Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat

There has been a lot of frenetic activity in the past week and a lot more turbulence is expected over the coming days as the death throes of the corporate so-called government of the United States continue. There is also so much fog and disinformation surrounding this event that good old fashioned analogue reporting is needed. To this end last week I talked to former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes, Indonesian military officials, gold prospectors based in Indonesia and the Philippines plus many other primary sources to try to find out what was really happening in the battle for control of the global financial system.

The conclusion is that there are no giant treasure caves in Indonesia or the Philippines and that the so-called global collateral accounts or global debt facility is based on fraud. What is true though, is that to this day, large amounts of un-usable dollars and Euros are printed, shrink-wrapped and left in warehouses in the region as “payment” for the gold taken from the region by Western powers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Meanwhile, at the top of this fraud based dollar and Euro system, at least two separate individuals and their factions are claiming rights to control money production.

[restrict paid=”true”] Both factions, let us call them A and B, have been in contact with this writer about redeeming historical bonds and here is what they say:
A) Says they will arrest me unless I go through faction A.

B) Says they will arrest me unless I go through faction B.

Also, talking to top people in these factions here is what seems to be the gist of their thinking: “If we win this financial war I am going to live in a palace, have my own casino with an island filled with porno stars and, oh yes, I will do some good.”

Both sides constantly talk about miles long caves filled with gold and jewels that are the basis of the dollar and Euro based financial system. However, a wealthy Japanese individual who has spent 30 years hunting for Treasure in the Philippines using imperial Japanese army treasure maps says that the total amount of gold he has seen in all that time is less than 10 tons.

Meanwhile, an Indonesian general linked to former President Soekarno says that any gold Indonesia had was removed long ago. Also, a member of a Japanese yakuza business syndicate (the yakuza are about as criminal the average Western oil corporation), who is involved in transporting gold from Indonesia to Hong Kong for refining, says the total amount of gold leaving Indonesia is about 30 kilograms per day. That is a lot of gold but it is a far cry from the thousand and hundreds of thousands of tons the global collateral accounts people talk about.

Meanwhile, in a good indicator of the credit worthiness of the Federal Reserve Board, holders of genuine Fed bond boxes are offering to sell $12.5 billion face value worth of Fed bonds for $500,000 or 0.0004 cents on the dollar.

This is apparently a touchy subject because this writer has been subjected to lawsuits, paypal troubles, threats from the CIA to shut down my blog and more than the usual amount of death threats since writing about these bonds.

Former World Bank Senior Counsel for the World Bank Legal Department Karen Hudes also agreed, in an interview with this writer last week, that, based on her direct experience, the Western financial system was run by high level racketeers. According to her, when the Federal Reserve Board refused earlier this year to return 300 tons of gold Germany had entrusted with them, she advised the Germans this was similar to a declaration of war. The Germans appeared to have agreed and recently sent a shot across the bows to the Americans in the form of German helicopters flying so low over the US consulate in Frankfurt that china was rattled off the shelves.

Hudes also independently confirmed that top level cabalists were indeed trying to start World War 3.

To prevent this, Hudes says that 380,000 American, Russian and Chinese troops are preparing to move into Washington D.C. in October to arrest the criminals pretending to be a government there. There is a truckers strike due on October 11-13th in the US and the arrival of large amounts of trucks in Washington could be a cover for a major military operation. However, Pentagon and Chinese sources contacted by this writer could neither confirm nor deny such a possibility.

In the same vein, we have not been able to confirm, with direct sources, what really happened at the so-called Navy Yard shootings last week. Internet news sources say most of the people killed were top pentagon brass who were trying to arrest Barack Obama. Other internet reports say Obama suffered a mental breakdown last week and had to be sedated.

All we can say is that in this September 22 photo the grey haired Obama does not appear to be a happy camper:


The other apparently cabal related shooting incident last week was at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The mall is owned by Israeli citizen Frank Lowy, according to an MI5 source. “Frank Lowy was closely associated with Larry Silverstein in the Twin Towers leasing deal before 911,” the source said.


We have also heard from an American intelligence source that agency white hats need to urgently stop a very real cabal plot to blow up the Hoover Dam.

Again, with so many atrocities going on many of us are wondering why these gangsters are not being rounded up and put in jail. Veteran’s Today editor Gordon Duff’s answer was that the pentagon would not move until money had been secured. An Asian secret society source also agreed that soldiers needed real gold in their hands and not paper before they would fight.

That is a mistake I believe. Gold is just a yellow metal and you cannot eat it. The real gold is spiritual. Here is a suggestion on how the pentagon could deal with the upcoming bankruptcy of the US corporate government:

First, make sure everybody has enough cash for a month and then shut down all bank computers and ATMS. Institute a jubilee by writing off all debts, public and private. Also, give people who rent ownership rights to their houses and apartments and promise government money equivalent to rental income to the former owners. This can be done fairly quickly. After that, delete all the money in the banking system. Once that is done, hire accountants to re-input money amounts based on paper receipts and ownership papers.

Since you have spent all your gold, make the new US financial system real estate and asset based. Go for it.

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