Was George Bush Jr. delivered a coffin as a warning?

The accident that left a fancy sports car on the lawn in front of George Bush Jr.’s front lawn last week bears a striking coincidental resemblance to the traditional triad custom of delivering a coffin to someone’s front door as a warning. This, combined with the attack on Prince Charles and Camilla, the car entering Obama’s security zone and other incidents seem to indicate the spontaneous emergence of organized mass resistance to the banksters. The Western elite, for their part, are now working hard to fundamentally reform the stewardship of this planet. In fact, although no formal announcements have been made, a transition process has already begun.

As a first step, scientific, economic and other experts around the world are being consulted on how best to create a new global economic planning agency charged with ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and sending life on earth on an exponential, peaceful and constructive expansion into the universe. The winding down of the Federal Reserve Board is now expected to last until August 1, 2011. That is the date when the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England and other central banks will stop printing US dollars.


By that time, most of the gold stolen or received from China in the past 150 years will be returned to China. In exchange China will write off all US and European debt. US dollars held by non-Americans will then become first gold-backed and then commodity backed neutral units of exchange managed by an impartial agency staffed by a meritocratically selected international group of professionals. The United States will issue their own, government controlled new currency, possibly to be called greenbacks in recognition of the previous efforts by Presidents Jackson, Lincoln and Kennedy etc. to free the American people from the clutches of international banking cabals.

[restrict paid=”true”] One of the most important trigger mechanisms for this process will be the filing, expected in January, of RICO organized crime charges against Daniel Dal Bosco, the OITC, Giancarlo Bruno, the Davos World Forum, the UN and others. As reported in previous weeks, international police and other agencies are waiting for Neil Keenan and his group to charge these individuals and organizations with the theft of over $1 trillion in funds from a group of wealthy Asian families. Neil Keenan is a genuine hero who has refused massive bribe offers and evaded attempts on his life as he has pursued this case.

The Federal Reserve Board has already contacted Mr. Keenan and told him they would help him put the stolen bonds in a trading program as soon as they are returned. Mr. Keenan would then use the funds to develop suppressed technology. He has already demonstrated factories that have the ability to cheaply remove salt from sea water so as to allow the greening of the deserts.

Another hero in this battle is Chodoin Daikaku, head of the world-wide Japanese martial arts associations. Daikaku and his White and Black Dragon colleagues have been purging the Japanese underworld and body politic of Satanist proxies. Daikaku was also a close friend of the singer Michael Jackson and has vowed to bring his killers to justice.

Also a great hero in this battle is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who led a group that freed Russia from the Satanic cabal that has tormented the Slavic peoples since 1917. The White Dragon Society sent an envoy last week to the Russian embassy in Tokyo with an offering of alliance. Putin’s response apparently was to publish photographs of himself wearing Judo clothing. The White Dragon Society has suggested that Russia settle its territorial dispute with Japan by returning the two of four dispute islands it has already promised to return. The other two islands could then become a jointly administered Japanese/Russian free trade zone. This would allow Japan and Russia to finally, formally end World War 2.

Other heroes in this battle wish to remain anonymous because they believe we always need to have good people in the shadows in case the situation once again changes in the favor of the Satanists. However, we can say that good elements in the Rothschild family and the Royal Families of Europe will be given a chance to show all the good they are capable of doing once the Satanic parasite that has been tormenting them is removed.

There are also many in the Pentagon, NSA, CIA, FBI and other US agencies as well as in the global criminal underworld who wish to remain in the shadows even though it was them, acting out of moral conviction, who first dared to bring the fight to the Satanists.

Criminals though some of them may be, they drew the line at killing innocent people, especially women and children.[/restrict]

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