Death of King Charles, Biden implosion, Putin interview all point to regime change in the West

Before we start our report we have an update from last week. A former US Marines Special Forces officer and Apache warrior by the name of William Twofeather was given the information on the child torture facilities reported on. Now we hear:

These criminals were taken out by a joint forces initiative organized by Tribal Police and deputized Village Police Officers in concert with local Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) in California. They took no prisoners.

When a facility like this goes down, everyone in the facility is killed, except, of course, any children that can be saved. You could be a girlfriend of one of the men hired to do this crime, or a custodian mopping up the bathroom. It doesn’t matter. You will be shot dead as a willing accomplice to a capital crime. 

So that’s what happened in California. The Native Tribal Police got wind of this and forced action.

We are also being told the people behind these crimes are not military but rather “Defense Contractors operating out of New York, but being administered out of Annapolis, Maryland, and using military rank designations for personnel employed.”

The hunt for these murderers will continue until every last one of them is removed from this earth. Ok so now here is this week’s report:


Death of King Charles, Biden implosion and Putin interview all point to regime change in the West

There can be no doubt now that regime change is happening in the Western world. The signs of this include the death of “King Charles,” the implosion of Joe Biden, the removal (again) of the US Defense Secretary and the big Putin interview. The peasant revolt by farmers all across Europe and -now spreading to places like Canada and India- are other signs of this. We are also getting preliminary reports from Polish intelligence that many Khazarian mafia leaders, including Ach-Satanist Victoria Nuland, were killed in a missile attack after they fled to Ukraine last week.

Let us start with the announcement that “King Charles” has cancer. Royal family sources tell us he was already dead at the time of his inauguration. This was staged a satanic six months, six weeks and six days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth to help turn British public opinion against him. A formal announcement of his death is expected soon. The sources say. Princess Anne will become the de facto British monarch afterwards by acting as regent for Prince Williams’s 10-year-old son George. Anne is a good person who has been working with the white hats for quite some time now.

Now let us look at the controlled demolition of the fake Biden presidency. Special counsel Robert Hur has declined to prosecute President Joe Biden in part because he was an “elderly man with a poor memory.” In other words, Hur said Biden was mentally unfit to face trial. That puts the so-called leader of the Western world below the dumbest and most mentally defective person in the entire US prison system. This actually might be true if you look at all of his gaffes. Just last week he said he talked to the dead French President Francois Mitterand and the dead German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. He also called Egyptian President Sisi the President of Mexico.

Stephen Miller, former White House senior adviser says: “It is a very low bar to be ruled mentally fit for trial… That very low bar… the President of the United States does not meet… He went on T.V. live tonight and talked about opening up humanitarian gateways from Mexico to the Gaza Strip.”

Next, look at a VERY confused Joe Biden absolutely SCREAMING as he recounts the recycled “suckers and losers” hoax — slurring the entire way.

Here are some other videos showing the extreme state of his mental decay. 


Actually, since the real Biden was executed in 2021 it shows the decay of the actors hired to act his role. Either that or the actors are being told to act senile to deliberately undermine the credibility of the entire Biden presidential farce. Either way, it is clearly the end game for the Biden show.

Now let us look at the Tucker Carlson interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The interview was watched over 150 million times on X (formerly known as Twitter). X is owned by Elon Musk who, according to the Russian FSB, works for the US military’s National Reconnaissance Office. Our senior CIA sources also tell us US Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump was in Russia at the time of the interview.

There can be no doubt the Putin interview was meant to undermine years of intense anti-Russian propaganda in the West. This means the US military and Russia have agreed to form an alliance. Now Russia’s Tass news agency reports several dozen news agencies around the world want to interview Putin, making it clear the campaign to demonize Russia is ending.

However, the story of the elephant in the room nobody is allowed to talk about definitely applied to this interview. Putin and Tucker avoided talking about


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