The current global crisis is at its heart an ongoing gang war

In the last of our three part background series, we will explain why the Yakuza and other Asian gangs see the current global crisis as nothing more than a major gang war aimed at replacing an ancient Godfather and his clique.

My first dealings with Japanese gangsters at a high level began during the Japanese “bubble” years. My view, as was conventional with Japan watchers up until the 1980’s was that real power in Japan lay with the bureaucrats, especially Miti and the all-powerful Ministry of Finance.

[restrict paid=”true”] Imagine my surprise one night when, talking to a Japanese MOF section chief, he told me: “if you really want to know what is going on, talk to Nomura Securities.” This came as no great surprise because I had already figured out the Japanese stock and bond markets were a big play-act managed by Nomura and the other “big three Japanese security firms (then Daiwa, Nikko and Yamaichi). Nomura was run by two men, the Big Tabuchi (Chairman) and the little Tabuchi (president and not a blood relative of the Chairman).

It turns out they ran Japan by lending money to 5000 “VIP’s” (mostly politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, financiers and gangsters) and telling them to buy particular stocks which were then ramped up in price. Later it turns out the mastermind behind this was Susumu Ishii, the head of the Inagawa crime family, Japan’s number 2 gang.

Only years later, when I got to talk to the #3 boss of the Inagawa crime family did I learn that they considered their true boss to be none other than George Bush Senior. I have in my possession photographs of Bush’s Senior and Junior as well as Bill Clinton posing with top Inagawa bosses.

A member of the inner circle of the top boss of the Yamaguchi Gumi, Japan’s number one gang, for his part told me they sub-contracted for David Rockefeller. The much weaker Sumiyoshi gang alone seems to report to Japanese uber-bosses.

When Junichiro Koizumi, an Inagawa crime family gangster, became Prime Minister, clearly the Bushes had the upper hand in the Japanese underworld. Koizumi systematically went after elements of the Yamaguchi gang that relied only on Japanese sources of income and were therefore independent of the Bush and Rockefeller gangs.

Later, when I confronted Koizumi’s Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka about handing over control of Japanese banks and postal savings (ie the Japanese people’s hard-earned savings) to Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other oligarchs, I accidentally triggered a major gang war. Takenaka immediately dispatched an agent to invite me to join the Freemasons and become finance minister or else be murdered (I have this all on tape and video). In the same week the Asian Red and Green contacted me and offered me protection.

The Red and Green are more like a chamber of congress than a gang but most Asian gangsters world-wide will obey them but only if it is an emergency and only for the greater good.

The Red and Green decided to go into active, instead of dormant mode when I explained to them the Bushes and their fellow gangsters created SARS in an attempt to depopulate Asia. They confirmed with communist China that this was true and the secret global East/West gang war began in earnest.

At the beginning only about 30% of the Japanese underworld sided with the Asians. The rest went along with their old bosses Rockefeller, Bush & crew.

I was set up for a ritual and public execution in Osaka after Bush blackmailed a top Chinese power-broker known as Madame Wu about an illegal slush fund she had overseas.

I had no choice but to go to Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters, make as speech and put it up on U-tube. This alerted the mainstream of the gang that part of their top leadership worked for foreign gangsters against the interest of their own people.

This was in 2006. Since then a sort of stalemate has continued with neither side willing to go into full gang-war mode against the other. Instead the war has been fought by financial proxy involving oil futures (remember the $150 a barrel oil?), food prices (the Western gangsters paying farmers not to grow food), the Chinese move into the developing world, the “Lehman shock,” and more.

The British and the Swiss joined with the Chinese and most of the non-G7 world in the move against the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate (Bush/Rockefeller/Rothschild etc.).

The Feds have retaliated with horror after horror first by trying to spread disease (remember H1N1), and recently by trying to destroy the world’s oceans.

There is much, very much, that has been left out of this report but suffice it to say I have survived 5 assassinations attempts since this all began. My only crime was to ask “why are 90% of the world’s savings being used to finance never-ending war?”

The Feds have been slowly and steadily losing support and are now doomed. They still do not intend to go quietly into the night but it is now certain that global rule by gangsters is finally coming to an end. It is the people’s turn to control global finance and therefore the future of humanity and the planet. [/restrict]

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