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Hi Benjamin,

I have found your reports to be very interesting.

I am wondering about something you wrote and am asking about it.

You wrote that Margaret Trudeau was a Sinclair from the Satanic Sinclairs of Rosslyn Chapel.

I am wondering if you got that information from the book The Da Vinci Code, which is fiction. My information is that it was based on the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail that was based on Pierre Plantard’s claim to be the king of France because he said he was descended from the Merovingian dynasty but I read online that he admitted to fraud in a court of law. He never said that he was descended from Jesus. He got the name St. Clair from the St. Clair region in France. There is no evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married or had any children or that the St. Clairs and Plantards are descended from them.

William St. Clair (called “the seemly”) was so named because he was from the St. Clair area in France and went to Caithness, Scotland, where the family became a Scottish clan and the name evolved to Sinclair. It appears that they had been Templars but then became Masons.

One William St. Clair, a descendant of “the seemly”, constructed Rosslyn Chapel, apparently in thanks to God. There have been many rumours about it since then. I have been there on more than one occasion and have taken photos of the carvings all around inside and out.

If you have information that the family was, or is, Satanic I would really like to know.


Jean Sinclair

Hello B,
To be honest I sometimes simplify nuanced histories with the label Satanic. I do not wish to claim that all members of the Sinclair family are satanic.
However, in the case of Margaret Trudeau, her father Jimmy Sinclair, proposed marriage to my grandmother and I know personally these people were deeply into the occult. The actions of Justin, raping a child, murdering his brother, trying to turn Canada into an animal farm all show that in his case, there is something definitely Satanic going on. – Benjamin
Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.   Actually, my branch of the family were church goers and I was brought up in the United Church of Canada.  None of my relatives were into the occult and didn’t even know anything about the occult.
I certainly agree that there has been something very wrong going on with Justin.  That was obvious even before your explanation which has shed some light on it.   However, I doubt if Margaret’s immediate family has anything to do with Rosslyn Chapel.  That has just been a tourist attraction for many years.  I was there in 1965 and it was not being used except for guided tours although my friend and I were the only ones there at that time.  It was more popular when I was back years later mainly because of books such as Holy Blood Holy Grail.
I remember when Justin was born and there was a photo in a Toronto newspaper of Margaret in Cuba showing Justin to Fidel Castro.  I wondered at the time why she would travel to Cuba to present her baby to Castro!
I hope you can mention in a report that not all the Sinclairs are Satanic.   After The Da Vinci Code book was published, people kept asking me if I’m one of “those Sinclairs”, not understanding that it was fiction.  I would not want to be associated in thought with “those Sinclairs” who were called Satanic. 😞
The Sinclairs were a great clan at one time, actually the most powerful clan in Scotland because they were given lands as rewards for fighting with the king against the English. They were known to be honest and were not part of the fighting among the other clans in the highlands. They allowed gypsies to camp on their lands and it is reputed that they were friends with Robert Hude, later known as Robin Hood, who was not an outlaw but was standing up for the common people who were not allowed to hunt or fish on the vast lands owned by the lairds, so were starving,  The Sinclairs were ruined by the actions of Cromwell and his army because they were Catholics, having originated in France, so their lands were taken from them and buildings ruined.  At least Rosslyn Chapel was not destroyed.
You pressed a button about my ancestry and my interest in the St. Clair/Sinclair clan. 😌
Thanks again,

Jean Sinclair

OK, I will post your letter to let readers know. Also, this branch of your family was instrumental in founding Canada.

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