Month: June 2010

The post-Obama power struggle heats up, will he be replaced by Hillary Clinton, General Petraeus or Ron Paul?

As the Washington D.C. Corporation heads for bankruptcy, a power vacuum is emerging in the US, tempting various groups into trying to fill the void. The Bush/Clinton faction is now pushing hard to make Hillary Clinton the new president. Another group seeks to create an imperial Roman Caesar in the form of General David Petraeus. Then there is a group aiming to make Ron Paul an interim president to preside over the return of the US to constitutional rule. Also, we have Al Gore and General James Jones seeking to undo the illegal elections that have taken place since George Bush Junior was fraudulently put into office. Finally, of course Obama and his handlers continue to struggle to keep him in office. The general impression is one of increasing anarchy heading towards civil war.

[onlymembers] The group that backs a Hillary presidency has, according to a close associate of Bill Clinton and a senior MI6 source, a strong chance of pulling off their coup. Their plan is to have Vice-President Biden resign in the near future for “health reasons.” Obama would then either be assassinated or else ousted because he is foreign born and thus not allowed to be president. Hillary would have the support of a large faction of Khazarians and thus can expect a positive media environment for her power grab.

The Petraeus faction seem to support a meritocratic, military government fashioned along the lines of the world government seen in the TV series Star Treck and other future world or “Galactic Federation” governments portrayed in science fiction. They have a lot of support in the various secret government agencies and in the pentagon, according to various alphabet soup agency sources.

The Ron Paul faction has also has a lot of support within the military as well as within the political establishment, especially outside of the Washington beltway. They probably need to align themselves with the Al Gore faction if they hope to gain traction.

Of course all of these factions still need money and it is the secret battle over the control of world finance that will largely determine which of these various factions gets the job of trying to restore and repair the sick and wounded creature known as the United States.

The Obama faction continue to try to bolster the Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street even as they pretend to promote “financial reform.” The latest “financial reform” bill they have concocted provides good written evidence of their absolute moral bankruptcy. The bill does not end leverage, does not end foreclosures, does not limit usury, does not stop fraudulent derivatives and is basically a complex and confusing fog designed to preserve business as usual even as it fools the dwindling pool of gullible “journalists” into believing it represents “reform.”

This group is also proceeding with their horrific plans to create a massive environmental emergency in the Gulf reason by combining hurricanes with oil as an excuse for martial law. The degeneration of the US political structure into criminal insanity is something historians will ponder for a very long time.

The real question is will the various factions that have military support be willing to give up personal ambitions in the name of the greater good. If Petraeus is smart and ambitious, for example, he would join forces with the Ron Paul faction as well as the Al Gore group and push for a restoration of the Republic and a return to Democracy. He could then later run for office and establish himself either as a modern Caesar or a new Washington or Jefferson.

The Hillary Clinton group will try to curry favor with the military and portray themselves as representatives of stability and a smooth transition. They will also promise Petraeus the post of Caesar after a Hillary presidency.

The financial world, meanwhile, remains locked in secret warfare. The Swiss, the British and the Chinese have been trying to exercise their lien over the bankrupt Federal Reserve Board with limited success. The $24 trillion or so Federal Reserve Board fiat dollars created since the “Lehman shock” remain quarantined from the rest of the global financial system. Those still brainwashed by the corporate media need to ask themselves how the US dollar could remain strong if those $24 trillion “fiat” dollars created out of thin air had been allowed into the international financial system. Most of the Bush/Clinton and other funds stolen by previous administrations in the US have also now been frozen and rendered worthless. However, the announcement of the new financial system remains delayed by constant sabotage on the part of Obama and the D.C. criminals. The result is a continuing decay of the US economy that no amount of feel good talk can hide.

We are still hearing sane heads will prevail and we still keep our fingers crossed that the US establishment will provide the American people with something real to celebrate on July 4th.

Even if not, the rest of the world will continue humming along just fine while the US and Europe burn.

The Europeans, for their part, are starting to show signs of sanity. There is an ongoing campaign to cleanse the Catholic Church of paedophiles and Satanists as evinced most recently by the multiple police raids against the church that started in Belgium last week.

The Germans and the British are also now realizing that sometimes the only way to deal with excess debt is to spend less and save more. Pain now, gain later is better than continued doses of morphine that allow the ultimate disease to grow to fatal proportions.

The Euro may or may not survive depending on whether or not they are able to obtain gold backing for their currency.

The White Dragon Society promised the Europeans gold would be made available to back the Euro provided the Europeans supported a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and release the suppressed technology.

In any case, the rest of the world is enjoying economic boom times and can thus afford to wait quietly until the chaos in Europe and the US comes to a climax and the Western world once again regains its sanity and its moral standing.

People in the West still ask the White Dragon Society, “where are the Ninjas,” when the answer is lying right in front of them: look at the non-Western world.[/onlymembers]

An inside look at how the Satanist’s professional assassination teams do their work

This week’s Geopolitical News and Analysis has been slightly delayed because a South Korean professional assassination team was spotted around this reporter’s home in Tokyo. The team has now been withdrawn after we warned South Korean President Lee Myung-bak that he would be held personally accountable. However, the Satanic pope Ratzinger and the Khazarian Satanists (who are never to be mistaken for Jews) are desperate and have been lobbying professional assassination teams in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Italy and elsewhere to murder truth-seekers in Japan, the US and elsewhere. We have therefore decided to dedicate with week’s report to outline how these assassination teams work. The information below comes directly from interviews with over half a dozen professional assassins.

[onlymembers] Unlike the Hollywood version of lone assassins, in the real world professional assassins work in teams of 8-10 people. These teams usually include women and children as a part of an effort to allay the suspicions of the intended victims.

According to a South Korean assassin who claims to have personally killed over 80 people, the assassinations are made to look like an accident as much as possible. The most common method of assassination is to twist two locations on the neck of the victim in a manner that causes almost instant death.

Most victims are hit when they are most relaxed and vulnerable: typically when they are relaxing in a bath or else sleeping at home. The deaths are made to look like heart attacks or strokes. If the assassins are unable to access the pressure points, drugs are used to induce heart attacks or strokes.

When they murder females, they usually drug them outside of the home in a manner so that the victim will go home and die in bed. Children are typically killed by asphyxiating them with a pillow.

In messier cases where the killing takes place in public, the assassins will use whatever tools are available. One common method of killing is to stab the victim in the nose with a disposable chopstick. The assassins even know how to slice someone’s neck using a piece of paper.

The assassin says that the South Korean murder team made a decision to kill former South Korean President Roh My-hun because he wanted to disband South Korea’s assassination teams. The decision to kill him was made a year before his actual death, the South Korean assassin says.

In more extreme cases, a person is assassinated in an extremely public manner as a warning to members of the political/financial/military/journalistic elite. One extremely public case was that of Japanese lawmaker Kouki Ishi, who was stabbed to death with a Japanese sword in front of his own home in 2002.

Although the killer has confessed he did not act alone, and although the judge in the case ruled the killer did not act alone, the police have refused to further investigate this highly public death.

Ishii was killed because he was about to expose to Parliament information “that would turn Japanese politics inside-out.” Before he was murdered Ishii tried to enlist the help of former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. However, he soon realized Hatoyama would not help so he turned to Naoto Kan, who is now Prime Minister. Although Kan was given the vital information by Ishii before Ishii was killed, he refused to go public with it. In other words, Kan is at least partially complicit in the murder of Ishii.

The fact that Kan is now Prime Minister is a sign the Satanic cabal is trying to reassert its control over Japan. According to a senior Yakuza boss “Kan took dirty money from wherever he could so he is easy to blackmail.”

One look at Kan’s recent economic “manifesto” is enough to reveal his actions amount to treason. He has said he wants to raise the consumption tax rate to 10% from 5% while lowering the tax rate from 40% to 25%. Since the poorer a person is the higher percentage of their income goes on consumption it means Kan wants to tax the poor. Also since close to half of Japanese shares are owned by the Satanic cabal, lowering the corporate tax rate means increasing Japanese tribute payments to the Satanists. Kan’s regime will not last long, of this you can rest assured.

Meanwhile, the Yakuza are now breaking ranks with the Satanists and have begun an unprecedented expose. One of the top Yakuza assassins told this writer his job typically involves chopping peoples fingers of with pliers until he gets the information he needs. He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean. This killer said he has a direct line to the Chairman of Tokyo Mitubishi UFJ Bank.

The head of a CIA assassination team, meanwhile, confirms the CIA uses similar methods in the US and Europe. The world of professional assassins is a small world and most of the teams know each other, he says. The CIA assassins are also now turning against the Khazarian Satanists, he says.

This writer has personally survived at least 5 assassination attempts. We will not go into much detail expect to note that the same team responsible for the public execution of Kouki Ishii was deployed against this writer. We know their names and we can expose the entire chain of command behind the attempted assassination all the way up to Henry (Heinz) Kissinger and beyond. These are the same people who ordered the highly public murder of my former colleague Paul Klebnikov, the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief. Please read the following Wikipedia article for details:

Paul Klebnikov

The same group also ordered the beheading of Wall Street Journal ace reporter Daniel Pearle. Just before Pearle was killed I wrote an expose of the murder-made-to-look like suicide of Japanese banker Tadayo Honma:

Buried in the Books

Immediately after that article appeared, Fortune issued a cover story saying Honma “committed suicide.” This is typical Satanist modus operandi, i.e. issue contradictory reports in order to create confusion. I was then ordered by Forbes to go to Pakistan but I refused to go, which is almost certainly why I did not suffer the same fate as Daniel Pearle.

There is now a clear trail of international murder of prominent individuals that can be traced directly to prominent Khazarian Satan worshipping financiers. We have so far kept the evidence to ourselves but we remind the Satanists that we have tape recordings, videos, documents and other extensive evidence that leads straight to the cabal of old men who refuse to relinquish their Satanic plans. Our sources, of course, include the killers themselves who now work for, or are protected by, the White Dragon Society.[/onlymembers]

In desperation, the BIS and Vatican bank order assassinations but Mossad, the CIA and the Yakuza refuse to go along

The increasingly desperate gangsters known as the Bilderberg group, in a last minute effort to maintain their rule, last week ordered assassination teams to kill prominent truth seekers, including this reporter, according to CIA sources. In a related move Italian authorities have been trying to sell the $134.5 billion worth of bonds they seized even as they continue to prosecute an Italian gentleman with fraud for possessing these bonds. At stake is the survival of the Vatican Bank and perhaps even the BIS.

According to a prominent member of the CIA assassination squad the Pope and Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy sent a nine-man assassination team to Japan headed by a highly professional 40-something assassin who goes by the name of Guissepe to kill this writer. The Yakuza, Mossand and the CIA all refused to go along with the assassination and it has now been called off, Yakuza and CIA sources say. These banksters seem to have had the mistaken impression that killing this writer and other whistleblowers would somehow stop the implementation of the new metals-backed banking system.

The Vatican banker directly involved is now wanted by Interpol and is on the run. He has been trying to sell, on behalf of the Italian government, the $134.5 trillion worth of bonds seized in June of 2009 at 10% of their face value. Meanwhile this same Italian government is trying to prosecute Alessandro Santi for fraud because he asked Italian authorities to release the two Japanese nationals who were arrested with the bonds by testifying they were genuine.

[onlymembers] The Vatican Bank also approached the White Dragon Society with a promise of $60 billion a month (for saving the planet) so long as the new financial system remained under Vatican control. The White Dragon Society explained that the new financial system would have to be under the control of the people of the planet and not some secretive unelected group.

As the fiat (out of nothing) currencies known as the Federal Reserve promisory note and the Euro continue to implode, the families that have for so long ruled the world with paper money will be trying to carry out new atrocities. Since they are sun-worshippers, people need to be especially wary around the time of the June 21st summer solstice when sacrifices involving fire are required by their belief system. The explosion of missing South African nuclear weapons band the possible torching of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are two scenarios to be wary of but this is only conjecture. Who knows what they might try next.

Once again for the millionth time (OK, I exaggerate but it seems like that) the Federal Reserve Board cabal have been trying to goad Israel and Iran to annihilate each other as an offering to Satan but fortunately, sane minds continue to prevail. The Pentagon is doing everything in its power to prevent this and other World War 3 scenarios.

The Euro will continue to be attacked via Spain, Italy, Hungary, the Baltic countries, Ireland until the Euro and the EU both collapse. The US government is for its part, continuing to prepare to decouple the US dollar from the international dollar.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have finished inspecting the gold to be used to back the new international currency and have invited members of the White Dragon Society as well as prominent financiers to Peking for consultations about the new financial system.

In a related move, the Middle Eastern Royal families are exploring the possibility of an alliance with European families that should eventually result in an end to the artificial attempts to get the Islamic and Christian worlds to fight each other.

The Jews in Israel will be offered complete security and autonomy in exchange for a permanent, fair, peace agreement.

The Middle Eastern oil countries have also agreed on the need to phase out oil as an energy source and embrace the free energy technologies.

Preparations are being made for the release of hitherto forbidden technology including free energy, anti-gravity, life-extension therapy and more. We have also heard from two Japanese owners of new Toyota Prius “hybrid” cars that they have not had to refill their gas tanks once since buying their cars. This is still unconfirmed by Toyota PR but could well be the explanation for the recent attempts to harass Toyota.

In Japan, meanwhile, Naoto Kan has become the new prime minister but already Japanese secret government sources are starting to say his rule will be short. The latest scenario is to have Kan preside over the July 11th upper house elections and, if his Democratic Party of Japan gets a majority in both houses, he will then raise taxes. After this he will resign and be replaced by Panasonic (Matsushita) sponsored Kazuhiro Haraguchi.

Kan, however, has his own plans to extend his rule and increase his popularity by taking on the Japanese medical/pharmaceutical mafia. A DPJ member of Parliament involved in overseeing the Health and Welfare Ministry promises a revolution against evil Western medical practices. The cancer mafia, the vaccine mafia and the mafia gouging the handicapped will all be targets, the MP said.

The Japanese right wing defense/yakuza/police establishment, for their part, have lots of dirt on Kan and will no doubt try to generate scandals ASAP. They are hoping to unite various splintered right-wing groups into a new right-wing party that can give the DPJ a run for their money.

The people behind the Bank of Japan for their part will do everything in their power to prevent the DPJ from restructuring Japanese government debt that is now running at 215% of GDP. This problem could be dealt with within a week by means of redenominating the yen but that would mean the owners of the BOJ would be denied centuries of payments from the artificially indebted Japanese people.

As usual, there is a lot we are being asked not to report in order to prevent sabotage by the Feds. [/onlymembers]

The Bilderbergers have failed and are now trying to activate plan B

The participants at the just ended Bilderberger meeting in Spain are scared they are going to be identified and eventually hunted down, according to an inside source at the meeting. For now Clinton, Bush, Baker and the other Bilderberg Nazi’s are trying to cut a deal with China that will allow them access to large amounts of funds which they plan to hide and use to re-assert their power after the current political storm blows over, the source says. Unfortunately for them, this is one storm that is not going to blow over to and allow them to resume their plans for world fascist dictatorship.

[onlymembers] Meanwhile, the White Dragon society is in discussions with the Black Dragon Society, the Red and Green, the Chinese government, the three legged crow and MJ12 about setting up a new meritocratic organization to take control of the US dollar away from the Federal Reserve Board. Plans are well underway and many technical issues have now been solved. Gold to back the currency has been tested and refined by China. There is more going on than that but for now we are being asked to keep quiet in order to prevent sabotage.

The Old World Order Nazis do not plan to retire quietly and are planning assassinations and other forms of mayhem. Although we have no direct evidence, based on their past behavior, it is likely they are behind a new disease which has started spreading in China.

They also almost certainly were behind the brutal murders on board the Turkish ship that was trying to bring aid to the Gaza strip. The Turkish government has purged the Satanists from their military, media and political world and as a result Turkey is no longer an ally of Israel. However, the Turkish government is not going to let themselves be provoked into starting World War 3. Instead, they are consulting with Russia, China and other powers about how to purge the Satanists still in control of the United States and Israel.

That purge is already beginning. The analysis of how the Federal Reserve Board and stole most of the US people’s assets and corporations has been completed in secret. While the initial audit of the Federal Reserve Board is only supposed to go back 2 years, that will expose enough to ensure that people demand an audit going back to 1917. This will reveal the network of related families that stole the American’s wealth and left most of them impoverished.

Meanwhile, the Euro is still headed towards disintegration and no amount of promises of fiat money to be financed by stealing from the European people over the coming hundreds of years is going to help.

The mass awakening of the peoples of Europe and North America is a genie that is not going to be put back into the bottle. The situation has now reached the point where assassinations, bribes and propaganda are not going to be able to work their old magic.

A Shinto high priestess contacted the White Dragon Society and explained there was an ancient link between Shinto and the people who wrote the first chapters of the bible. She says that according to thousands of year old Jewish documents held by some shrines there was split over the use of a certain kind of powerful incantation.

She says the people in the Middle East engaged in a ritual to “invoke the black snake.” If you do this, you get great power because every time you see a weakness in others, you exploit it to your own benefit. The problem with the black snake (Satan) is that while it gives you power, over time it leaves you isolated and friendless. This is exactly what is now happening to the ancient cabal that has been secretly ruling the West.

The Shinto side prefers to invoke the white snake and the golden snake. The white snake will give you great protection but not much in the way of wealth or power. The white snake in its present form is the world wide network of martial arts societies and morally upright military establishments.

The golden snake invocation will give you great wealth and a flourishing family but only if you follow proper ethical rules. If you get greedy, lustful, cruel etc. the power of the golden snake will wane, she says.

A new meritocratic organization is being set up to make sure humanity can stay on the path of the golden snake.

In Japan, meanwhile, Naoto Kan has been named Prime Minister. His government will implode unless Kan is able to announce a jubilee. For now, Kan is talking within the old financial parameters. He talks of raising taxes to help the country deal with its deficit. That deficit is already over 200% of GDP if you add up central and regional government debt along with government guaranteed private sector loans.

Raising taxes will slow down the economy and thus lead to lower tax revenues. So, if Kan does not wake up, he will put Japan into a death spiral.

The real answer lies in a debt moratorium. Much of the Japanese debt is owed to financial institutions that are in turn owned by people like Stephan de Rothschild and David Rockefeller. These people would rather leave the Japanese people indebted for centuries that have to write off their Japanese government bond holdings.

In any case, we are headed for very dangerous times as the end game approaches. The White Dragon Society has been asked by the Pentagon not to take any action for now because “something big is about to happen.” It may well be the American people and thus the people of the world will have something real to celebrate on this upcoming July 4th independence day.

However, as usual we caution that it isn’t over until it is over. People need to stay alert and make contingency plans for any eventuality.[/onlymembers]