The post-Obama power struggle heats up, will he be replaced by Hillary Clinton, General Petraeus or Ron Paul?

As the Washington D.C. Corporation heads for bankruptcy, a power vacuum is emerging in the US, tempting various groups into trying to fill the void. The Bush/Clinton faction is now pushing hard to make Hillary Clinton the new president. Another group seeks to create an imperial Roman Caesar in the form of General David Petraeus. Then there is a group aiming to make Ron Paul an interim president to preside over the return of the US to constitutional rule. Also, we have Al Gore and General James Jones seeking to undo the illegal elections that have taken place since George Bush Junior was fraudulently put into office. Finally, of course Obama and his handlers continue to struggle to keep him in office. The general impression is one of increasing anarchy heading towards civil war.

[restrict paid=”true”] The group that backs a Hillary presidency has, according to a close associate of Bill Clinton and a senior MI6 source, a strong chance of pulling off their coup. Their plan is to have Vice-President Biden resign in the near future for “health reasons.” Obama would then either be assassinated or else ousted because he is foreign born and thus not allowed to be president. Hillary would have the support of a large faction of Khazarians and thus can expect a positive media environment for her power grab.

The Petraeus faction seem to support a meritocratic, military government fashioned along the lines of the world government seen in the TV series Star Treck and other future world or “Galactic Federation” governments portrayed in science fiction. They have a lot of support in the various secret government agencies and in the pentagon, according to various alphabet soup agency sources.

The Ron Paul faction has also has a lot of support within the military as well as within the political establishment, especially outside of the Washington beltway. They probably need to align themselves with the Al Gore faction if they hope to gain traction.

Of course all of these factions still need money and it is the secret battle over the control of world finance that will largely determine which of these various factions gets the job of trying to restore and repair the sick and wounded creature known as the United States.

The Obama faction continue to try to bolster the Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street even as they pretend to promote “financial reform.” The latest “financial reform” bill they have concocted provides good written evidence of their absolute moral bankruptcy. The bill does not end leverage, does not end foreclosures, does not limit usury, does not stop fraudulent derivatives and is basically a complex and confusing fog designed to preserve business as usual even as it fools the dwindling pool of gullible “journalists” into believing it represents “reform.”

This group is also proceeding with their horrific plans to create a massive environmental emergency in the Gulf reason by combining hurricanes with oil as an excuse for martial law. The degeneration of the US political structure into criminal insanity is something historians will ponder for a very long time.

The real question is will the various factions that have military support be willing to give up personal ambitions in the name of the greater good. If Petraeus is smart and ambitious, for example, he would join forces with the Ron Paul faction as well as the Al Gore group and push for a restoration of the Republic and a return to Democracy. He could then later run for office and establish himself either as a modern Caesar or a new Washington or Jefferson.

The Hillary Clinton group will try to curry favor with the military and portray themselves as representatives of stability and a smooth transition. They will also promise Petraeus the post of Caesar after a Hillary presidency.

The financial world, meanwhile, remains locked in secret warfare. The Swiss, the British and the Chinese have been trying to exercise their lien over the bankrupt Federal Reserve Board with limited success. The $24 trillion or so Federal Reserve Board fiat dollars created since the “Lehman shock” remain quarantined from the rest of the global financial system. Those still brainwashed by the corporate media need to ask themselves how the US dollar could remain strong if those $24 trillion “fiat” dollars created out of thin air had been allowed into the international financial system. Most of the Bush/Clinton and other funds stolen by previous administrations in the US have also now been frozen and rendered worthless. However, the announcement of the new financial system remains delayed by constant sabotage on the part of Obama and the D.C. criminals. The result is a continuing decay of the US economy that no amount of feel good talk can hide.

We are still hearing sane heads will prevail and we still keep our fingers crossed that the US establishment will provide the American people with something real to celebrate on July 4th.

Even if not, the rest of the world will continue humming along just fine while the US and Europe burn.

The Europeans, for their part, are starting to show signs of sanity. There is an ongoing campaign to cleanse the Catholic Church of paedophiles and Satanists as evinced most recently by the multiple police raids against the church that started in Belgium last week.

The Germans and the British are also now realizing that sometimes the only way to deal with excess debt is to spend less and save more. Pain now, gain later is better than continued doses of morphine that allow the ultimate disease to grow to fatal proportions.

The Euro may or may not survive depending on whether or not they are able to obtain gold backing for their currency.

The White Dragon Society promised the Europeans gold would be made available to back the Euro provided the Europeans supported a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and release the suppressed technology.

In any case, the rest of the world is enjoying economic boom times and can thus afford to wait quietly until the chaos in Europe and the US comes to a climax and the Western world once again regains its sanity and its moral standing.

People in the West still ask the White Dragon Society, “where are the Ninjas,” when the answer is lying right in front of them: look at the non-Western world.[/restrict]

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