How wild will it get?

Dear Ben:

I am a regular reader of your blog since quite a few years.  Originally my motivation to subscribe was for professional reasons.

Your report from today is on one side very impressive, and on the other side a bit scary.  I think I am not only speaking for myself when I say that without the astronomical and dimensional evolution of our galaxy, our solar system, and planet Earth, mankind would not have the slightest chance to make it.  The history of the past few thousand years is proof enough.  The parasitic elite class always won.

I am aware of your role as an investigative journalist.  However, looking at how the Freemasons have prepared every step and move for hundreds of years is interesting and important to know, but it will not be enough to make the breakthrough for mankind.

I think it would be more helpful for your readers to learn about things which they can use to help themselves, and then use this to help others.  What do I mean by this?  I have read numerous reports saying that vast parts of our today’s technology are only here because ET’s taught us this.  And of course, the cabal uses this first and foremost in order to fill their own pockets first.  Obviously, they keep the ET aspect secret and ridicule everyone who raises this issue.

The questions your readers need to have answers for are:

– How to improve their own health situation?
– How to fend off 5G?
– What investments to make, in order not to lose all of their wealth?
– How to detect cabal colloborateurs and take them out successfully?
– How to increase one’s spiritual abilities?
– et al.

Now, looking at the above questions from an investigative journalist’s point of view, I am not saying that you should turn into an adviser and possibly give advice about areas in which you are not an expert.  I am saying you could use your key competencies to find out where the Achilles Heel of the people is, to whom mankind is up against?

There are people out there, who say that you have been bought out and now work for the cabal.  I encourage you to show and prove them otherwise.

With kind regards,

… living 100 Km from the BIS.  But I do not work there and never will.

Thanks for your letter,

First of all, about the accusations that I work for the cabal.  Over the years, trolls have said I work for the Rockefellers, that I was kidnapped by ETs and replaced by a clone, that I work for the CIA, etc.

I have been and remain an independent journalist and I have turned down astronomical bribe offers from the cabal in order to maintain my independence.

However, as a journalist I have to talk to all sorts of unsavoury characters in order to get information for my readers.  That means I do talk to many cabal types on a regular basis.  I am trying to convince them to surrender peacefully.

As far as your questions go, here are my answers:

How to improve their own health situation?

Regular exercise, a healthy organic diet, sunshine, no stress, and close friends and family.

How to fend off 5G?

Do not buy a 5G phone or tablet until the safety issues have been resolved.  Do not carry your 4G device in your pocket and put it on airplane mode at night.

What investments to make, in order not to lose all of their wealth?

I am not an investment adviser, but I recommend you buy real things like land and physical gold.

How to detect cabal colloborateurs and take them out successfully?

What is closest to you is most important.  If you see criminal or dangerous activity that is directly affecting you or your loved ones, take necessary action.

How to increase one’s spiritual abilities?

Adopt a continually evolving lifestyle.  Keep learning and trying new things.  Meditation also helps.

Finally, if you live near the BIS, could you please go there and ask people going in and out of the building what goes on in there?  The more on-the-ground citizen journalists we have, the better it is.


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