About last week’s failed US begging mission in China and the continuing disintegration of the Federal Reserve Empire

Last week US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his de-facto boss former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were in China asking for money. According to a Chinese source who was at the meeting Paulson actually got on his knees and begged but to no avail.

[restrict paid=”true”]The US side also asked China to raise the value of the Yuan. This may happen to some extent but it will not help the US out of its hole. The fact of the matter is that the US dollar is no longer the US dollar. About 90% of the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Other countries are not going to sit by and watch the value of their dollars suddenly fall by 30 or 50% or more. Since trade with the US only accounts for 12% of China’s overall trade with the world China does not need to worry so much about being shut out of the US market, either.

However, China will raise the value of its currency and tighten interest rates to prevent its economy from overheating. Last week in Beijing I tried for over an hour to catch a taxi but to no avail. The taxi drivers were only picking up passengers who were travelling a long distance.

Furthermore, the price of housing is getting so high it is becoming difficult for the average worker to buy a house. This is exactly the sort of thing that happened in Japan when they had their bubble. The Chinese government is keenly aware of this and will definitely start to tighten money and this will raise the Yuan by a small amount.

However, the US really needs to issue a new currency with about 50% of the purchasing power of the dollar if it is to rebuild a competitive manufacturing base.

There are signs that even more drastic measures are being planned. According to two senior source, one in the BIS and one in the British Royal Family, the Federal Reserve Board is going through its books dating all the way back to 1916 and eliminating all funds generated through fraudulent means. If this is true it would include things like World War I, World War II and the Russian revolution. The resulting announcements would be historical. However, we will only believe this when we actually see it happen.

In a sign that things are coming to a head, a representative of Bill and Hillary Clinton contacted the Black Dragon Society trying to cut a deal over the $134.5 billion worth of bonds seized in Italy in June of 2009. Basically they say “if you cut a deal with Bill, the bonds can be cashed right away.” The problem is that “Bill” was involved in the murder of 500,000 Haitians and therefore is not worth dealing with.

The Black Dragon Society had a friendly secret meeting in Beijing last week just as Geithner and Paulson were on their begging trip. The BDS suggested to the Chinese that the World Bank be allowed to continue operating following reforms but that the IMF needed to be replaced with a new organization, possibly based in Hong Kong.

The BDS also expressed worries about the constant military indoctrination of Chinese young males. China has 30 million surplus males and historically countries with surplus males have had a war like tendency. The Chinese assured the BDS their intentions were truly peaceful.

The Chinese were also curious about Russia’s intentions. The BDS suggested they were probably planning in the long run to fill Siberia with non-Chinese people.

Russia is clearly getting ready to fill the vacuum left by a weakened US. The airplane crash that killed the Polish President, his central banker, his top military brass and other anti-Russian leaders is a clear sign that Russia is taking the offensive. Poland is now likely to return to the Russian sphere of influence. Of course Russia will insist the crash was an accident but the new Polish leadership will nonetheless understand the consequences of being too anti-Russian.

The fact that Russia was first to recognize the new government in Kyrgystan is a good indicator this coup was also an anti-Washington D.C. move.

The Ukraine has also returned to the Russian sphere and the Baltic countries are headed that way also.

Other countries that made decisive anti-Washington D.C. moves last week include India, Pakistan, Turkey and Thailand. India is upset the US will not stop attacking it with proxies on the Pakistan border. Pakistan has said they no longer wish to cooperate with the war in Afghanistan. Turkey has also purged its body politic of Federal Reserve stooges.

In Thailand, Federal Reserve agent Thaksin’s red-dressed thugs were attacked by the military. There are also signs D.C. proxy Mubarak in Egypt will soon be replaced as well.
All in all, we are seeing dramatic changes in the global chess board that are only likey to accelerate in coming days.

A Washington D.C. proxy told the BDS last week they were going to start putting anti-D.C. Americans in concentration camps soon but the BDS believes this to be a bluff.

One clear sign the D.C. crime syndicate is desperate is the increasingly irrational and bizarre statements being made by President Obama. He is clearly a desperate man being pushed over the brink by events.

Another sign is that major corporate media outlets like MSNBC are now beginning to expose the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve Board.

In Japan, meanwhile, the battle for control of the world’s greatest creditor nation continues unabated behind the scenes. The most likely scenario now is for Prime Minister Hatoyama and power-broker Ozawa to be replaced in May by a cabinet led by Naoto Kan.

The military/yakuza/police establishment are continuing to pressure bankers to finance hitherto forbidden technology. Many bank chairmen are expected to be read the riot act in the coming week.

Events are definitely coming to a head but we must be extremely cautious over the coming days. Remember, what is closest to you is most important. Good news could be announced any time soon now but do not relax or let down your guard until it is truly over. [/restrict]

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