Month: February 2011

The Federal Reserve Bank is now looting private bank accounts to keep itself afloat

In a sign the end game for the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is truly near, several wealthy Americans claim the Feds froze their bank accounts and are stealing their money. In addition the Bush/Cheney/Clinton cabal have called upon the 800,000 richest Americans to unite behind them. The freezing of many accounts may thus be a form of blackmail aimed at forcing cooperation.

[onlymembers]Meanwhile, the Gnostic faction has contacted the White Dragon Society to inform it they would continue toppling all autocratic regimes in the Middle-East and elsewhere. Sources in MI6 and the Japanese Cabinet have confirmed this by saying the Saudi Regime will be taken down after the Libyan campaign ends. Syria is also on the hit list, they say.

At the end of it all, they promise, maps of the world will have to be redrawn and re-issued because no autocratic regime will be allowed to survive and many artificial borders will be removed. In the latest sign of the coming changes, Pakistan has joined Turkey in liberating itself from Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate control.

The wealthy Americans, one worth $150 million and the other worth $180 million are among many who claim they are only allowed access to $3000 per month of their own money. They are planning to sue the Federal Reserve Board in an attempt to get their funds. Another individual who owned independent anti-government radio and TV stations in the North Eastern United States says his companies were seized from him, his bank accounts were frozen and he has left America to wait for the storm to blow over.

Meanwhile, a Rothschild family source says the Bush/Cheney/Clinton faction will become increasingly desperate and violent over the coming couple of months as their access to money is being increasingly blocked. “They are doing what they do best, that is to point guns at people,” he says. They are also stealing. That is why they have been looting private bank accounts and safety deposit boxes in the US. He predicts they will be able to keep their fraudulent government going until June at the maximum. He says this prediction is based on financial mathematics.

The game plan of the Feds, in the meantime, remains one of trying to provoke Americans into mass anti-government rioting in order to have an excuse to round up “trouble makers” and put them into concentration camps where they will be given lethal injections according to CIA and other sources. They still plan to use mercenaries now operating in Iraq and Afghanistan to do this. The Pentagon is still saying they will fight the mercenaries and will disobey any orders to harm American citizens.

In addition, our CIA sources say Henry Kissinger, George Bush Senior and other cabal members have been forbidden from leaving the United States.

Several sources are also now saying there may be an internet shut-down in the US before the criminal corporate government finally falls.

The change of government in Ireland means the Irish will soon be joining the Icelanders in refusing to have the average citizens pay for bank fraud through crippling debt. Ireland will find itself leading a Europe wide revolt against the secret rule of the Roman Empire and the banking elite. The elite in Europe have been warned: any government that from now on tries to steal from its people to pay for massive bank fraud will be removed from power.

On another front, an early April meeting has been scheduled between a White Dragon Society representative and several representatives of the Chinese leadership in Beijing. The Chinese have confirmed this through a special envoy to the White Dragon. However, no decision has been made yet on exactly who they will be meeting with in Beijing. The meeting will be aimed at creating a win-win solution to the various problems the planet earth is now confronting.

Finally, we would like to conclude this week’s report with a letter from Neil Keenan about the latest developments in the plan to start mass arrests of criminal secret government cadres. Much of it concerns the attempted murder of R.C. Dam of the Office of International Treasury Control. R.C. Dam is now under protective custody and has been extensively debriefed meaning any further attempts on his life will be too late and meanngless. R.C. Dam was the final signatory to the fraudulently mandated Federal Reserve Board and his testimony means the white hats now have the legal means and reasons to arrest all of the owners of the doomed Federal Reserve Board. [/onlymembers]

Weekly Geopolitical News and A Illuminati desperation grows as final takedown approaches

More and more people are popping out of the woodwork these days offering startling new revelations about the crime family that runs the Federal Reserve Board. Here are just a few of their crimes: the creation of the Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof Group to assassinate politicians like Italy’s Aldo Moro, the use of falsified international treaties to seize control of global finance, the replacement of the real Dalai Lama with a stooge and plans to induce massive global starvation this spring and summer.

[onlymembers]The reason more people are willing to come forth and testify is that they finally see the Illuminati, or gang (committee) of 300, Khazarian Satanists or whatever label you choose to use for them, as headed for a final takedown. Perhaps that explains the latest rash of attempts to bribe members of the White Dragon Society, including this writer.

The Satan worshipping owners of the Federal Reserve Board, however, are extremely fanatical about their religion and many continue to believe their plans are pre-ordained and unstoppable. Their campaign to overthrow governments world-wide, starting in the Middle-East is part of a plan to vastly hike oil and food prices in an effort to engineer famine and war by late spring or summer.

Here is some of what self-described Olympians (David Rockefeller has referred to himself as “Zeus” in the past) or committee of 300 members including Joseph Rattinger, John McClay, Fred Potter and Alexander King, among of others, have to say about their activities:

“When Queen Elizabeth II was enthroned, the ceremony was presided over by a committee of 300 (hereafter “member.”) leader.”
“We do not believe in God and worship Lucifer.”
“Whenever a US President speaks a member can be seen in the background.”
“The Club of Rome works for us.”
“We want a small and better world without useless eaters.”
“Industrial progress leads to population growth so we are dedicated to the destruction of the industrial state.”
“We remove any leader who, like Kennedy, stands in our way.”
“We were formed by an alliance between the Anglo Financiers and the Black Nobility of London, Venice and Genoa.”
“We have a chapter in Washington.”
“Interpol, Mossad and the FSB all work for David Rockefeller.”
“Henry (Heinz) Kissinger is one of our most important agents; he belongs to the Grand Alpine Lodge in Switzerland that controls the Italian P2 lodge.”
In a typical move by committee monster Kissinger he told Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “We will make a horrible example of you if you continue with your nation building.” Bhutto was later judicially assassinated by committee member General Zia-ul-Hak. The same people killed his daughter Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Prime Minister Aldo Moro was killed on the orders of committee member Bettino Craxi, who created the Red Brigades in order to have an enemy required to justify fascism.

This information was given to the White Dragon by committee members who thought it would convince us they were invincible and that attempts to bring them to justice would fail. They say their members hide in public places like 10 Downing St., Congress and the White House.

The US House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Energy is one of their main strongholds in Washington.
Meanwhile a Japanese agent who has sub-contracted for David Rockefeller and the committee had his own startling revelations.

According to this agent, the Dalai Lama was replaced as a young child with a committee selected candidate. He says the Tibetans of the Dalai’s clan, together with members of the Tibetan Royal family were trying to remove this impostor in order to liberate world Buddhist organizations from committee control.

The head of Japan’s largest Buddhist Lay organization, Son Tae Chuck (Japanese name Daisaku Ikeda) is in a coma and his organization, which controls much of the Japanese police establishment, was also about to be liberated from committee control, he said.

Also, committee agent Dr. Nakamatsu is trying to take over the cult Kofuku no Kagaku (Happy Science). Happy Science funnels money to the advertising giant Dentsu. Dentsu is used by the CIA in Japan as part of their media control grid.

The two top committee agents in Japan now were Nobuo Tanaka from the International Energy Agency:
and Isao Iijima, arch-traitor Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s former secretary. They are in control of distribution of dollars and yen created by the Bank of Japan. Korean pretending to be Japanese Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is also a Rockefeller flunky, the agent said. These traitors will all be hearing from the White Dragon society soon.

The agent had many more revelations that we will keep from the public record at present in order not to impede ongoing criminal investigations.

We can also now report the White Dragon Society has obtained copies of treaties such as Schweitzer Agreement and other international treaties that prove the so-called owners of the Federal Reserve Board and the US dollar printing machine have been using fraudulently altered versions of these treaties to justify their stranglehold on global financial transactions.

The same scumbags have been trying to take over various Middle-Eastern nations in order to loot their central banks, jack up the price of oil and start World War 3. They will be stopped. If any mass starvation begins, it will signal the start of a total purge of all committee members and their flunkies.

Representatives of a Southern Chinese power broker, who claimed connections with the Federal Reserve Board, also came to offer this writer an astronomical bribe last week. There is an Intaglia printing press in Southern China that prints US dollars and clearly the owners of this printing press wish to maintain their control over this particular dollar printing subsidiary. This can be arranged provided the Southern Chinese faction ceases to cooperate with the Satanist committee and their agents. No bribes, however, will be accepted by the White Dragon.

The White Dragon Societies calls for the creation of a new meritocratically staffed organization to replace the Federal Reserve Board and the IMF to take over the issuance of US dollars. It also wants a global economic planning agency to be set up to carry out projects, such as ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, greening deserts, exploring space etc.

The Rothchilds and European Royal Bloodlines, for their part, are asking for a sovereign island with two UN seats and unlimited funding in exchange for their cooperation. This is something the White Dragon can live with. [/onlymembers]

Representatives of the 12 illuminati bloodlines, Gnostics, others contact the White Dragon Society

Individuals claiming to represent the 12 illuminati bloodlines have contacted the White Dragon Society last week in an effort to come up with a peaceful solution to the ongoing deadlock at the top of the global financial system. So did a representative of the ancient Gnostics -claiming his group was behind the French, Russian and American revolutions- who said no compromise can be reached until bloodline rule is ended.

[onlymembers] Meanwhile, several members of the Italian Black Nobility also came forth to say their plans to kill 4 billion people will not be stopped because “it is part of Biblical prophecy.” The claims by these and other groups during the past week make only one thing abundantly clear: there is chaos at the very top of the Western financial system. High level Chinese contacts, for their part, say the new Chinese regime will work with the White Dragons.

The representatives claiming to speak for the 12 bloodlines of the illuminati say their system was first set up around the time of Christ and that even that system was based on an earlier one whose roots are lost in antiquity. They say the bloodlines signed over their assets, mainly gold and treasure, to the BIS in the 20th century as part of plans for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

This evolved into Alpha Omega system referred to in last week’s newsletter, one said. He explained the system was hijacked by people such as George Bush Senior who had illuminati blood but who were not legitimate heirs to the system. Because of the attempt to hijack the system, he explains, all high level financial transactions will remain frozen until all corrupt parties are identified and removed from the system. This is why the Euro and dollar systems were falling apart at the seams, he claims.

He also clarified the discrepancies in dates reported last week as follows: the Alpha Omega system was set up in the 1980’s under Yuri Andropov (who died in 1984) and was taken over by his heir. The sabotage of the system took place in several increments with the final theft of the key packages mentioned in last week’s report as having taken place in 1996.

The theft took place during a special meeting of representatives from each of the 12 bloodlines called by Alpha Omega at the time. However, a lack of agreement among the thieves and others at the top of the system has led to the degeneration now being seen, he claims.

We passed on the codes and information given to us by the Alpha Omega representative to the Bank of Japan Public Relations office for comment and verification but received no response (positive or otherwise) at the time of this writing.

We also received an e-mail from Marylin Barnwell claiming that Alpha Omega was a scam run by Dick Cheney, Christopher Story, David Wilcox and Michael Cottrell. Our Alpha Omega source denies this.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the theft of $1 trillion in “Dragon family” assets centered around Neil Keenan in Bulgaria, has run into a group of hitherto un-known Italian families claiming to be the true “Black Nobility.” They threatened to ruin Keenan’s life if he continued his investigation. They also said the planet could only support 500 million people and stay in balance with nature which was why they were going to proceed with their plans to depopulate the earth. “You can write about us if you want but do not try to stop us,” they said. Their members include Victor Emmanuel, current holder of the officially defunct title of King of Italy. We have been warned by a member of the Rothschild family to be careful because this group is very prone to murder and assassination.

“Ambassador” Leo Wanta, who claims to have been part of the effort to bankrupt the Soviet Union, for his part, says the $1 trillion in bonds that Keenan had stolen from him were originally “found” on a highway on Cebu Island in the Philippines and delivered to the American Embassy there. Wanta also, by the way, says he has never heard of Alpha Omega.

Two separate high level Chinese contacts, including one affiliated with the Red and the Green, meanwhile, assure us there is no such thing as a “Dragon family.”

In a somewhat related note, our Tokyo contact with the Gnostic group (previously described in this newsletter as MJ12) was arrested by un-identified gunmen claiming to be Japanese police and taken in for questioning at the Koganei Police Station in Tokyo, Japan. He was asked to provide false testimony claiming this writer was a major drug smuggler. When our contact refused, he was warned to leave the country ASAP.

Before leaving our contact left the following message from the Gnostics: “The revolution will not be top-down, that is just a coup d’etat, it will be bottom up and will not stop until the bloodlines are removed from power.”
Given all this different, contradictory information coming from high-level sources, the only solid conclusion that can be reached is there is genuine chaos and discord at the highest levels of the Western financial system.

However, enough information has emerged from a very broad range of both historical and journalistic sources to make it clear that a group of royal families, most likely including 12 bloodlines, did pool their resources in the 20th century to set up what is now known as the BIS. It is also clear that several attempts have been made to hijack or replace this system. One involved the assassination of President Kennedy and the removal from power of President Soekarno of Indonesia. Another centered around the collapse of the Soviet Union. The result has been an ongoing, high-level secret battle for control at the very top of the system.

It is also clear the current owners of the Federal Reserve Board issued lots of bonds backed by gold they did not have original title to. It further known that they deliberately acquiesced to the mass production of forged versions of these bonds as a way to avoid having to pay back the gold they owe.

What is most clear of all is that right now the very top of the Western financial system is occupied by a bunch of people who claim the right to create money out of nothing but cannot prove how they got that “right.” [/onlymembers]

Much ado about China’s Hu; did he order Obama to resign or was Hu blackmailed?

High level sources have provided us with a flurry of contradictory news about Chinese President Hu Jintao and what promises he extracted during his January visit to Washington. A high level CIA source has said the Washington establishment was forced to promise Hu that Obama would soon resign, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve Board would be abolished and frozen funds would be released by March of this year in order to finance a new era.

[onlymembers]Other sources including a senior Japanese leftist activist (a new but famous source) and a member of the British Royal family are saying Hu was blackmailed in Washington and would thus soon be removed from the Chinese power structure. Finally, senior Chinese sources introduced by the yakuza are telling us the so-called Dragon Family has nothing to do with China. What is clear from all this information, much of it from new and unverified sources, as well as all the revolutionary incidents being provoked around the world, is that we have entered a very sensitive time in the battle over the future of the planet earth.

The White Dragon Society has also now been contacted by an outfit known as Alpha Omega Station. Alpha Omega was the link between the US dollar and the Ruble during the cold war. During the cold war, the only way to carry out foreign exchange transactions between the US dollar and the Russian Ruble was to go through Alpha Omega Station, according to a senior Russian FSB and CIA sources.

Alpha Omega was given an unexpected new role in 1994 when the French, American and British Bretton Woods mandate expired and Western financial oligarchs could not agree on a new regime. The control over the dollar was thus temporarily given, the sources said, to Yuri Andropov, the head of the KGB. Our FSB source says that a high level conference was called in 1994 and various extremely senior people (mostly Royal family members) were ordered to bring 7 devices that controlled aspects of the financial system.

The boxes were stolen at the meeting by US officials (including Bill Clinton) and their Russian collaborators (including Michkael Gorbachev) in an attempt to hijack control of the financial system.

Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome security measures put in place and a secret war over control of the world’s money has raged on ever since, the sources say. The FSB is now offering to help reactivate the system, they claim.

However, Ambassador Leo Wanta, who claims to have been part of the operation to overthrow the US financial system has never heard of Alpha Omega station.

The FSB source, for his part, says the money Wanta got was part of a larger pool but that Wanta did not have the codes necessary to use it. We are not sure exactly what to make of this information other than to say that it fits in well with bits and pieces of related intelligence gathered in the past (such as unsolved incidents involving murdered Russians and empty safes rumored at the time to be related to the fall of the Soviet Union).

The Russian source also promised to provide codes to the Bank of Japan to prove his authenticity. This has yet to happen, however, but it may soon.

Meanwhile, Bank of Japan Governor and Senior BIS member Masaaki Shirakawa had the following to say about the negotiations towards a new Financial System: “We are in a constant process of finding a new model,” and that “we are seriously discussing how monetary policy is conducted…it is something we are working on.” Shirakawa also said the gold backed system used up until the 1930’s failed because “it was not flexible enough.” Shirakawa was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan.

The Chinese sources introduced by the Yakuza, for their part, said they expected vast funds to be released world-wide sometime by March. They claimed to represent a senior Southern Chinese power broker and added they dealt directly with Federal Reserve Board Governor Ben Bernanke. The release of the funds would come as soon as the paper work for a new foundation to act as a temporary depository was completed, they said.

These sources also said that it was Chinese custom for all Politburo members to take a piece of any business they gave the green light to and that they were immune to blackmail about this because it was part of the system they use.

The leftist Japanese source connected to senior state Shinto hierarchy for his part, said Hu Jintao had created a fake past for himself and that in reality he was a Japanese agent and he was being blackmailed about this. This dovetails with an earlier claim by a source linked to Rupert Murdoch that Hu was linked to the Japanese Sokka Gakkai Buddhist sect.

The sudden approach of new sources bad-mouthing Hu, however, raises my suspicions because as a general rule when new sources pop up and actively feed a journalist with “explosive” information, they usually have a hidden agenda. In any case, this is an internal Chinese matter they will deal with.

Things are definitely coming to a head soon. [/onlymembers]

Fed plan to bring private armies into US will be stopped

The “revolutions” that have started in the Middle East are all part of a plot by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board, according to sources deep within the system. As a part of this plan, the series of orchestrated replacements of puppets disguised as “revolutions” that started with Tunisia and moved on to Egypt will continue to unfold in country after country over the coming weeks and months. The end game is to try to provoke major unrest in the US that will lead to the declaration of martial law followed by the use of mercenary armies to enforce fascist rule there. What the Feds do not realize is that all they are doing is exposing their entire network and that they will be stopped by the Pentagon and other agencies. The private armies now deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq will not be allowed to arrest American citizens and put them into FEMA camps, period.

[onlymembers]The move by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is part of a power grab within very esoteric levels of the secret power structure of the planet, according to sources who cannot be identified without putting their lives in danger.

The sources explained the nature of the secret government in order to explain the exact nature of the power grab that is under way. At the very top of the secret pyramid can be found an individual known as M1, according to them and other sources. Beneath M1 is what is known as M3 and it consists of three people. That is followed by M5 (five people) and then by M9 (number unknown but now believed to be only 6-7 people).

Underneath M9 is a group of 555 people with varying ranks (with 33 being the lowest) who are usually leaders of countries or large organizations. Most 33rd degree freemasons are part of this group.

Below them can be found the visible structures of the government with the UN at the top, the EU and the World Bank on the next level and below that the BIS, US corporate government and the Federal Reserve Board.
In a parallel secret structure with levels ranging from 7 to 13, meanwhile, can be found organizations like the CIA, the NSA, Interpol etc. They act as legal enforcers and protectors of the system.

According to the sources, if you super-impose organizational charts of the visible and invisible power structures on each other, you end up with a Star of David.

The original M1 was President Soekarno of Indonesia. He was removed as part of a power grab by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and other families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

A new M1 was put in place after Soekarno and he stayed in that role for 33 years, or until September 2001. However, there was a de facto lack of leadership within the secret government since 1995 when the Bretton Woods mandate of the British, French and Americans ran out.

Since that time there has been an ongoing effort by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds to replace the entire top of the pyramid, starting with M1. The result has been a leadership vacuum and secret power struggle, punctuated by not so secret events like 911 and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan
The Russians were never part of this system. Instead, they operated a clearing house with the Western banks known as Alpha Omega station. They will be invited to join the new system that is being prepared.

What is now happening is that a new M1 has been selected and there has been a major infusion of new faces into the ranks up to M9. They say they need to keep their identities secret for their own protection because so much greed and evil gravitates towards the top of the financial system.

The investigations of the group that attempted to grab all the power structures from M9 down to M33 have led to members of the Rothschild family, the Bank of England, the World Economic Forum and the Vatican bank.

It is this group that built up the private armies now killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. They want to bring those armies into the US as part of a desperate gambit to keep themselves in power. They are also still trying to take over the planet and kill billions of people. They still think they cannot be stopped.

They have been trying very hard to engineer a food crisis and start hunger revolutions throughout the world. They have also been spreading diseases and poisons.

What many of them do not realize is that they will be arrested before they can carry out their plan.

The question, of course, is why and how was the new M1-M9 leadership selected. They say they were selected on a system of merit and need to keep secret to prevent assassination. They also say the M1 is not a secret dictator but rather a person who puts the final signature that frees money to carry out any consensus reached by the visible governments. They promise the new system will set humanity free and stop the rape of the planet. [/onlymembers]