisphere of the planet inhabitable.

So, will the military stage a coup d’etat against the Federal Reserve Board controlled Washington establishment, announce a temporary government, return to constitutional rule and stage new elections? This is a best case scenario.

There are some signs this may be happening. For one, Defense Secretary Robert Gates watched a 48-year old movie about a military coup against Washington while in the company of the press corps. Was this a hint? Another point is the US effort to negotiate an end to the conflict in Afghanistan. This may well be a prelude to the closure of many of the 800 US military bases worldwide that would almost inevitably follow a return to constitutional law.

In this scenario a South African style truth and reconciliation committee could be set up. It would be very interesting to hear about the plans for a fake alien invasion the US has been working on since World War 2. We could also find out exactly who was planning to kill 4 billion people as well as how. There are so many dark secrets being kept from the people that it will be very interesting indeed to finally hear the truth, however shocking it may be. “Conspiracy theorists” would finally be vindicated on many fronts.

Another scenario would leave the current regime in power amid a declaration of martial law and an intensified propaganda campaign. This is something that has already been tried by Obama with his establishment of a special ruling council. This effort is largely toothless though, because the Pentagon has already said they are not going to harm American citizens.

Furthermore, that is not going to end the banking boycott nor is it going to save the US economy from bankruptcy. There may be a return to WW2 style rationing in the US as its isolation from the global economy intensifies.

The US dollar is not going to collapse, however, because the 90% of dollars owned by non-Americans are going to keep their value and be renamed either Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi. The quadrillions of dollars worth of fraudulent derivatives hidden by the Feds in offshore banking centers will remain quarantined from the rest of the financial system and are now worthless.

If the American government starts issuing a Lincoln/Kennedy style greenback, it will become a powerful regional currency along the lines of the yen. Americans though, having lived above their means for the past 30 years, will find their new greenback buys them a lot less than their dollars used to. This will be great for US exporters and for tourists visiting the US.

In any case, the faster the Americans bring their financial system in touch with reality, the faster they will be able to rebuild their economy.

The Japanese military/intelligence establishment will stay allied with the US unless the US financial situation makes the US unable to project military power in Japan. In such a case they will seek links with Russia and other countries to counterbalance Chinese influence.

Meanwhile, although Democratic Party power broker Ichiro Ozawa is still expected to be sent to jail and removed from power, Prime Minister Hatoyama is going to be allowed to stay. The DPJ government is expected to remain in power for several more years.

Any effort to replace it with a new party is now going to be a longer term project, according to Japanese secret government sources.

The Japanese secret government has also given the go-ahead to inviting inventors of suppressed technology to Japan so that their inventions can be tested and then put into production. This could take place within a couple of weeks, depending on the logistics involved.

The Japanese head of the Black Dragon Society has also agreed to hold an international press conference in the near future.

In a related development, there will be a key meeting between the Chinese and a representative of the Rothschilds on Monday. Hopefully this will unlock the new financial system. We will issue an update on that meeting on our blog.

The Federal Reserve Board may end this week,. Also, reports from secret negotiations with the Pentagon and the Chinese

We will learn this week if the Federal Reserve Board will be disbanded forever or if it will be allowed to survive in a highly regulated and restricted form. There is a January 30th accounting deadline coming up and no clear sign of how they will be able to pay what they owe. They were caught sending gold-plated tungsten to China in October and have until that time to come up with real gold which they are unlikely to obtain.

Their latest scam was to have the head of the Bundesbank steal large sums of money and then try to launder the funds through the Haitian central bank. The problem is that any money that is transferred electronically by them is immediately detected and stopped. There was film on Fox TV showing two tanks breaking into a Haitian Bank and soldiers seizing two objects for purposes unknown but clearly connected with the Bundesbank scandal. In a related development, people connected to Deutschebank contacted a member of the Black Dragon Society and tried to buy gold. They were told to buzz off.

There are many signs now, even in the corporate propaganda media that Federal Reserve Board rule of the United States and terrorization of the world is coming to an end:

For example, the Venezuelan government, Iranian government TV, Fox News and many other outlets mentioned the possibility that Haiti was attacked with an earthquake weapon. This sort of open accusation was unthinkable, for example, when Indonesia was attacked with the earthquake weapon that caused the tsunami there. In both cases US forces were pre-positioned with “aid” before the earthquakes struck. The names of the people who ordered the attack have been made public and there will be consequences. The days of mass murder with impunity are coming to an end.

Another sign is open attacks on the Federal Reserve Board on US Network TV, and not just on internet truth sites.

The sudden decision by Obama to start listening to former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker’s advice to restore the Glass-Steagal act is yet another sign. Having personally met Volcker many times, I can vouch for his integrity. However, this attempted death-bed conversion by the Federal Reserve Board is too little, too late. It appears to be a move by the David Rockefeller, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski faction to separate themselves from the Bush/Clinton faction. This group is also engaged in mass murder and plunder and will receive no funding so long as the killing continues.

The other open sign of change is the public call by Senator Ron Paul for the overthrow of the drug-dealing CIA secret government. He would have been killed for making such a statement even a year ago. The take-down of the CIA appears to be happening via an investigation into why the Federal Reserve Board secretly funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to CIA-linked insurance giant AIG. The fact that the corporate media and the justice department are looking into it is a clear sign of open warfare against that rogue agency by other government agencies.

The Pentagon is sending a representative to talk with the Black Dragon Society this week. At our previous meeting, the Black Dragon Society made the following proposals to the Pentagon: First of all, all US dollars not created through fraud such as “derivatives” will be backed by the Renminbi and gold and renamed, possibly as Hong Kong dollars. After that the US can issue its own local currency, hopefully Kennedy/Lincoln style greenbacks. Third, US external debt will be written off in exchange for an agreement by the Pentagon to oversee a swords-to-plowshares transition. Fourth, the Japanese, Chinese and other countries will help the US rebuild its industrial base. Fifth, the US should convene a South African-style truth and reconciliation committee so that the people of the world may learn the truth and move on. We will see what the Pentagon response to our proposals will be.

Also, the Chinese Politburo will be sending a representative this week to talk to the Black Dragon Society. Discussions are expected to focus on the development of a new economic zone North of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. We will also discuss the possible uses of a specially prepared uninhabited island with a 2.5 kilometer runway. This can be made available to Taiwanese interests but for security reasons the BDS does not want the island to come under direct mainland control.

Related to this, there was a meeting last week at the Black Dragon Society headquarters last week to discuss future plans. Here it was decided to go full-speed ahead with the development of suppressed technologies and not wait for the Western world to sort out its financial troubles.

The BDS will also contact Japanese Finance Minister Naoto Kan with proposals for an overhaul of the Japanese financial system. One proposal will be to sell 1000 trillion yen worth of Japanese government held real estate and other property in order to write down Japanese government debt. Another proposal will be a redenomination of the yen so that, for example one new yen would be worth something like 10,000 old yen. There would be an amnesty during the conversion to the new currency in order to bring all the savings stuffed under mattresses or hidden for other reasons back into circulation.

A revamp of the Japanese financial bureaucracy and a return of something similar to the system used until 1985 will also be put on the table. Since Kan is expected to become Prime Minister after Ozawa and Hatoyama are removed, we hope he will listen to these ideas with an open mind.

We can now mention that the new head of the Black Dragon Society is Chodoin Daikaku. We will issue a statement by him on U-tube shortly. Daikaku heads the Japanese martial arts societies worldwide including Judo, Karate and Ju-Jutsu (with it subsidiary Nin-Jutsu). This writer is a spokesperson for the BDS and a conduit between Western and Asian members of the BDS. A third, un-named individual, is the deputy head.

In any case, it is expected to be a very eventful week and we hope to have good news to report new week.

Bush/Clinton crime family members to be executed as a result of Haiti attack

The members of the Bush/Clinton Nazi crime family made a fatal error when they decided to attack Haiti with an earthquake weapon. An international hunt down and kill order has been issued against Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bushes Senior and Junior and General P.K. Keen among others, according to sources affiliated with various secret societies. This Nazi cabal sent a CIA agent to the Black Dragon Society to give forewarning of the attack. The agent talked about the Tsunami unleashed against Indonesia and said “the oil companies won a war and nobody knew about it.” Well, now everybody knows about it.

The Japanese Yakuza now know the Kobe earthquake of 1995 was the result of a deliberate attack and they are eager for revenge. The people of Indonesia now know the tsunami was a deliberate attack and they know who ordered it. They are also eager for revenge. The Chinese now know the 1976 earthquake that killed 655,000 people was a deliberate attack and are eager for justice. The people of Haiti also know who attacked them and will also seek revenge. Etc. Etc. There is now nowhere on earth for these criminals to hide.

It was not lost on the Black Dragon Society that the attack on Haiti came on the anniversary of the Kobe earthquake but the society has a policy of not responding to threats. If they think they are going to unleash a Tsunami against Tokyo and get away with it, they are truly insane.

The criminal cabal is also wrong in their belief that they will be able to grab more plunder in the form of “aid” for Haiti. This is not going to happen.

Meanwhile, new information about the Asian agents of the Federal Reserve Board can now be made public. The so-called “Ming” faction of the Chinese has in fact been thoroughly infiltrated, bribed and conned by the Federal Reserve Board faction led by David Rockefeller, Znigniew Brzezinski and George Soros. As always, these people reveal themselves through their actions.

When they sent the Emperor to Washington to try to cash giant checks for the Federal Reserve Board, they tipped their hand. Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa ordered the emperor to meet Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping (習近平;) as soon as he returned. When it turned out the emperor returned empty-handed, there was much consternation in China.

We have learned from Pentagon sources that many senior members of the Red and Green in Taiwan have been bribed by the Federal Reserve Board. In addition, the Feds promised to hand over Japan to Chinese rule by 2011 and offered Xi the job of “Emperor of the World.”

Ozawa himself is a deep sleeper Fed agent. He brought large delegations of members of Parliament from the Democratic Party of Japan to China. There, according to a member of one delegation, they were each put up in a fancy guest house occupied by 20 extremely beautiful and intelligent women. Most of the delegates accepted generous gifts of honey and money and agreed to obey “Chinese” (i.e. secret Fed) rule.

According senior members of the DPJ Ozawa personally selected or vetted all DPJ Parliamentary candidates. They were selected on the basis that they “must follow Ozawa’s manifesto like students studying a text book.” Ozawa himself is following instructions from the Federal Reserve Board. He is surrounded by two British, one French and one Chinese “secretary” who “handle” him.

Prime Minister Hatoyama is also, as mentioned before, a freemason according to his wife and a member of the British royal family. As such, he is bound to obey orders from the grand lodge in London on pain of death.

The entire farcical show about the fate of US bases in Japan is just a show for public consumption. The current criminal US government has already shown it has no intention of defending Japan by begging China to become part of a “G2” with the US. The US has already made a secret decision to relocate its forces to Guam.

Of course the Chinese Ming faction has been fooled into believing these criminals really intend to hand control of Japan and the world over to China in 2011. All they are really trying to do is buy time so that they can complete their plans for the mass murder of 4 billion people under the pretext of an “alien invasion.”

There have been countless attempts to force-feed this writer information about “aliens” and portals to other dimensions and space fleets and stuff like that. My answer has been to say this: Even if there is a huge alien presence on and around earth it is obvious then that we are under some sort of quarantine or else anybody could go to the nearest space port and buy a ticket to another planet.

Humanity must sort out its problems on its own and not just sit around waiting for help from aliens or some Messiah while the Nazis plan their mass murder.

These criminals who have destroyed Western civilization are so arrogant that they just cannot comprehend that their entire evil structure of domination is headed for an inevitable collapse.

The good news is that the benevolent forces working in Asia and the West are getting very close to victory. While all funds linked to the criminal cabal continue to be frozen, the forces of good are finalizing their preparations for the new financial system.

Once the new system is announced, there will be a move made against the Western media moguls like Rupert Murdoch to force them to start telling the truth to the people of the planet.

When people start learning how much of what they were taught as history was just lies and manipulation there will be great anger, bewilderment and finally joy in the realization that a horrific nightmare is coming to an end.

We firmly believe that world peace, an end to poverty, and end to environmental destruction and an era of unprecedented progress and prosperity will begin this year and not in 2012.

This year of the tiger will be one of the most significant dates in human history ever.

US rogue regime threatens to blockade Gulf of Aden, seize Venezuelan oil-fields

The desperate fascists running the US Nazi rogue regime are threatening to block the Gulf of Aden and cut off Middle-Eastern oil supplies to the world, according to Pentagon and CIA sources. This operation would be coordinated with an invasion of Venezuela aimed at securing US oil supplies.

This is why the US criminal government is staging fake “terror” and other incidents in Yemen and along the Venezuela/Columbia border.

In conjunction with this the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate staged fake terror incidents in the US in order to further humiliate and subjucate the American people with nude body scans. It is meant to send a message to the world that “we are a totalitarian dictatorship and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Plans for a war against Iran are, meanwhile, failing as are efforts to create regime change. The Bush crime family sold 12 missiles loaded with Neutron bombs to Iran in the hopes they would use them to depopulate Israel, according to a cousin of the deposed Shah. However, although Obama has been informed of their exact location along the Iraqi border, no efforts have been made to remove them.

Instead the US criminal government is concentrating on using Pakistan and a starting point for nuclear terror and world war 3.

These threats and others are in response to the ongoing arrests and judicial killings of senior Nazi supporters in Europe and the US and an ongoing cut-off of funds controlled by the Nazi syndicate. The killing of five associates of Nazi de-facto leader Henry (Heinz) Kissinger and the presumed death of Kissinger (he has been missing since December 12, 2009) has left Barbara Bush as the head of the Nazi faction in the US. George Bush Senior is now so senile he cannot remember what he said 3 minutes earlier. In conjunction with this CIA head Panetta has been silenced after he was caught trying to steal $1.3 trillion for Barbara Bush.

Panetta was also recently in the Philippines on a mission to get gold for the Federal Reserve Board via Fed agent Gloria Arroyo. The trip ended in failure and the $250 billion in gold backed bonds associated with that trip are now in the hands of a Black Dragon Society member. The Federal Reserve Board thus still has no pay off its debts with and it will never get any.

In addition senior Federal Reserve Board agents in Japan have been neutralized over the past weeks. The resignation of the Japanese Finance Minister and his replacement with noted bureaucrat-buster Naoto Kan is a sign of this.

As the Federal Reserve Board’s access to money continues to be strangulated, a power vacuum is beginning to emerge in Washington D.C. The latest scenario calls for both President Obama and Vice-President Biden to be removed from power. This would leave Nancy Pelosi as President and Hillary Clinton as Vice-President. However, that is also likely to be an interim arrangement.

There are still powerful forces pushing for a temporary military government to preside over a return to constitutional law and free elections.

In general there is expected to be continuous chaos along with new machinations by the dying Nazi regime over the coming weeks. The end of January will be a watershed period as various accounting deadlines approach.

The trial to determine if Obama was born overseas and is thus not allowed to be president is still due on January 26th. The judge in that case is a marine and is not expected to back down. Many expect Obama to be killed before the trial.

Meanwhile the desperate establishment continues to put out fake economic data to fool the brainwashed masses into believe that things are turning around. A US economic recovery is impossible so long as the US maintains a vast military apparatus that produces nothing of economic value. The US military budget is not coincidentally about equal to the US trade deficit and foreigners have all stopped funding the US deficit. In other words, the collapse of the Federal Reserve Board and the US criminal regime it owns is mathematically certain.

That does not mean they intend to go quietly into the night. The fact that fascist Bush stooge Prime Minister Harper of Canada shut down Parliament until March is an indication he is buying time based on inside knowledge of some sort of “event.” The Harper puppet regime ordered full body scanners long before the latest fake “terror” incident, proving their inside knowledge of the plans of the US criminal government.

In preparation for any contingency, the Black Dragon Society had a secret meeting last week to plan the future of Japan. It was decided at the meeting to activate Japan’s global sleeper network. This means all martial arts societies associated with Judo, Karate, Ju Jitsu etc. world-wide can, if necessary mobilize over 100 million fighters world-wide. In addition to that Japanese trading companies and other commercial operations world-wide can also be activated.

In Japan, meanwhile, an entire new political regime is being planned. It has been decided the current batch of politicians does not have any truly charismatic leaders. Thus either governor Hashimoto of Osaka or one of several private-sector geniuses in their 30’s and 40’s may be selected to lead a new government.

The Democratic Party of Japan is headed for turmoil and may not last a year. Power broker Ozawa is expected to be arrested on whatever basis possible in order to prevent him from becoming a dictator in the event the DPJ wins an outright majority in the upper house elections due this summer. There are also strong feelings within the Japanese secret government that the DPJ is too beholden to the Bridgestone Corporation and the Freemason Hatoyama family.

A hitherto reliable source has also, incredibly, said Japan’s emperor takes orders in secrets from a 600-year old “living ghost.” This is hard to believe but very reliable, senior people take the talk seriously. We will attempt to arrange a meeting to see if this is really true.

The Chinese politburo, for its part, sent a representative to talk with a senior Black Dragon society member recently and it was agreed the society would cooperate with China on an equal but independent basis. Further talks are scheduled for late January.

The announcement of the new financial system and the replacement of the US dollar with the Hong Kong dollar will not likely be made until these negotiations have taken place. There is also a need to wait until the global fascist network is fully unveiled and taken down. This will mean continuing arrests and judicial killings throughout January and beyond if necessary.

Next week, among other things, we will report on a meeting between a Pentagon representative and the Black Dragon Society.