US Military chickens out so the American people celebrate their continued slavery on July 4th

The most corrupt regime in the history of the United States has managed to avert a planned return to constitutional law thanks to a massive campaign of bribery, blackmail and death threats. However, sources high in the CIA and the NSA both affirm that a secret decision has been made not to allow Obama to finish his presidency. The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate will also not last beyond his presidency, the sources say. The secret battle now remains focused on forcing the Federal Reserve Board to cash over $1 trillion in bonds they owe to the rest of the global financial system.

[restrict paid=”true”]Much of the intrigue over the $1 trillion was reported on my blog because of the need to make the information public. It can now be said with certainty that the Catholic Church, or more specifically a small group of Satan worshippers near the top of its hierarchy are doing everything they can to prevent the announcement of the new financial system.

Massive international raids against Catholic offices, most notably in Belgium, have been accompanied by death threats against the hundreds of witnesses in the case. Multiple death threats and assassination attempts have also been made by Vatican Satanists who are trying to prevent the launch of the new financial system.

The proponents of the new financial system, for their part, remain optimistic and believe funds will be made available possibly this week to finance a campaign against poverty, environmental destruction and war. The government of Portugal as well as senior Latin American, North American and some European Catholic clergy are also now supporting the new financial system. However, we have been given so many promises of “imminent” release of funds we no longer pay serious attention to them. Nonetheless, the various sources directly involved in trying to start the new financial system are more optimistic than at any time since they first contacted this writer in 2006. These sources include Senior NSA, CIA, MI6 and Japanese financial authorities.

The Chinese communist government, for its part, seems to have also finally given up trying to deal with the Federal Reserve Board. Their July 4th Xinhua news front page feature noted blistering economic growth in Brazil, India, China and most of the non-G7 world. The editorial also makes it clear China and the rest of the world have no intention of accepting cosmetic reforms of existing international financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank.

Meanwhile the criminal regime in Washington D.C. continues to try to create mayhem and destruction. The ongoing, deliberate, ecological destruction of the Gulf of Mexico is a sign how far these criminally insane people are willing to go.

The complete arrogance with which Goldman Sachs, BP and Halliburton carried out insider trading before the oil well blew in the gulf is also a sign of desperation. By carrying out such obviously criminal insider trading maneuvers like selling BP stock and buying up the world’s largest oil spill clean-up firm before the crisis began, the Wall Street Banksters exposed themselves to inevitable arrest.

The real worry is what other criminally insane acts these people plan to carry out before they are finally removed from power. The Satanists have, through several different messengers, threatened to set off the Pacific ring of volcanic fire.

The fact they have not done so since making the first threat in 2006 may be a sign that sane people are now in control of the US HAARP facilities.

We also now need to be on the alert for psychological warfare and fake incidents. The attempt to start a war in the Korean peninsula by sinking a South Korean ship and blaming it on North Korea has failed. The ongoing efforts to start a war between Israel and Iran are also now stalled because the Israeli authorities have finally realized it is just a trap.

It is hard to guess what these criminals will try next but it seems they may finally be getting ready to pull out their fake alien card. High-level Luciferians claim they have opened a portal in the Swiss mountains and have been letting various “benevolent entities” enter our world in preparation for a world dictatorship due to start in 2013. These European Satan worshippers remain one of the main obstacles to the new financial system. They claim biblical end time disasters are inevitable between now and 2012. High level teams are now moving against this group.

The overall situation now seems to be one of continuing stalemate at the highest levels. Secret meetings due in August will be planning for another autumn move against the Federal Reserve Crime syndicate.

In any case, readers in North America and Europe need to be reminded the current “financial crisis” is only happening in Europe and the US. The rest of the world is humming along just fine because they are no longer under the control of Satan worshipping, criminally insane plutocrats. The Satanic rule of the West will also, beyond any shadow of a doubt, end soon.

Do not worry about specific deadlines but rest assured time is not on their side. This will be a long hot summer for the ruling elite. [/restrict]

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