Japanese language videos

It has come to my attention that the Japanese slave government and the criminal organization known as U-tube have been suppressing my Japanese language videos. We will provide links to them on our English site to help get the word out to the Japanese public. 日本の奴隷政府とYoutubeと言う犯罪組織が、私の日本語動画を弾圧しているために、独自開発した日本語版動画サイトのリンクをここに載せます。興味のある方ぜひ見てください。 【バイデン政権の終焉(ハザールマフィア)】 【ハザールマフィア降参交渉】

Disinformation Notice

There is disinformation being sent out about world leaders like Vladimir Putin wearing freemason clothing. The photograph being used is from an APEC summit in Vietnam in 2006 when leaders were given a traditional Vietnamese garment known as an Ao Dai to wear. https://www.alamy.com/japans-prime-minister-shinzo-abe-walks-in-front-of-us-president-george-w-bush-l-and-russian-president-vladimir-putin-wearing-traditional-vietnamese-clothes-known-as-the-ao-dai-during-the-official-photograph-for-the-the-asia-pacific-economic-cooperation-apec-summit-in-hanoi-november-19-2006-reutersjim-young-vietnam-image400312026.html