Letters to the Editor

“Schwab spoke at the WEF today, I even have audio” – Anon

Thanks so as I suspected it was a disinformation trap. I will try to confirm from someone if they actually saw him with their own eyes. – Benjamin Fulford


My friend was there and she took the picture herself. She is a WEF attendee. from France . She sent the picture to my phone by text message .

She did not pinch him as he was on stage, to check he was not a cgi … but she was in the conference room. -Anon
Thank you. Information from real people like you is very important in this day of CG and disinformation. A lot of people in the alternative media were fed the same story as a part of a campaign to discredit them. It is an old trick Henry Kissinger often uses. He would send information that he was arrested to various media outlets that were hostile to him and then he would discredit them by making a public appearance. – Benjamin Fulford

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