Tanks sent towards Beijing in internal Chinese rift, Pope quits after Bush confessions

The Chinese New Year of the Snake has begun and the new regime will soon begin its work in earnest. The White Snake, symbolized by the White Dragon and representing the Life Force, will complete the subjugation of the Satanic black snake of death and destruction. The resignation of the serial child rapist pope maledict will mean the selection of a new Pope to be named Peter the Roman. He will be the last Roman pope because after him Christianity and Catholicism will no longer be a purely Roman institution.

The battle to take down Satanism also led to high tension in China. The severe power struggle between the Shanghai faction and the Communist Party Youth League factions that preceded the selection of the current government was so severe that at one point tanks were sent toward Beijing by the Shanghai faction, according to a Chinese government agent. The result is that many in China now feel a small war, most likely with Japan, is needed to restore government unity, he said. The push towards war is also being promoted vigorously by the Sabbatean mafia through their corporate propaganda networks in Hong Kong and Tokyo. However, cooler heads at high levels in both Japan and China are working on a compromise that may lead to the independence of the Okinawan archipelago, according to Asian secret society sources. The same people are pushing for the governments of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and China to supply staff for a new regional organization.

In the US as well, a severe power struggle is underway that led to the overnight arrest, and subsequent release, of many high level CIA and pentagon staffers, according to a CIA source.
The British Monarchy, too, is the scene of high level struggle

with the gnostic illuminati insisting that Prince Harry be made King, making England independent from “Satanic Roman bloodline rule” for the first time since 1066. The CIA also says the Queen will be abdicating the throne. Nonsense, says an MI5 agent, who says the Queen has no plans to resign and that the line of succession clearly goes from Her Majesty to Charles to William. What is clear is that there is going to be some serious underground tension in England over the coming weeks as the two factions duke it out.

The situation is replicated in the US too with Republicans of the old sort pitched against supporters of the Obama regime, a CIA source says. It was secret Obama backers who were arrested by FBI types, he says. The arrested people had their mobile phones confiscated and their contact lists taken down, according to the source. The arrested people, though, had high powered connections that got them released after one night in custody and all members of their network have been issued with new mobile phones. The gnostic illuminati, for their part, are still saying Obama will leave the White House “by helicopter hanging from his neck.” Clearly there will be a lot more infighting in the US too before the dust settles and a clear winner emerges.

The hacking of the Bush family’s private e-mails and home addresses as well as the widespread publication of paintings of Bush Jr. in the bathtub, meanwhile, is a visible sign of the Bush family’s fall from power within the military industrial complex. The Pope resigned because he has been fingered as a mastermind of 911, 311 and the wars in the Middle East by both George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair, according to P2 lodge sources.

The Rockefellers, now hiding out on an Island near Fiji, are leading the offensive against the Bushes, according to a Rockefeller source. The Rockefellers contacted this writer to say the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attacks against Japan were directed against the “Rockefeller Island” of Japan by elements of the cabal in Europe. According to their version of the story, the Rockefellers were told in advance the attack would take place. A Rothschild family source did previously tell this writer that the 311 attacks were meant to force the evacuation of 40 million people from the greater Tokyo region into Korea. A new Rothschild controlled Asian financial center was then supposed to be set up in Pusan, South Korea. However, if the Rockefellers wish to portray themselves as victims they need to explain why they did not issue a public warning about the attacks and order evacuations before they took place.

In any case it is clear, just like the Chinese Zodiac predicts, this year will characterized by snakes fighting against each other.

If this is the case, then let us recall the legend of the White Dragon. The White Dragon started out as a white snake, according to the legend. It grew up into a horrific monster White Dragon until it was tamed by the Goddess Benten and turned into a protector of the weak and the innocent. This year the White Dragon will take on the black snake of Satanism and purge it from the military industrial complex of the West so that the West will become a benevolent entity devoted to helping the planet.

On a more concrete note, representatives of the British Commonwealth (2.5 billion people) and the Catholic Church (1.5 billion people) have agreed to cooperate with the Asian secret societies (3 billion people) to realize a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and create world peace. To this end, they are hoping to get financing backed by Chinese imperial gold and treasure.

The approaches by the Commonwealth and the Catholics need to be regarded cautiously because the CIA keeps repeating that an Empress Wu is now in China and that she controls all the rights to 85% of the world’s gold because she is heiress to the Qing dynasty. That is not true, according to my Chinese sources who say there is a Ming Empress and that talk of a Qing empress seems to be a scam by the cabal to replenish the gold vaults of the world’s central banks that have been replaced with tungsten.

In any case there is a legitimate male Qing heir, who is the grandson of the “last Emperor” Puyi.

This is what an MI5 source had to say about it: “In my view, to set up a world bank/currency you need to control all the gold, not just the existing BIS registered gold but the additional Asian gold. The Chinese gold MUST become part of the Cabal one world bank. To this end Cabal agencies are working, as in Mali, for FULL control. In the UK this is being coordinated by Sir John Scarlett who runs the Cabinet Office through Sir Jeremy Heywood. They were thwarted at the London Olympics and failed to destroy the City of London. This has put the EU Federal Bank plan back and they are trying to make up lost ground. Starting wars which are unwinnable (Africa, South Atlantic, Middle East) whilst cutting defense spending is one way of debilitating the UK.”

For similar reasons they are also behind all the ongoing attempts to start a war in Asia between Japan and China, he says.

In any case, the Vatican, the British Monarchy and the Rockefeller family have all contacted the White Dragon Society to ask its’ help in convincing the Chinese to give them gold. The gold of the world belongs to the people of the world. The White Dragon Society is only concerned with world peace and starting a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

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