Turkey’s Erdogan Arrested, Canada’s Trudeau on the Run as the dominoes keep falling

We would like to congratulate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee and look forward to her Diamond Jubilee. She has done a lot behind the scenes to help liberate humanity.

The war to liberate humanity from an ancient Satanic cult is proceeding very well. In the biggest move last week, Turkish President Recep Erdogan was detained by white hat alliance members while he was visiting the Ukraine, CIA and Mossad sources report. In Canada, toxic vaccine pushing Crime Minister Justin Castro is on the run and may have already been captured, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources say.

Meanwhile, as the West continues to be paralyzed by its undeclared civil war, China is starting the year of the tiger with some very big moves, notably an accelerated attempt to take over Latin America.

There is also a lot more going on elsewhere but let’s start with Turkey. News reports confirm Erdogan is “Isolating after testing positive for Covid.” This of course is the new expression for high-level political arrests:


This happened after would-be Ottoman emperor Erdogan went to Ukraine last week to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Here is what right-wing Turskish media had to say about his intentions:

Ukraine cannot stop Russia. But Turkey can. This is how calculations and, thus, plans are made. If they succeed, a war between Turkey and Russia will become inevitable. This signifies the destruction of both countries. The U.S. and Europe will be the only victors. 


Here is the raw intelligence from the white hats about Erdogan’s arrest:

“There is much more going on behind the curtain regarding that meeting. It looks like Erdogan is obtaining intel to pass on to Putin. Erdogan owes Putin a few favors as you know. Going back to the ‘accidental shoot down’ of a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 jet near the Russia/Syria border back in 2015. Testing Covid positive for Erdogan and his wife is a way for the alliance to have a very private and confidential discussion with Erdogan. This is an eyes-only meeting. No media of course. What Erdogan passes on to the Alliance will determine his future. As you know his health is not up to par”.

The capture of Erdogan is very important because the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia that seized power in the West came via the Turkish self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi. If the alliance finds out Erdogan is fighting against the Khazarians, he will become an important ally. If he is one of their agents, he will die of Covid, the sources say. Either way, it will be a serious blow for the KM.

Now let us look at what is happening with the liberation of the West, starting with Canada. First, for those who have not seen these yet, take a look at the pictures below. Here is a picture of his cuckold father Pierre Trudeau with Fidel Castro. Pierre Trudeau was a traitor who handed over control of the Bank of Canada to the Khazarian mob.

His wife Margaret Sinclair is from the Satanic Sinclair family of Rosslyn Chapel fame. The picture of her displaying her Canadian beaver to the public at New York’s Club 54 tells you a lot about what sort of upbringing she had.

The son she had with Castro, Justin 

Here is a photograph taken of Trudeau in 2022

Below is a picture of him in 2019. Note the teeth are different.

has a string of corruption scandals behind him that is so long we will not deep dive into it here. Suffice it to say he is a pedophile who paid $2.25 million to a very young student of his who he had statutory rape with.


Justin Castro is a communist Manchurian candidate whose job was to turn Canada into a Khazarian slave camp. That is why Castro refuses to talk with the truckers but was happy to talk to the communist front of Black Lives Matter (whose leadership is mostly white). This is the same BLM that recently transferred millions to buy a mansion formerly owned by the communist party.


Finally, we can see that the Trudeau we are seeing on screens now is very different from the one we saw last year. This means either he has been captured and the KM are using computer graphics or, the White Hats have replaced him. Events will show which is the case.

In any case, God bless the truckers, farmers, cowboys etc. who stood up to liberate Canada and inspired similar movements around the world. Here, for example, we see a German truck convoy getting ready to free the German people.  

The Khazarian mafia’s attempt to use Covid and their control of Western Medical Associations to install slave regimes is now collapsing everywhere.

This corporate news item shows how a hasty retreat from Covid continues.

Copenhagen (AFP) – The World Health Organization on Thursday offered Europe hope of a “long period of tranquility” and even “enduring peace” in the coronavirus war, with a growing list of nations lifting almost all Covid curbs.


Countries that are ending or reducing Covid fascism include Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Japan etc.

Speaking about Japan, last week representatives of the White Dragon Society met with a senior Japanese general sent by the Emperor as well as with a Russian representative. An agreement was reached to

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liberate Japan from its 80 year-long post-war occupation. The Japanese military and police have agreed to take over the Bank of Japan, the NHK national broadcast corporation, the Prime Ministers’ office and parliament, according to the WDS representative who attended the meeting. This will be done in coordination with US military white hats, the source noted.

Following liberation, power in Japan will once again go to the meritocratic bureaucracy under the symbolic guidance of the Emperor. One of the first priorities of the new government will be to stop the 500,000 person per year drop in population by starting a new baby boom, the source says.

The new so-called US ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emmanuel, is seen as a beggar sent to try to get the Japanese to buy more Rockefeller oil and is not being taken seriously, the Japanese general said. The Japanese general confirmed the US military does not obey the fake Rockefeller/Biden regime.

For the most recently emerging evidence Biden is a phony, by the way, compare the one you see now to the bald real Biden from 30 years ago.

Japanese foreign ministry officials for their part, confirm there is no government in Washington DC and their representatives in the US operate out of New York. That means if US truckers want to stage a freedom convoy, they are better off heading to New York than Washington. As confirmation, here is a picture of the abandoned White House surrounded by a concrete wall.

We can also confirm that similar walls are being built around former government offices in other countries, including the Vatican and the German Parliament. Below you can see the wall being put up around the Dutch Parliament.

In Italy, meanwhile, Prime Minister Mario Draghi has pulled a Trudeau and gone into hiding after being repudiated by Parliament.


The other people hiding are all the pharmacidical corporation bosses who were behind the vaccine mass murder attempt. For example, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s (whose real Khazarian mafia name is Israel-Abraham Burla) is either dead or on the run. https://aim4truth.org/2022/01/26/global-genocide-by-jew-israel-abraham-burla/

French demonstrators are attacking Pfizer headquarters and Pfizer employees are quitting in droves. Those responsible for the vaccine campaign will be hunted down no matter where on this planet they try to hide, WDS sources promise. https://en-volve.com/2022/02/04/watch-thousands-of-french-protesters-surround-pfizer-hq-chanting-murderers/

We also note NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg has quit and is hoping to get paid for his work as a KM puppet by being given control of Norway’s money. Here is what a CIA source had to say about him: He is a senior puppet in the KM satanic Cabal. He is already tasting the $1.4 trillion and how to access it for his masters. Hopefully, the Alliance will convince him to join humanity’s strive for freedom. He may test positive for COVID soon and go into self-isolation. If this happens, we know what comes next. 



While the Khazarian rule of the West continues to implode, China is on the move big time. With their real estate-based economy having reached a bankrupt dead end, the Chinese Communist Party is planning huge changes, Asian Secret Society sources say.

Here is what CIA in East Asia has to report about this:

The CCP has plan B already in place. They are preparing to nationalize everything in China. They will take over all businesses, banks and real estate. This will destroy all foreign investments. The foreign banks and bondholders will be the losers to the tune of $ trillions. Notice how the major port in Tianjin was closed down, using a COVID outbreak as the reason. Some shipping lines have suspended operations as at least three other Chinese ports, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, remain partially closed. The real reason: they want to keep their goods in country. The CCP is also seriously considering revaluing the price of gold by at least 2 times in order to save the Yuan from total collapse. This is a perfect way to balance their $116 trillion deficit. China has more than enough physical gold reserves. Plus they can fill up the 70 million empty apartments that could house 27 cities the size of New York.


China is also using the West’s distraction to move in on the rest of the world. Putin has been briefed on this proposed plan of action. Here is what Chinese President Xi Jinping had to say about his meeting last week with Russian Presidential Avatar (see pictures below) Vladimir Putin:


The two sides have actively taken part in the reform and development of the global governance system, practiced true multilateralism, upheld true democratic spirit, and played a pivotal role in uniting the international society to tide over the current difficulties and safeguard international equity and justice,

This was followed by a series of big Russian and Chinese moves, most notably in what used to be the US backyard of Latin America. The Russians are promising increased military/economic cooperation with countries like Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela.


Argentina is also becoming a new Russian front with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez in Russia saying: “I am consistently working to rid Argentina of… dependence on the IMF and the US… Cooperation with Russia is vital for us.” This includes expanded integration between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR).


Argentina also signed up to China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative,.

Similar moves are being made in the Middle East. Xi met Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi and said the comprehensive Egyptian Chinese strategic partnership is a model of “China-Arab, China-Africa, and China-developing world solidarity”


The big question now is what the US Secret Space Force is planning as a counter-move. All we know for sure is that signs of an operation blue beam space opera are proliferating.

Our source at the Thule Airforce base insists (without going into detail) something totally mind-blowing is happening in Antarctica. The following pictures were sent as proof.

There are also growing sightings of UFOs around the world.

As usual with this type of stuff though, our stance is we will believe it when we see it. In the meantime, instead of waiting for little green men to liberate us, we humans need to continue to free the planet earth by ourselves.




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