France, Germany and Holland are planning new currency to follow the demise of the Euro

The collapse of the Euro is now inevitable and as a result the French Rothschilds, who control France, Holland and Belgium (via the Freemason Grand Lodge de L’orient) and the German Freemasons are planning a new currency. Meanwhile the owners of the Federal Reserve Board have been caught trying to cash bogus financial instruments on three different continents in a desperate last minute push to save themselves. The new financial system should dawn soon and humanity will be free.

[restrict paid=”true”]Last week German Chancellor Merkel finally admitted the Euro was a doomed and began preparations for a new currency. The Euro died when European leaders realized their $1 trillion rescue plan would never work because of political opposition across the continent. It is also now clear that a Greek bailout would have to be followed by a bail out of not only the other PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) but also the Baltic countries.

The Germans also tried to forge an alliance with Russia and China but Russia vetoed that effort which is why the Germans are now looking to create a Northern European rump EU to replace the soon to disintegrate EU.

The Europeans are all going to have to learn once again what it means to work and produce if they wish to enjoy the living standards they have become used to. They will still be able to enjoy good food and good wine but they will be able to buy less stuff from the rest of the world than they have been used to. The European people are also now reaching a critical mass of awareness about the true nature of their secret financial government so no matter what the banksters try to do, they will lose most of their power anyway. It is just a matter of time.

The new British Government under Prime Minister Cameron is not under Bush/Nazi control. This means the English speaking world, and thus most of the world, will soon start learning the truth about many things. One example is the government decision to start an official, open enquiry into the 7/7 subway bombings in London. Hopefully the revelations will go all the way back to King George the V so that people will learn what a cruel hoax most of the 20th century was.

The British people will also soon be facing a major one-time drop in living standards as their financial hallucination evaporates and their economy returns to reality.

While the European situation will continue to gather headlines over the coming days, the real center of the storm continues to be the US and its Federal Reserve Board masters.

The Bush/Clinton faction has been caught trying to cash bogus financial instruments all over the world. In Japan the three top executives of Mizuho Bank, including Chairman Sugiyama, were all fired recently because they refused to cash, for the Bush faction, some gigantic checks issued by their predecessor Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank.

The Dai Ichi Kangyo bank checks were issued by the Bush faction after they threatened to kill former Prime Minister Takeshita’s money man unless he handed over to them the rights to Dai Ichi Kangyo. The President of Dai Ichi Kangyo was also murdered as a part of this whole sordid business.

Prime Minister Hatoyama (who is a wimp and a coward) agreed to help the Bush people cash these checks. Even if they do, they will find them to be worthless internationally.

The other incident involving the Bush faction came in Europe where they offered a senior financier 30% of a different set of bogus instruments in order for help in cashing them.

We can also independently confirm the veracity of a Christopher Story report from last week stating that former Vice President Cheney was kicked out of a Bank of America Branch in Atlanta for trying to cash $2 trillion in bogus certificates.

Treasury Secretary Geithner and Fed Chairman Bernanke will be in China this week on yet another begging mission. They are going to be told the Federal Reserve Board has lost all credibility because of their long track record of murder, broken promises and deceit.

The Bush Nazi faction is now becoming an extremely dangerous, cornered beast. Their worst crime was to blow up the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and then deliberately do nothing to stop the oil leak. They also sank a South Korean ship using a North Korean torpedo in an effort to start a war on the Korean Peninsula.

Worst of all, they sent an envoy to the Black Dragon Society threatening to use HAARP to set off a massive surge of volcanic eruptions all around the Pacific volcanic ring of fire. This is the fourth time they have made this threat.

However, we hear from insiders at the HAARP facility that such an insane act will not be allowed to take place.

Three different members of the BDS have also been poisoned during the past week. Two of them are seriously ill but are expected to recover.

Meanwhile our sources tell us the CIA in Japan have now split into two factions. The BDS has been given a list of all the names of the drug dealing CIA/Bush faction in Japan. We will keep this list private for now for insurance purposes. [/restrict]

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