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Greetings and warm wishes, Mr. Fulford,

First and foremost, thank you for all you have done and continue to do to inform the public.

I do not work for anyone or anything—I am only inquiring on matters of personal interest, as you hit on a subject I have been trying to understand for nearly 6 years.

Namely, that you had mentioned about the prophet of Islam Muhammad possibly having been involved with the Vatican.  I too have found very obscure references to such or similar as being true, one of which is that Muhammad was a Catholic Cardinal whose real name was Lothar Schmalfuss.

Please understand it is my most highest wish to see humanity recover from the idolatrous institutions of Christianity and Islam which utilize central male figures to ‘dictate’ on authority of so-called God.  Unfortunately, I only see Islam picking up steam, as I reside in Ontario, Canada and we are seeing a political party forming which intends to implement Sharia-based law.  In my own research, I have found the Qur’an to be, rather than divinely inspired, a product of many adaptations from Syro-Aramaic liturgical texts and strophic hymns.  This ‘book’ the Qur’an has absolutely wreaked havoc on the multitudes, and your mention of Muhammad’s having been tied to the Vatican gave me a small glimmer of hope.

Do you have any other information as to what might be happening regarding Islam?  It no doubt has played a crucial crucial role in the Middle Eastern crisis which, as we know, has lasted thousands of years.  It is my wish that the ‘truth’ about Christianity and Islam is exposed to the public and these old institutions disseminated and work daily to these ends.

Much regard,

The reference I had to Muhammad being trained by the Catholics originally came from the Catholic Encyclopedia.  I also was told this by the P2 Freemasons.  My understanding was that he was to disseminate a version of monotheism that was suited to the region, but then the whole project went rogue.

Did you know the Koran does not mention Mecca or the need to worship a rock there?

The actual teachings of Muhammad, as opposed to all the stuff that was added on after his death, are quite moderate and something that would fit comfortably in a Western context.

Anyway, I am not an expert on Islam or religion, but rather try to stay focused on the world as it is and how to make it better.


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