Secret government regime change in Asia nears completion, Satanic cabal in West crumbling

The Year of the Dragon officially starts today in the lunar calendar and the battle over control of the global financial system and therefore the future of the planet Earth is proceeding well for the White Dragon Society and its allies. In Asia, the regime change in North Korea has now resulted in concrete dialogue over reunification of the Korean peninsula and possibly even a union between a united Korea and Japan. The capital being considered for this planned entity is around Nara and Tenri City, South of Osaka. In the West, Interpol is steadily squeezing criminals like George Soros and Senator J. Rockefeller and something big may happen before the key January 31st accounts settling date.

[restrict paid=”true”]The situation in Asia is the more interesting one for the time being. As usual, there is lots of contradictory information coming from well-placed sources so some caution is needed. First of all, Chodoin Daikaku, the head of the worldwide martial arts associations claims that reports given to this writer by Japanese security police sources saying Kim Jong Il had been killed 2 years ago and replaced with a double were wrong. It is true, he says, that he was hit with a stroke two years ago that left one arm partially paralyzed but he was alive, according to Chodoin, who is confident enough to come out as a named source, something rare when reporting on secret society activities.

Meanwhile, the news about Korean unification and a possible Korean/Japanese merger is coming from various sources including Korean royal family members, Japanese public security police, mainland Chinese intelligence officers and senior North Korean agents in Japan.

The story that emerges is that two rival Korean royal houses, the Southern and Northern dynasties, have been struggling over control of both Japan and the Korean peninsula for hundreds of years. The Southern dynasty includes the current Japanese emperor and the secret rulers of South Korea. The Northern dynasty controls North Korea, Northern Japan and Okinawa and has powerful influence in mainland China.

The Southern dynasty has been the one pushing for a unification of Western Japan and South Korea with a new capital city in Osaka and is allied with the British Royal Family. The Northern group was working with the Nazis and the New World Order faction of George Bush Sr. and the Gnostics.

It is interesting to note that the Japanese imperial navy during World War 2 was allied with the Southern dynasty and the house of Windsor during WW2 even as the Japanese army in China was allied with the Northern regime and the Nazis. It was in fact remnants of the Japanese imperial army that set up the North Korean regime in cooperation with the gnostic Nazi Odessa group.

According to the information collated, the Northern faction is suing for peace and will settle for some sort of symbolic and ceremonial role for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a unified state. A Southern faction royal family member was open to this and informal negotiations could start within a couple of weeks. The end result may be a giant new global financial center being set up in the general vicinity of the ancient capital of Nara, South of Osaka.

There are also reports coming in of many pamphlets denouncing Kim Jong Un being distributed in the Northern half of North Korea, indicating Chinese dissatisfaction with these developments.

There is also more evidence coming out that the March 11, 2011 Tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan was man-made. A member of a 15 person team from the Japanese self-defense forces has come forth and testified about the attacks. He says that he and his colleagues were fooled into placing multiple nuclear pulse weapons in the seabed by being told it was some sort of test. After the tsunami attack the other 14 members of his team were killed. Pastor Poulo Izumi of the Tachikawa Church in Tokyo was part of the Christian group that initially sheltered him and has published his testimony.

The White Dragon Society also has evidence linking J. Rockefeller, Peter Hans Kolvenbach of the Jesuits and a North Korean agent by the name of Ichiro Ozawa with the tsunami and nuclear crisis.

For example, on March 9th US Deputy Secretary of State Curt Campbell offered Fukushima rights to Zeolite, a substance used to clean up radioactive waste, to Japanese power broker Ozawa Ichiro. Then the stock price of Higashi Nihon House, a maker of discount housing in Northern Japan, rose 40% on March 10th, 2011, one day before the tsunami. The Israeli Security Company Magna BSP has been linked to sabotage activity involving explosives and mini-nukes at the Fukushima Nuclear plant on the day of the Tsunami.

Kolvenbach himself later bragged on the phone that he was the mastermind behind the Tsunami and nuclear attack on Japan. Campbell was recording as saying he was representing J. Rockefeller. These mass-murderers now have nowhere on this planet where they can hide in safety for very long.

In any case, the plan backfired because instead of intimidating Japan into surrender, it led to a purge of Satanist lackeys in Japan and in the Korean peninsula.

In the Middle-East, meanwhile, signs of the takedown of the Satanic cabal continue to proliferate. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, for example, announced they were shifting their oil exports away from the US and the dollar and towards China and the Renminbi. The UAE also announced it would be developing alternative energy sources to help shift its economy away from oil dependency.

It is worth noting the Satanists think they are descended from King David, which is why they call the star on the Israeli flag the Star of David even though it represents their god Lucifer. The symbol of the real Jews is the Menora and they worship Yahweh, the creator.

In the West too, signs of the crumbling of the cabal are appearing everywhere. Greece, for example, told the EU to buzz off and said they were not going to pay any money to Goldman Sachs and their political lackeys.
Interpol, for its part, has frozen huge funds linked to George Soros in Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In the US, Assistant Attorney General of the United States Lanny Breuer is ready to go public and demand that criminal U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder resign immediately.

The Monaco group of 127 nations is also actively going ahead with efforts to freeze the Satanists money. It is still unlikely there will be any public announcements for a while yet until the ongoing international criminal investigations are complete. [/restrict]

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