Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa ordered my murder

The order to stab this writer with a poisoned needle was given by Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his North Korean faction, according to North Korean, South Korean and Japanese military intelligence and underworld sources. Ozawa is upset by repeated assertions by this writer that he was involved in, and profited from, the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attacks against Japan. My question to Ozawa is, why not sue me for slander instead of trying to kill me? Is it because you are guilty of participating in, and profiting from, the murder of 20,000 of your fellow Japanese citizens?

We are now investigating whether Ozawa was acting on his own or following instructions from the Rockefellers, the Bushes or the P2 lodge. We have also heard that somebody lied to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and told him this writer was somehow responsible for his father’s murder.

In any case, formal police complaints have been filed and the case against the cabal has just been upgraded from financial fraud to mass murder.

[restrict paid=”true”] The cabalists seem to think that by murdering writers and politicians they can still somehow do a Hail Mary pass and get out of the situation they find themselves in. That is naïve to say the least.
In any case, it is becoming clear that the cabal’s attempts at mass manipulation through terror are falling apart.

The arrested suspects in the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo Subway system have testified the incident was an experiment in manipulation of Japanese politics via terror ordered by Kim Jong-il his Nazi cabal allies. It was a practice run for the much bigger terrorist attack carried out on March 11, 2011. The aim was to create 40 million “nuclear refugees” from Japan as a part of a strategy to rule Asia through terror. This plan has failed utterly.

The same group was responsible for the attack on New Orleans with weather manipulation weaponry in the Hurricane Katrina incident. That incident was also a practice run intended to see if Americans could be forced into concentration camps by a “natural disaster.” This was a test run for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that was supposed to generate millions of refugees from US States bordering on the gulf. This also ended in failure for the cabal.

The original plans also called for a series of floods and nuclear disasters along the Mississippi river but these also ended in failure.

So, we can guess and hope that their plans to hit London and then Rome with nuclear weapons will also end in failure.

The cabalists are still threatening mayhem if any attempt is made to remove them from control of the process of creating and distributing money.
What they do not seem to understand is that multiple legal actions in many countries are grinding towards them. As the saying goes, the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust.
Here is one example of why their control matrix is falling apart. Below are photos of some commemorative Euros that were part of a batch of $150 billion the European Central Bank tried to cash last week:

Video call snapshot 1

Video call snapshot 2

These are bills of the sort that have been sent to Asia as “payment” for gold the cabalists borrowed from Asian groups like the Dragon family. However, what these banksters need to realize is that the gig is up: no matter what kind of funny paper they print, it is no longer business as usual.

There are bunkers and bunkers full of such bills wrapped in plastic and stored all around Asia. The printers never really expected the day would come when the Asians would demand the right to actually cash and spend such bills.

That is why 19 announcements “the European crisis has been solved” have failed. It is also why all the astronomical numbers being issued by the Federal Reserve Board in “quantitative easing,” fail to stimulate the real economy.

White Dragon Society has long offered the cabalists an opportunity to be forgiven in exchange for appearing before a truth and reconciliation committee. However, the window of opportunity is shutting fast because a lot of angrier and less forgiving folk are closing in and asking for justice to be served.
A gentleman’s agreement on a win-win solution is always preferable to a lynch mob.

This writer has been reading about one of the original Babylonian tyrant systems uncovered, known as Uruk, that existed from 3400 B.C. to 3100 B.C. This featured despots claiming to speak for the gods, food bowls of identical portions for the slaves, a priesthood that distributed the food and a giant central ziggurat or pyramid. At around 3100 BC the despotic city states of this sort were all burnt down and no writing appeared again for 400 years.

We could face a similar breakdown now if we destroyed everything about our current Babylonian tyrant banking system instead of trying to keep the good bits (like predictable, fair food rations for even the poorest).

The White Dragon Society is proposing that our no longer secret Bablylonian rulers like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc. come out of the closet in safety and tell the truth.[/restrict]

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