Representatives of the 12 illuminati bloodlines, Gnostics, others contact the White Dragon Society

Individuals claiming to represent the 12 illuminati bloodlines have contacted the White Dragon Society last week in an effort to come up with a peaceful solution to the ongoing deadlock at the top of the global financial system. So did a representative of the ancient Gnostics -claiming his group was behind the French, Russian and American revolutions- who said no compromise can be reached until bloodline rule is ended.

[restrict paid=”true”] Meanwhile, several members of the Italian Black Nobility also came forth to say their plans to kill 4 billion people will not be stopped because “it is part of Biblical prophecy.” The claims by these and other groups during the past week make only one thing abundantly clear: there is chaos at the very top of the Western financial system. High level Chinese contacts, for their part, say the new Chinese regime will work with the White Dragons.

The representatives claiming to speak for the 12 bloodlines of the illuminati say their system was first set up around the time of Christ and that even that system was based on an earlier one whose roots are lost in antiquity. They say the bloodlines signed over their assets, mainly gold and treasure, to the BIS in the 20th century as part of plans for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

This evolved into Alpha Omega system referred to in last week’s newsletter, one said. He explained the system was hijacked by people such as George Bush Senior who had illuminati blood but who were not legitimate heirs to the system. Because of the attempt to hijack the system, he explains, all high level financial transactions will remain frozen until all corrupt parties are identified and removed from the system. This is why the Euro and dollar systems were falling apart at the seams, he claims.

He also clarified the discrepancies in dates reported last week as follows: the Alpha Omega system was set up in the 1980’s under Yuri Andropov (who died in 1984) and was taken over by his heir. The sabotage of the system took place in several increments with the final theft of the key packages mentioned in last week’s report as having taken place in 1996.

The theft took place during a special meeting of representatives from each of the 12 bloodlines called by Alpha Omega at the time. However, a lack of agreement among the thieves and others at the top of the system has led to the degeneration now being seen, he claims.

We passed on the codes and information given to us by the Alpha Omega representative to the Bank of Japan Public Relations office for comment and verification but received no response (positive or otherwise) at the time of this writing.

We also received an e-mail from Marylin Barnwell claiming that Alpha Omega was a scam run by Dick Cheney, Christopher Story, David Wilcox and Michael Cottrell. Our Alpha Omega source denies this.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the theft of $1 trillion in “Dragon family” assets centered around Neil Keenan in Bulgaria, has run into a group of hitherto un-known Italian families claiming to be the true “Black Nobility.” They threatened to ruin Keenan’s life if he continued his investigation. They also said the planet could only support 500 million people and stay in balance with nature which was why they were going to proceed with their plans to depopulate the earth. “You can write about us if you want but do not try to stop us,” they said. Their members include Victor Emmanuel, current holder of the officially defunct title of King of Italy. We have been warned by a member of the Rothschild family to be careful because this group is very prone to murder and assassination.

“Ambassador” Leo Wanta, who claims to have been part of the effort to bankrupt the Soviet Union, for his part, says the $1 trillion in bonds that Keenan had stolen from him were originally “found” on a highway on Cebu Island in the Philippines and delivered to the American Embassy there. Wanta also, by the way, says he has never heard of Alpha Omega.

Two separate high level Chinese contacts, including one affiliated with the Red and the Green, meanwhile, assure us there is no such thing as a “Dragon family.”

In a somewhat related note, our Tokyo contact with the Gnostic group (previously described in this newsletter as MJ12) was arrested by un-identified gunmen claiming to be Japanese police and taken in for questioning at the Koganei Police Station in Tokyo, Japan. He was asked to provide false testimony claiming this writer was a major drug smuggler. When our contact refused, he was warned to leave the country ASAP.

Before leaving our contact left the following message from the Gnostics: “The revolution will not be top-down, that is just a coup d’etat, it will be bottom up and will not stop until the bloodlines are removed from power.”
Given all this different, contradictory information coming from high-level sources, the only solid conclusion that can be reached is there is genuine chaos and discord at the highest levels of the Western financial system.

However, enough information has emerged from a very broad range of both historical and journalistic sources to make it clear that a group of royal families, most likely including 12 bloodlines, did pool their resources in the 20th century to set up what is now known as the BIS. It is also clear that several attempts have been made to hijack or replace this system. One involved the assassination of President Kennedy and the removal from power of President Soekarno of Indonesia. Another centered around the collapse of the Soviet Union. The result has been an ongoing, high-level secret battle for control at the very top of the system.

It is also clear the current owners of the Federal Reserve Board issued lots of bonds backed by gold they did not have original title to. It further known that they deliberately acquiesced to the mass production of forged versions of these bonds as a way to avoid having to pay back the gold they owe.

What is most clear of all is that right now the very top of the Western financial system is occupied by a bunch of people who claim the right to create money out of nothing but cannot prove how they got that “right.” [/restrict]

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