Operation Gladio style offensive against KM unfolds


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– Windlander


The long-awaited military move against the Khazarian Mafia in the West appears to be unfolding. The riots in France, Belgium and Switzerland bear all the hallmarks of this. Men in identical black uniforms wearing police-style boots are wreaking havoc across the continent while pretending to be Muslim protesters. This is classic military agent provocateur action designed to ready public opinion for martial law. It is the age-old P3 Freemason “ab chao ordo” or “order out of chaos” strategy. The idea is to create so much mayhem the citizenry welcomes a military take-over to “restore order.”

The fact this type of sabotage is taking place in Switzerland means some sort of military-type move against the BIS, the WHO and other KM power centers there is likely. The same is true of Belgium where the European Union has its headquarters. The other thing to note is the “Muslim” rioters are systematically targeting Chabad death cult facilities across Europe.

These “riots” appear to be coordinated with “pride events” promoting homosexuality and pedophilia. Notice the French riots started just as former male prostitute and fake French President Emmanuelle Macron was appearing at an event promoting homosexuality.

This happened in tandem with simultaneous marches throughout the West featuring naked men parading in front of children. They were chanting things like “We’re here, we’re queer and we are coming for your children.”


If it had been naked women on parade you can be sure the police would have acted. Maybe that is because naked men are less of a traffic problem since passing drivers would look away from them, not at them. More likely it was contrived to force the sleepwalking sheeple awake.

To make this a personal threat to the average citizen, they are also trying to force them to accept people with penises into women’s bathrooms. When your daughter is accosted by a bearded pervert pretending to be a woman it forces you to get involved.

In another move to wake the sheeple, the fake Joe Biden presidential avatar is making many bizarre performances and statements. For example, he said “I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things…” while meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The corporate propaganda media tried to cover this up as a “joke,” but we all know it’s true.

Next, listen to the fake masked Biden talk about Russia losing the Iraq war. He really is suffering from dementia.  


Also, Joe Biden slurred his way through a train wreck of an interview Thursday, claiming there was a civil war in the U.S. in 1960 and mixing up the Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence before wandering off the set like a lost Alzheimer’s sufferer.


“Joe’s avatar will soon put all whistleblowers out of work, he’s such a one-man red pill machine,” Pentagon sources comment.

At the same time as “Biden” acted like a senile buffoon, Congress passed resolution 503 calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden “for high crimes and misdemeanors,” and yet not a word about this from the corporate media presstitutes.


We know the real Biden is long gone but the point here is the Joe Biden symbol of corporate power is being actively set up for formal (optical) impeachment, CIA sources comment. 

Also, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Congress is going to impeach Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland based on information coming from whistleblowers.

Another thing we notice is that thousands of flights are being canceled around the United States as the July 4th holiday approaches. This is to prevent Khazarian mafia members from escaping, pentagon sources say.

We also got a very definitive explanation of what the so-called Q movement and Donald Trump have to do with all this activity. Former SAS Riccardo Bosi explains the entire Q movement was started by

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