In end game indicator, Federal Reserve Board selling Dinars and paper dollars in Japan to pay US embassy bills

In a sign the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is on its last legs, the US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan is selling Iraqi Dinars and US dollar cash bills via yakuza gangs in order to pay its bills, according to yakuza sources. The bills are being sold via corrupt officials in the Tokyo public prosecutors’ office who are then selling them to yakuza gangsters in exchange for Japanese yen, the sources say. One Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.8 before the US invaded but fell to 2 cents afterwards at which point the Feds bought them all up, according to MI6 sources. They are now selling them worldwide, along with blacklisted US paper bills in order to keep the Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary going a bit longer. Buyers beware because you will sooner or later find out you traded good money for high quality tissue paper.

[restrict paid=”true”] The Feds are not the only ones having troubles these days. Except for a rump of brainwashed slaves in a few Western countries, most of the world is now fully aware that France, Italy and the UK are attacking Libya purely and simply in order to steal oil they can no longer afford to pay for. This campaign is not going well, however, because Africans, Eastern Europeans, Chinese and other peoples are helping Libya maintain its independence from the neo-colonialist bandits. A shadowy international group calling itself the Dark Brotherhood went further by issuing a warning to France’s Sarkozy that his criminal acts against Libya, Japan and other countries will result in a suitcase nuclear bomb being set off in La Defense, the high rise government district near Paris. The White Dragon Society strongly disapproves of the mass killing of innocents by any group, including both the Brotherhood and the French.

These incidents are all indicators that the world is no longer accepting credit card payments from the US, the UK, France and other countries who then turn around and spend their borrowed money financing needless wars of aggression. These countries have, in recent years, financed their chronic external deficits with fraudulent financial instruments but the world is now on to these scams which is why time is running out for the war-mongerers.

The Vatican has remained silent since the attempt two weeks ago by the Black Pope, Peter Hans Kolvenbach to cut a deal. Kolvenbach’s proposals to the White Dragon Society had some merit. First he offered to cash $1 trillion or so in Federal Reserve Board bonds to finance the formation of a new US government headed by U.S. Senator Ron Paul and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. He also agreed to allow the mass arrests of junior Bilderberger and CFR members so long as the top ranks remained immune.

These proposals were rejected for a variety of reasons. One was that it is the American people and not a self-described representative of Satan, who should be choosing their leaders. The other is that he asked for a 6-month delay which meant he was probably just trying to buy time and did not intend to keep his promises. Another is that he does not have any God given right to go around creating $1 trillion out of thin air in order to manipulate society. Also, Kolvenbach made veiled threats, including threats against Japan and the White Dragon, as a matter of principle, never submits to extortion. If him and his cabal did not have their magic dollar printing machine, most of them would just be street trash.

However, if this writer was an American citizen, he would certainly vote for a Jesse Ventura/Ron Paul ticket.

In what may be a related development, a group of 10 US Senators led by Senate Majority leader Harry Reed are in Macau, China for some sort of negotiations. These almost certainly involve secretive Japanese financier Seiichi Wada, who has in the past served as a conduit between Western oligarchs and Chinese leaders. It may also be no coincidence that a White Dragon Society representative was given a free air ticket and invited to Macau at the same time. We shall know more when the representative returns.

Also, as mentioned last week in our free blog, a group known as the International Red Socialists has allied itself with the White Dragon Society. In a meeting that took place in a very funky secret Japan headquarters located in the posh Ginza district of Tokyo, the Reds explained they had global reach and that they were at least equal in influence to the Red and Blue in China. They gave the impression of being nice, and peace-loving but ready to defend themselves if absolutely necessary.

In Japan, meanwhile, there are reports that Prime Minister Naoto Kan is having fits of tears and hysteria because of the stressful situation he finds himself in. However, the objective truth is starting to prevail and attempts to create mass global nuclear panic over the nuclear “accident,” in Japan are failing in the face of the hard scientific truth that nobody has died of radiation poisoning as a result of this limited incident.

Instead, evidence that Japan was deliberately attacked with a earthquake and tsunami triggering seabed nuclear weapon is mounting. For example, archivists have uncovered a series of newspaper articles in mainstream Japanese papers like the Asahi and Yomiuri Newspapers reveal the use of nuclear earthquake weapons was commonly reported on here in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The Japanese right wing/military/yakuza/police establishment is also now aware that Jay Rockefeller, Peter Hans Kolvenbach and Nicholas Sarkozy are the prime suspects in this attack.

What these people need to realize is that their traditional methods of control, brute force, bribery and lies are just not working anymore. They no longer have the ability to dominate the rest of the world through brute force, they no longer control the money needed to bribe leaders into obedience and their lies are now being uncovered almost as fast as they can tell them.

The oligarchs need to realize that a fundamental historical shift is taking place and they cannot stop it, the best they can do is surf it. If they miss the wave, they will miss a historical opportunity such as they will never see again.

Special note about the appeal for funds.

There was a lot of misunderstanding about our appeal for funds last week. This money is not needed by me but by people in agencies and other groups who have been cut off of their salaries or funds because they have been helping us. The money is needed to allow them to continue their work. A rather large sum is also needed to finance a lawsuit that is expected to lead to the arrest of hundreds of cabal members. We have had governments express interest in helping but would prefer to get our funding from individuals if possible. We are in the process of setting up a legal platform for donations. [/restrict]

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