Hu Jintao’s US visit exposes compromised Chinese government officials

There was something very fishy about Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the US last week. First of all, mass-murderer and war criminal Henry (Heinz) Kissinger was praised in the official government Xinhua news site.

[restrict paid=”true”]Second, this Nazi Kissinger, who was part of the plot to kill off a large percentage of the Chinese population with the tailor made SARS bio-weapon, was the man who introduced Hu to an audience of US corporate chieftains. Furthermore, instead of replacing the Federal Reserve Board debt notes with a new metals backed currency, suddenly the Chinese are being told that someday the Renminbi might be included as part of the IMF currency known as the Special Drawing Right or SDR. This is the same IMF that has caused immeasurable hardship to so many countries by forcing them to hand over their national assets to predatory oligarchs and now suddenly China will be admitted as a “junior partner.”

The Chinese have also now suddenly promised to keep buying US Treasuries, effectively propping up a vast military killing machine. Clearly, as Casper and associates have reported, several top officials in the Chinese communist party have been blackmailed about money they have stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. There was also, no doubt, some sort of military blackmail involved.

Then we have the Federal Reserve Board announcing they will simply ignore any losses they incur by putting them off their books. You can pretend to ignore reality all you want but it won’t help.

While this would all seem to be very bad news, what we are in fact witnessing is the Satanists equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge: a final desperate offensive that is bound to fail.

In fact, our CIA sources say the atmosphere in Washington D.C. now is one of palpable fear. The criminals who infiltrated the top levels of the US political establishment and ruined a once great nation know their day of reckoning is not far off.

One clear indication that all is not well is the sudden PR push by the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and other secret government institutions of the self-selected “global elite.”

The most ironic was an editorial in the Economist magazine (I call it “the Imperialist”) quoting Etienne Davignon, head of the Bilderberg group. In the article Davignon says “you can do nothing about a conspiracy theory,” before admitting in his own words, there were secret discussions about a plan to invade Iraq with some opposed and some in favor. If a civilian planned in advance to forcibly enter someone’s home in order to commit murder and robbery, and then actually did it, he would be charged with pre-meditated crime, go to jail and probably get the death sentence.

However, there is no problem with self-appointed “globocrats” secretly meeting to plan to invade Iraq, murder over a million civilians, displace another 5 million (a quarter of the population) and steal their oil, according to Davigon’s logic.

The fact of the matter is that a group of oligarchs has been committing genocide, manufacturing and spreading disease, starting wars, stealing from the people of the earth with impunity for so long, they thought they were above the law. They are not, and they are running out of time to step aside peacefully.

The people of the planet earth are waking up from their long slumber and asking some very obvious questions: “why do these people want perpetual war?” “Why don’t they end poverty and stop environmental destruction?” “Who gave them the right to rule the planet anyway?” “Why are they deliberately creating and spreading diseases?” etc.

Davignon recently asked a member of the White Dragon Society for help in public relations. Our advice to him is to quickly set up a South African style truth and reconciliation committee and tell people the truth in exchange for forgiveness.

The reason these groups have been meeting in secret is because they knew the vast majority of the people would become extremely angry if they found out exactly what they were discussing. Too many people now know they were planning to kill over 4 billion people “in order to save the environment.”

It appears though, as many have warned, that the rulers of the Federal Reserve Board are not intending to go quietly into the night. The end result is going to be mass arrests of people who thought they were above the law. The international investigative net is closing ever more tightly around them. We are now hearing that instead of 750 arrests as reported here earlier, the number will be in the thousands.
We are also hearing the revolution in Tunisia is but a foretaste of what is to come.

This week the Davos group will have their annual meeting and you can be sure many invitees will be cancelling their attendance. Those who do show up will be under an investigative microscope as they desperately try to save their plot to create a fascist world government.

We have also been contacted by a Eastern European group that asked us to convey the following warning: “if the fascists do not step aside and allow humanity to be free, then a sensitive site in Switzerland known by the code-name Pindar will be attacked with a suitcase nuclear weapon.” These people appear to be connected to the Russian mafia and we have passed on what little we know about them to the appropriate authorities.

We are also hearing the secret Roman Emperor in Italy has once again ordered the murder of this writer as well as several other prominent journalists and government investigators. All we can say is that shooting the messenger is not going to help.

Finally, we would like to report another freak astronomical event. Last week during the full moon, this writer was on the Island of Lankawi in Malaysia where he saw the sun set at the same time a full moon rose in the East on the exact opposite side of the horizon from the setting sun.

Correction: In our last week’s report we incorrectly reported that Giovanni Agnelli was tape recorded having a conversation with Giancarlo Bruno and Leo Zagami. As many readers pointed out Giovanni Agnelli died several years ago. We asked our CIA source which Agnelli he was referring to and he said “All I heard is that it was one of the Agnelli brothers.” We apologize for the mistake. It occurred because we used Google to find the first name of the most famous member of the Angelli family and assumed it was him.

In any case, a senior source in the Knights of Malta has independently confirmed the conversation was recorded and says the investigation and observation of the Italians and the Davos gang has now gone “above Giancarlo Bruno.” [/restrict]

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