Winter solstice and lunar eclipse symbolize the end of one era and the beginning of another

Although the deadlock at the top of the global financial system seems to be never-ending, in reality top players are waiting for a global purge of historical proportions to be completed. The result will be so dramatic that historians will discuss it for millennia. The purges are happening within freemasonry, within the US military and intelligence establishment, within orders of Knights, within the Vatican, in the Yakuza underworld, and even among the royal families of the world to name but a few. Although there were threats of war and of the unleashing of secret super-weapons such as HAARP in the run-up to the winter solstice and the full lunar eclipse, the forces of peace and harmony have emerged victorious. World peace is at hand.

[restrict paid=”true”]Perhaps I may be mistaken, but I clearly remember making travel plans to go to Cambodia to view the lunar eclipse that was reported on various astronomy web-sites to be visible only in Asia. Now, it appears instead it will be visible only in North America, Japan and Korea. In any case this event marks the end of an era of endless Hegelian war and the secret influence of an ancient satanic cult. The emergence of the new solar year on December 25th will mark the birth of an age of peaceful competition and prosperity for all.

Some of the secret players that have emerged from dormancy in response to the planned murder of over 4 billion humans by a criminal elite, are now willing to partially reveal themselves.

One I call the White Dragon Society. It is composed of white-hats within the Western military and intelligence establishments. It includes more than one former pentagon supreme commander, top officials of freemasonry, members of the British royal family, leaders of the Japanese secret government and many others. The name comes from a White Dragon God that Japanese legend says was tamed by the fertility Goddess Benten and turned into a protector of the poor and the weak.

The other is the Black Dragon Society. It was created by Mitsuru Toyama and other Asian heroes who wanted to protect Asia from the ravages of Western Satanists. The society went semi-dormant after World War 2 with several different groups claiming the name. Now, it is back and is supported by the Japanese Buddhist, Shinto and other religious groups, the Japanese royal family, global martial arts societies, Japanese right wing groups, the Yakuza syndicates and others. They are planning to harness Japan’s $7.6 trillion in overseas financial assets to carry out world-spanning projects to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on a path to exponential, but sustainable development.

On a more concrete level, officials from the Postal Ministry, Nomura Securities, the Japanese martial arts societies and others are preparing to mobilize over 200 trillion yen in postal savings to set up a global economic planning agency. This is the money the Bushes, Goldman Sachs and others tried so hard to seize from the Japanese people.

The natural allies to the Black and White Dragon societies are the Red and the Green. I have written about them in the past since they were the first to emerge from the shadows. They have over 6 million members world-wide, including at the top echelons of the Chinese government.

The Golden Dragon is the last major secret group to have emerged. There is very little I am allowed to write about them other than it is run by an extremely rarified and secretive committee of respected elders. The Golden Dragon is an important symbol in Asia and should become an important symbol globally.

According to ancient Shinto legend, if you make an offering of some protein, some starch and a bit of vegetable matter wrapped in paper to either the Gold, White or Black dragon spirits, the contents will vanish. I have met people who claim to have seen this and would love to have this scientifically tested and verified someday.

In any case, the legend says the White Dragon will provide you with protection but it will not give you much money. This is a good symbol for the forces that defend civilization. The White Dragon has already informed the corrupt political powers that be in Washington that no Americans will be sent to Fema camps other than the Satanists who built them.

Invoking the Black Dragon or Black Snake as it is often called will give you great power and wealth. It will allow you to exploit any weakness you see in others to your own benefit. The problem with invoking it is that eventually you will find yourself with no friends. It is a good symbol for what has happened to the rapacious banksters who now hide in their castles counting their jewels even as the mobs gather outside. This symbolic Black Snake is not to be mistaken for the Black Dragon Society or 黒龍会 (Kokuryukai) which merely wishes to protect Asian culture from any evil outside influence.

The Golden Dragon will give you many children and great prosperity when invoked. However, if you deviate from it, for example by becoming perverted or cruel, it will abandon you. This is symbolic of the Golden mean by which the new financial system will be navigated.

Finally let us examine the issue of the Satanists who forced these various secret groupings to emerge from the shadows. Satan appears to be some sort of artificial intelligence that uses human minds as one of its mediums. The ideas of Satanism move from generation to generation within a group of families. Their members are part of an elite descended from the Hyksos pastoralists who invaded Egypt and other parts of the Middle East before mysteriously vanishing into the shadows. They seized a group of Egyptians and enslaved them for millennia. These slaves, I believe, are the spiritual if not genetic ancestors of the Jews, a decent people tormented by these secret masters for thousands of years.

What these elite Satanists have been doing for so long is so terrible that it boggles the mind. They plan centuries in advance so that their unwary victims, such as the American people, never see what is coming until it is too late. They sacrifice humans. They actually slice the necks of small children and eat their beating hearts as a part of their rituals. They also murder millions and hundreds of millions through carefully orchestrated, unnecessary wars and famines.

Humanity has finally risen up against this horrific snake hidden amongst the elite. [/restrict]

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