Forget about the elections and let’s end this now!

This video was sent to us as we were about to go live. It appears to be in preparation for an official announcement of the death of King Charles.

The White Dragon Society has a message for US President Donald Trump: Put up or shut up. If Trump is commander in chief of the US military and the 2020 election was stolen, then what is he doing promising change in November instead of now? Why is the Biden horror show still going on? Many people like Steve Bannon and Field Marshall in waiting for Douglas MacGregor are asking similar questions.

MacGregor warns the US Congress wants to let illegal migrants serve

in the US Military. “When your potential enemies infiltrate your own defense mechanism, you’re basically screwed,” a Pentagon source warns.

From Field Marshal Macgregor:

Also, Rep. Byron Donalds is calling for President Biden to retire or face removal, stating that “Kamala Harris needs to lead the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.” 

Now Italian TV is openly mocking Joe Biden…. 

So why is he still there? The answer is the Khazarian Mafia is playing for time, saying “Trump will get the bad guys in November so please wait until then.”

Here for example you can watch Dem. Senator Chuck Schumer get caught on a hot mic saying, “I know I can blame Republicans and MAGA, I’m a pro.” He is talking with the fake masked Biden about delaying legislation. 

If you see someone claiming to be Donald Trump, ask him why he does not arrest Biden immediately. Also ask: Will you be holding war crimes tribunals for the vaccine criminals? Also, ask him if he is going to stage a jubilee and return the $363,000 that was stolen from each and every American via central bank fraud. If he answers yes, then he is the real deal. If he answers no or evades the question, then he is an actor playing Pied Piper to the patriots by leading them away from real action.

Remember, there is a fake Trump out there trying to ruin the reputation of the real deal and a real patriot.

We need to act now because multiple sources warn the KM have some sort of horrific slaughter planned for April which they will try to blame on a meteorite. That means we need to finish them off before then. Who is them? Here is a partial list of people who need to be arrested immediately:

1. Hillary Clinton Rockefeller

2. Bill Clinton Rockefeller

3. Nancy Pelosi

4. John Podesta Rockefeller

5. John Brennan

6. James Comey

7. Maxine Waters

8. Adam Schiff

9. Hunter Biden

10. George W. Bush

11. Dr. Anthony Fauci

12. Huma Abedin

13. Bill Gates

14. Anthony Wiener

15. Alex Soros

16. Lindsey Graham

17. Mitch McConnell

18. Kevin McCarthy

19. Chuck Schumer

20. Kamala Harris

21. Robert Mueller

22. Mike Pence

23. Joe Biden

24. James Clapper

24. Lloyd Austin

25. Liz Cheney

26. John Kerry

27. Justin Castrudeau

28. Loretta Lynch

29. Andrew McCabe

30. Peter Strzok

31. Lisa Page

32. James Baker

33. Eric Holder

34. Tony Podesta Rockefeller

35. Susan Rice

36. Harry Reid

37. Paul Ryan

38. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

39. Sally Yates

40. Mitt Romney

41. Jerry Nadler

42. Klaus Schwab Rothschild

43. Michelle Obama

44. Barack Obama

45 Sally Yates

46. Andrew Cuomo

47. Herbert Raymond McMaster

48. Deborah Birx

48. Mark Zuckerberg

49. Nikki Haley

50. Vladimir Zelensky

51. David Rockefeller Jr.

52. Chrystia Freeland

53 Ursula von der Leyen

54. Olaf Sholz

55. Emanuelle Macron Rothschild

56. Brigitte Macron Rothschild

57. Rishi Sunak

58. Rahm Emanuel

This is just a partial list. Any politician or public figure who supports the provenly genocidal and Satanic regimes of Ukraine (=Khazaria)

and Netanyahu Israel has self-identified as a war criminal. These people must be arrested immediately. Also, if any company like Google, Apple or Microsoft is caught putting out computer graphics to make it look like these people still hold positions of power, then the executives of these companies need to be arrested.

We did not include Illuminati council member and head of the Rothschild clan David Rene de Rothschild on this list because he promised to hand over Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street. This would hand control of 90% of corporations worldwide back to the people. However, when we contacted him last week to ask when this was going to happen, we got the answer “he was unavailable because he was on a skiing vacation.” In other words, he went into hiding in a Swiss Bunker.

So this may be related to the announcement of the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Another family member, Emanuel Macron de Rothschild, the so-called president of France, meanwhile, cannot appear in public without being grabbed by a lynch mob and hanged on the spot. This is exactly what the French farmers in the video below tried to do when they heard he was going to appear at an agricultural fair. 

We are hearing a lot of other so-called Western leaders have also gone into hiding in fear of lynch mobs. Any leader who is now supposedly in Ukraine is probably in hiding. These include Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

They may be hiding because our white hat sources in the Western agencies and Asian secret societies say some sort of huge event is imminent,

For example, a member of the White Dragon Society who met with Japanese Emperor Naruhito last week was told


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