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Help the WDS cash a large bond

On October 22, 2018, I called Mizuho Bank, Kichijoji Branch and told them I wanted to deposit a bond denominated in U.S. dollars into the White Dragon Foundation account.

The bank said no without even looking at it.  However, a member of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet admitted to me that the bond was real.  The CIA also told me it was real.  We told the Japanese authorities to arrange to have an expert come to the bank to do the transaction.  We have given them a deadline of October 31, 2018.

The Foundation has a mandate to start a future planning agency.  This would allow us to start a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.  The bond was donated to the foundation by descendants of the last Chinese emperor.  The gold for which the bonds were traded was supposed to be used to develop East Asia, but instead was stolen by the Rothschild family to finance their G7 group.

The total amount of bonds the descendants hold, including compound interest, are worth $40 trillion, I have been told.  That is more than enough to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, start a swords-to-plowshares transition of the military-industrial complex, and plan a wonderful future for all living creatures on this planet.

The Japanese government has been warned by various secret societies they would be held criminally responsible, including death penalties, if they tried to stop the bond from being cashed.  This is because the people who stole the gold for which the bonds were traded are mass murderers, and so anybody helping these mass murderers continue to finance their murders is also guilty.  These are the people now using a body double of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to try to keep their criminal control of the U.S. dollar-based financial system.

We ask anybody reading this to call the Japanese embassy in their country, the central bank in their country, and the BIS to add to the pressure to take control of the financial system away from these criminals.  Thank you.


William Twofeather found not guilty

The following email arrived from William Twofeather:


Finally, the truth as seen by 12 jurors who saw all the evidence.

The jury leader said to the lawyers, “This is an embarrassment to the Houston Police Department,”

…and rightfully so.

They also said, “This should never, never have gone to trial.”

Thanks for your prayers and support.


Two Feather

Two Feather is in hot water

Greetings Ben:

Hope all is well.

I am in a hot spot with my lawyer.

For the first time he’s asking for money.

The endorsement you gave a month or two ago went really well.

This is not a forever story.

In a few days we go to trial with a jury.

Really men like me–Light Workers and Elders–are getting fewer and fewer by time.

When we are a thing of the past, what then?

I have vowed to be in service to “The People.”

If ya could just one more time post a short video on your site.

That would be the last time I can ask such a favor;  it will be over.

I am so indebted to you already.

It’s been 6 long months, for defending myself.

Here is the link:

  Two Feather Legal Fund

Support ‘Two Feather Legal Fund’ by donating or sharing today!

The court date is:

Feb 12, 2018 at 9 AM

Judge Susan Brown
Harris County Criminal Court
201 Caroline Street, 12th floor, Room 185
Houston, Texas 77002

Be there on time, as seats go fast.  I get there an hour early and go in the building as soon as they open the security check, then wait outside the courtroom.

Two Feather supporters, wear a red arm band, left arm, above the elbow.

This Trail should take a couple of days for anyone who would show up to support in person.

AHO, Two Feather
aka William Schober

P.S.  I have four inventions to cure thyroids, pancreas, knee replacement, and Alzheimer’s, ready to go and a backer close.

It’s a relief to see some of the Shadow Government getting close to charges!

February 11, 2018

Thank You, Ben!
The contributions are flowing in and well received.  I am just so Grateful.

They’re regular people, individuals who do what they can; those who give from their hearts to assist an Elder & Traditional Teacher are so appreciated.  It’s moving to see and be a part of.

When the Traditional Native American Healing & Spirituality books come out, every single donating person will get an eBook for sure.  All emails are being recorded just for that.  The books will come out this year, 2018.

The masses, standing up for something that makes a difference in the world.

I have been in the lawyer’s office all day getting ready.
And Sunday as well = tomorrow
Then Monday is show time.

My team is ready for a fight.
And fight they will get.
With a capital F.


Message to the People Who Censor My Hotmail Account

I saw the one about people being used as collateral for financial instruments around the world before you deleted it. To the person who sent it, please phone me at +81-90-3439-5558 so that we can talk without the idiots (who will soon be in jail) censoring us. FYI a friend of mine has also seen bonds in Singapore that were backed by US prison slave labour. We will not be free until we end the system of Babylonian debt slavery run by the privately owned central banks.