Octagon leaders told to buzz off after failed beg-threat mission to China

The leaders of the Khazarian mafia -the notorious Swiss-based Octagon group- tried to both threaten and beg China for money last week and were told to buzz off, Asian secret society sources say. The scene was in Tianjin, China where Octagon leaders like Klaus Schwab Rothschild, Swiss President Alain Berset and their flunkies gathered for their “Summer Davos.”

Schwab attempted to butter up China by saying “We must recognize China as the best superpower in the world.”


Then, in a moment of brown-nosing to China that will go down in the history books, US fake Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen bowed repeatedly to Chinese Vice-Premier He Lifeng. 


Notice that He Lifeng did not bow back. This is not the same as US officials bowing to Japanese officials because the Japanese also bow, symbolizing equality and mutual respect, not subservience and humility.

The Chinese must have felt glee as they recalled how the first Opium war started after the first British Ambassador to China, Lord George MacCartney, refused to kowtow before the Chinese Emperor in 1792. By the way, Queen Elizabeth II -before being killed- did apologize to the Chinese for the Opium wars but, still refused to bow before China.

The background for all this can be seen in the video below showing the BRICS have economically completely overtaken the Octagon group-controlled G7.

In any case, the Chinese were not fooled by the groveling of the Octagon group servants. They recall how, after the mass murder attack against Fukushima, Japan on March 11th, 2011, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the Davos meeting of January 2014 that China was like Germany before World War I. The German empire was broken up after that war and Germany was divided into small countries. The message was that China was going to be attacked by Russia, Japan, NATO, etc., and divided into five squabbling states. The plan was to make sure China never again posed a threat to the Khazarian Mafia. Of course, the Chinese don’t trust people who suck up to them after failing to kill them.

After being rebuffed by China, Schwab went to Japan to meet slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Japanese yatagarasu secret society sources say Schwab also left Japan empty-handed.

So, having failed to break up China and having failed to suck up to China, the KM began to make vile threats of mass murder.

Klaus Schwab Rothschild told the audience in China “…our generation has reached a turning point confronted by truly existential problems…climate change, exploitation of nature, nuclear possible incidents or even worse, extreme poverty and viruses; they can all lead to the extinction of large parts of our global population,”

Km engineered “climate change” forest fires in Canada:

Octagon member Berset followed up by saying “The post-war order is currently experiencing its greatest crisis.” After saying “solidarity with Ukraine is essential,” he also cited climate change, pandemic, war, migration and proliferation as challenges and noted, “around 350 million people in 82 countries are in acute danger of hunger; that is 200 million more than when the pandemic and the war started.” He also noted “before the war 90% of grain [to poor countries in Africa] came from Russia and the Ukraine,”


This is a lie, by the way, because Russia found ways to keep sending its’ grain to countries in need.

So, the leaders of the “rules-based world order,” are saying they will kill us all with weather warfare (climate change), bio-weapons (pandemic), war, illegal immigration of military-aged men (migration) and engineered starvation unless we submit. 

These threats came after KM leaders failed in a multi-faceted attempt to get protection from upcoming war crimes tribunals in the West.

The first sign of this secret mission was a trip by Bill Gates to China on June 16th where he offered his bio-weapons and computer secrets in exchange for protection. The Chinese know he is a mass murderer and took his gifts while politely declining to offer legal protection. For reference here, you can watch Gates wish everyone gets malaria, not just poor people.

When Gates failed, the next thing we saw was Bill Clinton Rockefeller and Alex Soros visiting the fake Pope Francis to seek protection. If you recall Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. visited Pope Maledict XVI after the Iraq war in a similar bid to get protection from war crimes prosecution. In that case, Blair was given witness protection after singing like a canary while Bush was executed.

This time, however, they were supplicating to a fake who replaced Pope Francis after he was murdered in 2020. In case you haven’t seen it, a link showing the current “Pope Francis” to be a rubber-masked phony can be seen here:


We asked the P3 Freemasons to explain who was giving orders to the fake Pope. They told us it was


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