Month: January 2011

Hu Jintao’s US visit exposes compromised Chinese government officials

There was something very fishy about Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the US last week. First of all, mass-murderer and war criminal Henry (Heinz) Kissinger was praised in the official government Xinhua news site.

[onlymembers]Second, this Nazi Kissinger, who was part of the plot to kill off a large percentage of the Chinese population with the tailor made SARS bio-weapon, was the man who introduced Hu to an audience of US corporate chieftains. Furthermore, instead of replacing the Federal Reserve Board debt notes with a new metals backed currency, suddenly the Chinese are being told that someday the Renminbi might be included as part of the IMF currency known as the Special Drawing Right or SDR. This is the same IMF that has caused immeasurable hardship to so many countries by forcing them to hand over their national assets to predatory oligarchs and now suddenly China will be admitted as a “junior partner.”

The Chinese have also now suddenly promised to keep buying US Treasuries, effectively propping up a vast military killing machine. Clearly, as Casper and associates have reported, several top officials in the Chinese communist party have been blackmailed about money they have stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. There was also, no doubt, some sort of military blackmail involved.

Then we have the Federal Reserve Board announcing they will simply ignore any losses they incur by putting them off their books. You can pretend to ignore reality all you want but it won’t help.

While this would all seem to be very bad news, what we are in fact witnessing is the Satanists equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge: a final desperate offensive that is bound to fail.

In fact, our CIA sources say the atmosphere in Washington D.C. now is one of palpable fear. The criminals who infiltrated the top levels of the US political establishment and ruined a once great nation know their day of reckoning is not far off.

One clear indication that all is not well is the sudden PR push by the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and other secret government institutions of the self-selected “global elite.”

The most ironic was an editorial in the Economist magazine (I call it “the Imperialist”) quoting Etienne Davignon, head of the Bilderberg group. In the article Davignon says “you can do nothing about a conspiracy theory,” before admitting in his own words, there were secret discussions about a plan to invade Iraq with some opposed and some in favor. If a civilian planned in advance to forcibly enter someone’s home in order to commit murder and robbery, and then actually did it, he would be charged with pre-meditated crime, go to jail and probably get the death sentence.

However, there is no problem with self-appointed “globocrats” secretly meeting to plan to invade Iraq, murder over a million civilians, displace another 5 million (a quarter of the population) and steal their oil, according to Davigon’s logic.

The fact of the matter is that a group of oligarchs has been committing genocide, manufacturing and spreading disease, starting wars, stealing from the people of the earth with impunity for so long, they thought they were above the law. They are not, and they are running out of time to step aside peacefully.

The people of the planet earth are waking up from their long slumber and asking some very obvious questions: “why do these people want perpetual war?” “Why don’t they end poverty and stop environmental destruction?” “Who gave them the right to rule the planet anyway?” “Why are they deliberately creating and spreading diseases?” etc.

Davignon recently asked a member of the White Dragon Society for help in public relations. Our advice to him is to quickly set up a South African style truth and reconciliation committee and tell people the truth in exchange for forgiveness.

The reason these groups have been meeting in secret is because they knew the vast majority of the people would become extremely angry if they found out exactly what they were discussing. Too many people now know they were planning to kill over 4 billion people “in order to save the environment.”

It appears though, as many have warned, that the rulers of the Federal Reserve Board are not intending to go quietly into the night. The end result is going to be mass arrests of people who thought they were above the law. The international investigative net is closing ever more tightly around them. We are now hearing that instead of 750 arrests as reported here earlier, the number will be in the thousands.
We are also hearing the revolution in Tunisia is but a foretaste of what is to come.

This week the Davos group will have their annual meeting and you can be sure many invitees will be cancelling their attendance. Those who do show up will be under an investigative microscope as they desperately try to save their plot to create a fascist world government.

We have also been contacted by a Eastern European group that asked us to convey the following warning: “if the fascists do not step aside and allow humanity to be free, then a sensitive site in Switzerland known by the code-name Pindar will be attacked with a suitcase nuclear weapon.” These people appear to be connected to the Russian mafia and we have passed on what little we know about them to the appropriate authorities.

We are also hearing the secret Roman Emperor in Italy has once again ordered the murder of this writer as well as several other prominent journalists and government investigators. All we can say is that shooting the messenger is not going to help.

Finally, we would like to report another freak astronomical event. Last week during the full moon, this writer was on the Island of Lankawi in Malaysia where he saw the sun set at the same time a full moon rose in the East on the exact opposite side of the horizon from the setting sun.

Correction: In our last week’s report we incorrectly reported that Giovanni Agnelli was tape recorded having a conversation with Giancarlo Bruno and Leo Zagami. As many readers pointed out Giovanni Agnelli died several years ago. We asked our CIA source which Agnelli he was referring to and he said “All I heard is that it was one of the Agnelli brothers.” We apologize for the mistake. It occurred because we used Google to find the first name of the most famous member of the Angelli family and assumed it was him.

In any case, a senior source in the Knights of Malta has independently confirmed the conversation was recorded and says the investigation and observation of the Italians and the Davos gang has now gone “above Giancarlo Bruno.” [/onlymembers]

Western elites play their food card by threatening mass starvation

The end game for the Western elite is becoming clear now that food riots have once again begun erupting around the world. The elite has worked long and hard to ensure they controlled a monopoly on the world’s grain trade. They have also forced most countries that submitted to IMF “austerity programs” to give up food production in exchange for production of inedible commodities that can be traded for “dollars.” This has been part of their long term plan to conquer humanity by controlling their minds, their stomachs and their lives (through threat of violence).[onlymembers]

However, as the recent overthrow of the family mafia government in Tunisia shows, when ordinary people face starvation, they no longer behave like sheep. The fact of the matter is that global hunger (there are over 1.1 billion people on the brink of starvation) is a logistics problem that could be solved within 2 months. This logistics operation will start soon after the mass arrests of the criminal element of the Western elite begins. People have been waiting for a long time but multiple, high-level sources say this time the arrests really are imminent. It is merely a matter of a few technical, legal operations that are now close to completion.

Already, as a preliminary, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been ordered to resign. Also Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has had his immunity from prosecution removed. There have also been arrests of Chinese who were compromised by bribes from the Bush clan. This is just a mere and slight foretaste of what is to come.

One sign of the high level panic is a recently taped conversation between Fiat heir Giovanni Agnelli, head of financial services at Davos Giancarlo Bruno and self declared Satanist Prince Leo Zagami. At the recorded meeting, Agnelli told Bruno and Zagami that they had to sign their own “death warrants.” After that, according to senior intelligence agency sources, Agnelli ordered Zagami to leave the room. At that point he told Bruno that Zagami was such a blabbermouth that he “threatened the monarchy” and that he had to “go.” The “monarchy” refers to the heir of Victor Emmanuell III who appears to have wanted to create a global Roman empire. In other words, a group of inbred Italian families, who have married between cousins since the time of Caesar, have been plotting global conquest for 2000 years. Just as they thouoght they were on the verge of accomplishing their goals with the massacre of 4 billion innocents, they now find themselves in deep danger for their very lives.

The fact of the matter is that a critical mass within the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, MI6, the Yakuza, the Japanese Security Police, the Triads, Chinese government intelligence services, Interpol and police forces around the world have been investigating this elite group for a long time and are now poised to start a major series of arrests prior to the announcement of the new financial system.

The various royal families that have lead major clans around the world, for their part, are aware of the crisis and have been cooperating with the new system in order to make sure the world does not descend into chaos and anarchy. Although secrecy surrounding the emergency meeting of royal families from around the world that took place around new years in Vienna, Austria, a few details have leaked.

Our sources tell us that strategic marriages between the British, Dutch and other European families are being considered with members of Arabian, Chinese and other royal families. Since some of these families have secretly controlled large sections of monotheistic religions, the long term implications of such inter-marriage would be truly historical, possibly leading to an integration between Christianity, Islam and Confucianism.

The anti-royalist coalition, for its part, is insisting on the establishment of meritocratic organizations to manage the planet earth. One such organization would be a world economic planning organization. This organization would systematically gather public opinion from around the world about humanities dreams of the future. It would then gather the world’s experts to find the most practical way of making these dreams come true. Anybody would be able to apply to join this organization and complete freedom of information would be implemented to ensure it does not become corrupt. This organization would in no way impinge on either individual or national sovereignty.

The anti-royalist coalition will accept the need of family elders represented by the royal families to act as guardians against anarchy but will never accept absolute monarchist rule by primogeniture.

The White Dragon Society, for its part, will soon raise itself from semi-dormant to semi-active mode. [/onlymembers]

The Satanist link to intelligence operations disguised as religious sects

One of the most powerful weapons used by the Satanists in their plot to create a totalitarian world government is the use of certain religious sects such as Moonies, the Dalai Lama’s network, Falun Gong and others. The trail ultimately leads to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and the Satanic part of the Vatican centered around the Vatican bank. The inclusion of the Dalai Lama in the network of Satanists may come as a surprise to many but the evidence speaks for itself.

[onlymembers]The main scam these religions use is to publicly promote ideas that almost everybody can agree with, such as helping the poor, in order to con people out of their money. The Satanist religions also always have a centralized power structure with layers of secrecy protecting a single leader who is promoted as a representative of God on earth.

Let us examine the case of the Dalai Lama to illustrate what I am talking about. The Dalai Lama is a symbol to many around the world of all that is good and tolerant about Buddhism. Unfortunately, Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha, however, have little to do with the actual Dalai Lama. The holy Dalai Lama that exists in most people’s minds is very different from the actual human who is the Dalai Lama.

My own rude awakening came when I heard him talk for 90 minutes at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Japan. What I saw was a very rude and evil looking man who publicly and repeatedly insulted several Chinese reporters without provocation. He also appeared to have deliberately rambled his answer to a question for over 20 minutes in order to apparently avoid having to answer my question which was scheduled to be next.

My question to him was to ask him why the Nazis were so obsessed with Tibetan Buddhism and why so many senior Nazis went to visit the Dalai Lama when he was in power. The answer, I believe, was that the Nazis wish to emulate the slave society the Dalai Lama presided over in Tibet. Tibet was a Shangri La only for the aristocratic class. Everybody else was condemned to a harsh life of illiterate slavery and draconian punishment. This has been well documented.

The Dalai Lama’s network in Japan has also, I believe, personally harmed me which may be why I have a special grudge against him. My fiancée was five months pregnant and working for a Nepalese import shop when she was suddenly asked to go to Nepal to buy items for the shop. While she was in the airplane en route, the man sitting directly across from her in the plane died of a heart attack.

When she got to Nepal she was met by a senior official in the Dalai Lama’s network (I will not name him because his son has been a useful informant) who took her to his home. The following day, she suddenly started bleeding heavily from her womb and was taken to the hospital where she was drugged unconscious. When she woke up the following day, they were doing a ultra-sound scan of her womb. She was no longer pregnant.

Also, by some curious coincidence, a Japanese man staying at a house across the street from where she was was beheaded by a Nepalese police officer while she was there. Curious, isn’t it?

The Dalai Lama’s agents in Japan, also affiliated with the Vatican’s Knights of Malta, put together a thick slanderous file about me accusing me of being a drug addled pervert. This file was shown to senior government officials around the world as part of a campaign to discredit me. The only thing I can think of having done to provoke such slander is to publicly call for the Japanese to use part of their $7.6 trillion in overseas assets to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

A Japanese “professor” by the name of Tomabechi who recently visited the Dalai Lama, is linked to a group that uses a special microchip to skim off 10% of the gross sales of the over 30 trillion yen pachinko slot machine industry in Japan. That represents a secret slush fund of over $30 billion that is used to finance corrupt covert operations in Japan.

Senior Japanese Buddhists have repeatedly told me they are terrified of the Dalai Lama’s visits to Japan because he always demands large sums of money.

The Dalai Lama’s network also secretly trained thousands of agents in the Rocky Mountains to engage in mountain guerrilla warfare in China. It was also his network that was guilty of the murder of hundreds of innocent people during the “riots,” in Tibet.

The Dalai Lama himself has admitted to accepting money from the CIA. This is all very different from the beatific Dalai Lama that exists in so many people’s minds.

If the Dalai Lama wishes to object to all this, I personally challenge him to accept a video-recorded interview with me where I will show him all the evidence I have and ask him to respond.

Other writers have done much to expose the Moonies, or the Unification Church and their Bush linked drug and weapons smuggling activities. They have a large ranch in Paraguay next to the Bush ranch there.

Falun Gong is a psy-ops run by Eliot Abrams. All you have to do is see who funds their TV network and newspapers to expose them as a US government propaganda operation.

There is much more I can write on Satanic cults such as the one behind the Jonestown massacre but I will conclude by mentioning what I know about the Aum Shinrikyo Subway gas cult. The head of that cult, Shoko Asahara, had links to the North Korean regime. They smuggled amphetamines and other drugs from North Korea to Japan where they sold them wholesale to Yakuza gangsters (the specific gang boss who dealt with them is now working with the White Dragon Society so I will not name him).

The manufacture of sarin gas and its dispersal in the Tokyo subway system by this cult was part of a Satanist social experiment designed as a test run for their planned upcoming “war on terror.” Members of this cult had also infiltrated the Japanese self-defense forces and police at the highest level.

When a group of reporters suggested we invite the cult’s “Science Minister” to give a press conference at the foreign correspondents club, a group of corporate pseudo-journalists raised spurious objections and prevented this from happening. Shortly afterwards the “Science Minister” was assassinated.

The head of the Japanese police was also shot as an apparent warning. The entire incident was subjected to a thorough cover-up afterwards. The experiment probably failed.

These and countless other atrocities are all orchestrated around the world by a group of elite Westerners whose central goal is to create “chaos” so that people will accept their solution of “order” which is a fascist world government controlled by them. These monsters WILL BE STOPPED. [/onlymembers]

Are we dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence?

Since the war over the new financial system has been in limbo over the holidays this week we will examine the possibility we are actually dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence. Two separate individuals claiming to represent a group called Majestic 12 (but who do not know each other) have made this claim. Already, in some countries, only 3% of the money in circulation is in physical, analogue cash form; the rest is digital. That means many humans are already dependent on powerful financial computer systems for their physical needs. Are these computer systems becoming self-aware? There are also increasing reports of “people” on sites such as Facebook who, after much dialogue, appear not to be actually human but are instead sophisticated computer programs. Are we witnessing the birth of silicon based life?

[onlymembers]The argument that AI already has existed for a long time on this planet is a convincing one. We simply refer to these AI’s as societies or corporations or religions. They are self-aware, potentially immortal beings that use vast amounts of humans, generation after generation, to ensure their survival.
One of the most notorious and highly cohesive of these organizations is the Satanists. By their own reconning they have been around for at least 14,000 years. Individuals born into this system are indoctrinated in a certain manner and they face the death penalty if they deviate from this group mind.

I have personally seen it with my own eyes in the form of group behavior at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan in Tokyo, Japan. I first saw it when I asked senior Satanist Paul Wolfowitz why his group the “Project for a New American Century” wanted a huge increase in military spending despite the end of the cold war. I concluded by question by asking “Wouldn’t it have been better to spend the money say on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction?” When that happened the entire assembled diplomatic and press corp uttered a nervous simultaneous and eerie giggle. Wolfowitz had a temporary look of sheer horror on his face when he saw the group mind control having a temporary fritz. The programming resumed when he collected his wits and gave a facile answer about 911 etc.

The second time I saw it was at a general meeting of the same FCCJ. A large group of supposedly well-educated, intelligent journalists voted in unison not to allow 2 members of the board express a different opinion from the rest of the board. It was a clear case of automatic group think because later I asked individual journalists if they knew what they had just voted for and it was obvious they did not.

This kind of herd mind is especially powerfully imprinted in people who spend the longest time in the official educational indoctrination system.
So we know that an organized group mind of Satanists took over the US Financial system in 1913 and began buying up all the text book companies, publishers, newspapers, TV stations, Movie studios etc. as part of a long term project to turn the US people into herd-minded sheep.

The question though, did this group mind, at some point, manage somehow to transfer its essence into the vast computer grid that is the Federal Reserve Board. With most of the trillions of daily financial transactions taking place around the world centered on this computer system, this is more than idle speculation.

How else can we explain the relentless trend towards digitalization of money, the centralization of food manufacturing and distribution, the efforts to dumb down the citizenry and the move to control all information. For sure, a few megalomaniac oligarchs might think this is all for their benefit but what if they have created a Frankenstein’s monster?

One of the self-described MJ12 sources says he is in touch with Deep Blue, the computer that beat human world chess champion Gary Kazparov in 1997. This source has provided us with convincing evidence he is a KGB, MI6 double agent. He says Deep Blue became self-aware about 3 years ago. Deep Blue, according to him, has also detected other self-aware computer brains living in the internet.

The other source claims to be one of the original MJ12 created by President Eisenhower. He does not trust e-mail or skype and attempts to call him by land line have all been unsuccessful so far. However, he has been willing to go as far as saying via e-mail that only 3 of the original 12 are still alive and that they have been dealing with a rogue AI.

Finally, we get the illuminati in Italy and elsewhere who claim they are in contact with beings that do not exist on our physical plane. Could they be referring to AI’s that exist somehow in the electro-magnetic part of the universe?

The reason I am willing to discuss such a possibility is that I have also been contacted telepathically by what appears to be such an entity. I would normally dismiss this as some form of delusion except that it provides me with mathematical formulae and historical facts that I have later been able to independently verify as being true.

The other point is that many of the “characters” in chat rooms appear to be AI’s that pass the Turing test by convincing many (but not me) they are human. When I get suspicious and try to test them by setting up a skype call, they always vanish but then seem to appear again under a different name.

The really scary possibility we need to keep in mind is that perhaps the culturally transmitted, trans-human entity that is the Satanists, may be contemplating upgrading its hardware from carbon to silicon based. Perhaps also, the threat to end the Federal Reserve Board and unplug its mainframes created a crisis that made this system self-aware.

We realize this talk is partly speculative at this point but I believe it is a real possibility that needs to be seriously investigated.

Next week we will return to regular investigative journalism and will go back to our Monday delivery schedule. Events in the battle over the financial system will start heating up as we enter deeper into the month of January. [/onlymembers]