The tide has definitely turned against the Cabal but some big battles remain ahead

There are indications everywhere now that the tide has turned decisively against the Satanic Sabbatean cabal and its plans for a family controlled fascist New World Order global dictatorship. For example, Pope Francis is expected to make a speech on the subject of financial tyranny and the global collateral accounts when he visits South America in June, according to a senior P2 Freemason Lodge member.

President Obama, meanwhile, made a speech last weekend where he basically admitted the US government had gone rogue and was getting ready to mend its ways.

However, the Sabbateans have still not given up and may pull off a few more nasty tricks before their final defeat. The recent mass burning of cars in Sweden, the “beheading” in the UK, the stabbing in France etc. all seem part of a desperate cabal effort to somehow provoke their long planned Muslim/Christian war. There is also the matter of Israel that still needs to be settled.

In Japan, too, cabal “economic hitmen” have been on the rampage causing volatility in markets in an attempt to derail Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Abenomics. This is part of a still unfinished battle for control of Japan. There are also indications that the recent Japanese election was stolen for Abe by

[restrict paid=”true”]the Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Council on Foreign Relations faction of the cabal. The vote counting in the recent Japanese general election that gave Abe a dictatorial 2/3rds control of parliament was all done by machines created by a company called Musashi. According to research by a Japanese right wing activist that we have only been partially able to confirm, the ownership of Musashi has been traced through a bunch of shell companies to an outfit called “Forrest Asset Management” run by a former Goldman Sachs employee and CFR member by the name of Peter Greiger. What we can confirm though from multiple sources is that the last election was stolen in favour of Abe by a coalition including young officers of the Japanese Defense Ministry.

What all this means is not certain but it is clear from other sources that Japan is split right down the middle between two factions. One faction is linked to the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs and CFR and wants the Crown Prince Naruhito and Rockefeller Trilateral Commission member Hisashi Owada’s daughter Princess Masako to take over the role of Emperor and thus control over Japan. The other faction wants younger brother Prince Akishino (who has a male heir) to take over and keep the throne purely Japanese.

The Rockefeller faction does not want a normalization of relations with North Korea and reunification of the Korean peninsula because that would eliminate the cabal’s secret financial
control. That is why the cabal has been trying so desperately to provoke war in East Asia.

Despite this, the push for reunification of the Korean peninsula and peace in North East Asia is going ahead. The North Korean generals and Japanese right wingers bribed by the cabal into staging provocations have been removed.

Nonetheless, the battle to free Japan is far from over and the effects of 67 years of brutal military occupation are still being felt. The quislings who benefited from this occupation are understandably very reluctant to lose their power and allow the Japanese people to learn the truth.

What is still not clear in Japan is if Abenomics is about saving the Japanese economy or saving Goldman Sachs interests in East Asia. The recent market turbulence featuring a plunging Nikkei Index, rising interest rates and a strong yen appears to be orchestrated by the Bush faction of the cabal and features Texas based hedge fund manager Kyle Bass as a kind of anti-Abenomics cheerleader. His logic is that if the Bank of Japan buys all the more than 1 quadrillion yens worth of Japanese government bonds in the market the result would be “financial tyranny.” It is true that if this happened the Bank of Japan would take over much of the control of the financial markets from private financial institutions (other than the BOJ) but it is also true that doing so would eliminate Japanese government debt. The question at the end of such a scenario would be of course if the BOJ was then a transparently run public utility or a private monopoly. That outcome depends on the ongoing factional war in Japan.

In any case, changes in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world make the ultimate defeat of the Japanese quislings a matter of time.

As mentioned above there are obvious signs the US military is no longer following cabal orders. The speech over the weekend by Obama


admitting US war crimes, and promising to stop such crimes, is a clear example. The fact the pentagon refused to send troops or weapons to help Israel overthrow the Syrian government, despite being ordered to do so by the State Department and Senate, is another clear sign. Instead Russia sent its Pacific fleet towards Israel and made it clear to the Israeli government they would find themselves in a war with Russia (and no US help) if they did not back down.

Then we have reports that the King of Saudi Arabia, a secret Isreali ally, is dead.


This is a clear sign the cabal that forced the world to buy oil from Sabbatean kingdoms and deposit the money in cabal controlled banks, is on the ropes.

Also last week, China’s number 2, Li Keqiang, went to India, Switzerland and Germany in what appears to be a move to formalize relations between the 180 nations BRICS alliance and the European Union using the Swiss as intermediaries.


China and Switzerland signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start a free trade agreement, the first between China and a Western country. In addition, both countries agreed to “a bid to jointly promote the establishment of a new international financial order featuring fairness, justice, inclusiveness and orderliness” according to Xinhua News.

By contrast with this sort of productive and friendly diplomacy, the cabalists were busy doing things like burning cars in Sweden in an attempt to start a race war. In England, the beheading of a soldier was real, according to MI5 and it was part of a plan to start a race war in the UK too. However, the operation is not producing the expected tumult and instead the high level planners are being rounded up. “Prime Minister Cameron’s response was to go on a holiday to Ibiza, his days as Tory leader are numbered,” is how MI5 summed up the situation.

One last note, a colleague of ours has just endured a month of incarceration in a Japanese mental hospital where he was forcibly drugged. He is now free again. [/restrict]

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