Chabad human sacrifice exposed as Europe revolts and Texas declares civil war

The Satanic Khazarian mafia is reeling and it is time to finish them off once and forever. The exposure of human sacrifice facilities in the basement of Chabad world headquarters in New York has made the whole world aware of what we are dealing with. European truck drivers, farmers and train conductors have shut down EU commerce in a move to remove KM slave governments from power. The State of Texas has declared war on the Washington DC slavers by closing the border and stopping the flow of children destined for torture and sacrifice. The Catholic Church Hierarchy in Latin America and Africa, where the vast majority of Catholics reside, has revolted against the rubber-masked fake KM puppet “Pope” Francis. Similar moves are being seen all over the world.

This is why the KM leadership gathering in Davos Switzerland this week says their theme is “Rebuilding Trust.” Translation: “How do we avoid being strung up from lampposts.”

What is happening is truly biblical in the literal sense of the word. That is because the world is removing from power an ancient cult of human slavers hiding behind monotheism.

Let us recall the moment Thutmoses came down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments because that is the moment the Jewish people were enslaved. The so-called “god” who spoke to the pharaonic Hyksos human slaver Thutmoses demanded gold and silver, aroma oil, sheep skins died red (to hide bloodstains), etc. Since the God who created the universe would have no need of such things; we know we are dealing with human slavers. The first three commandments basically call for complete obedience, for keeping the human identity of “god” secret (make no graven images) and to not bad mouth “god.”

Having enslaved the Jews, this same “god” or Satanic human cult of slavers pretending to be “god” then, according to the bible, goes on 160 different killing sprees. For 107 of these, the bible provides numbers, giving us a total of 2,821,364 deaths. There are no numbers for the other 53 mass slaughters but, if you think of things like the flood that killed all of humanity except one family, then we know we are dealing with genocidal maniacs.

Thousands of years later they are still doing it; such as the World War II holocaust or burnt offering to Satan and the genocide in Gaza HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

The Satanic KM and their Jewish slaves have been expelled from well over a hundred places over the years for, among other things, their practice of kidnapping and torturing children to death in ritual sacrifices.

The exposure of hidden tunnels under Chabad headquarters revealed child seats, blood-stained child mattresses, blood-stained rags and a Mikveh (ritual bathhouse).

Here is what a Mossad source had to say about a Mikveh:

“A Mikveh-bath is used to immediately purify oneself after experiencing ‘keri’, or ejaculation. According to the Torah, bathing in a Mikveh is required before being allowed to eat a “terumah”, or a “Korban” (slaughtered sacrificial offering).”

Why did Argentinian President Javier Milei choose, as his first visit abroad, to come to the Chabad HQ building in NYC? The answer seems to be he tortured a child to death, ejaculated and then ritually bathed himself before consuming the adrenachrome-infused blood of the child. If you see him, arrest him.

The tunnel discovered under Chabad HQ is part of a network that “runs all over the city to strategic locations. One is connected to a local Children’s Museum,” a non-KM Jewish source in New York says. They are used in child trafficking and Adrenochrome production, he says.

Our friend and colleague Robert David Steele, head of Marine Intelligence -among other things- did much to expose this mass murder of children, as the video linked below shows.

He was later offered large sums of money by Sean Stone, the son of movie director Oliver Stone (whose JFK movie blamed everyone except Israel), to tour the US on bus and run for president. At the end of the tour he was intubated and murdered in a Florida hospital. In other words, he was paraded before the Christian slaves before being ritually slaughtered. Sean Stone arrived in Tokyo last week and tried to lure me into what I was warned was a trap. If you want justice for Robert Steele, arrest Sean Stone and take him in for questioning.

Getting to the bottom of this is vital because FBI statistics indicate these people have been torturing at least 40,000 American children to death every year, never mind those being smuggled in from overseas. As this letter offering native American children for sale for 10 dollars each in 1953 shows, this is not new.

A similar rate of murder takes place in Europe as the 60,000 missing Ukrainian children shows. Our sources tell us Japan has a quota of 16,000 children per year to be offered as sacrifices. You can be sure they are grabbing children from all over the world.

This means the entire cult must be arrested and taken in for questioning. Their children will have to be re-educated. To put a permanent end to this practice, we must take note of the Chinese Emperors and wipe out 12 generations of any family whose member is caught carrying out such an act in the future. This has to end NOW!

The Jews are in fact now trying to negotiate a surrender on behalf of the KM. The head of the Committee of 300 sent the following message to


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