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Dear Ben, looks like you are being fed stuff to make you look bad; you need to be more careful.
Actual link with same porn video…

“Truth Behind the Viral Video

However, the man is the video is not Jeffery Epstein. The clip is part of a 26-minute long BDSM porn video featuring Drea Stakeout and Lew Rubens. The original video, titled ‘Drea Morgan Stakeout Under Glass’ is available on porn sites. A part of the video was also uploaded on Fly Height in July last year. The caption stated, “Bruh Wtf: Naked Woman Tied Down In The Sun And Tortured With Magnifying Glass!”

The viral video has led many netizens on various social media platforms including Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook into believing that the man in the video is indeed Epstein.:



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So guys, that video of Jeff Epstein torturing a naked girl with a magnifying glass is actually bondage porn. The actress is Drea Morgan, the dude is Lew Rubens, & the title is Magnified Stakeout. #PSA

Thanks for catching that for me. The video was sent to me by a CIA sources who believed it was genuine.
In any case, even if the video is a fake, there is plenty of evidence of torture at the Epstein Island. However, Jeff Epstein himself was allowed to fake his death because it turns out he was an agent used to infiltrate the cabal and get compromising information on them.
-Benjamin Fulford

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