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A personal Thank you from a WDS member.
“Thank you for your recent donation and kind words of support. Outlander received his formal medical education in the USA. He has also received training from Native American traditional healers, and Tibetan Buddhist monks. His philosophy is to heal human ailments as quickly as possible, as this is most logical. He does not charge for his medical services, so healing with expedience reduces repetitive travel and conserves hard to source medicines. Your donation goes directly to his efforts, and is not wasted on unnecessary personnel, as happens so often with larger charity organizations. Thanks again from Outlander in Indonesia. You are helping to make the planet a better place”.

A WDS member needs our help.

A WDS member needs our help. He has been working in Indonesia for the past 18 years, providing medical aide at no charge, to rural indigenous people. He has traveled by canoe into the wild jungle, to bring alternative medicines and treatment to indigenous people. He has treated and often cured illnesses such as typhoid fever, dengue fever, pneumonia, cancer, autism from mercury poisoning, diabetes, and hypertension. He has been fighting to stop illegal gold mining, which uses mercury as the cheapest way for recovery of the gold from the ore. The mercury is poisoning thousands of people with heavy metal poisoning. It is in the water, it is the air, it is in the food they have to eat. His family dog was killed recently by poisoning as a warning to him to cease his efforts to expose this massive pollution, due to corruption. He has an alternative eco friendly refining solution that does not cause mercury poisoning. Your financial donation today will help him continue to aide the indigenous people and expose these murderers.

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