Letters to the Editor 2/7/2022

Clif High explains that the international bankers, (the Khazarian
mafia), made a deal with the Chinese to move western wealth
and productive capacity to China and cooperate in destroying
the US economy and enslaving them.
The banking center of the world would be located in China.
China cooperated but cancelled the agreement recently because they
knew the bankers would be controlling them eventually and,
There are two books Clif refers to by Chinese – The Long March
and one other that outline their plan to infiltrate the West and
bring it down so that eventually the whole world would be Chinese.
All non-Chinese would be eliminated.
So, both the Khazarians and the Chinese have the same goal
in wanting to destroy the US and kill most of the people on
the planet, but for very different reasons.
Now the Chinese are withdrawing from their being the exporter
of things to the world to focus on building their own consumer
base.  This of course is necessary so that they are not dependent
on US money which is now worthless and have no ties that
inhibit their master plan.
I assume the Chinese elders you work with do not agree with
this Chinese master plan.
I hope you can address the above Chinese goal of total Han
population on earth.  Is this true?
Thanks for showing us what is going on behind the curtain.”
It is true that the Khazarian mafia offered the Chinese the chance to rule the world in exchange for sheltering them. The Chinese realized that they would be taking poison into their country and reneged on the agreement.
However, I can assure you that none of the top Chinese I ever ment ever said anything about eliminating non Han people. The most radical right wing of them just say “the west has ruled the world for 300 years so now it is our turn.” The majority of the top Chinese I met just want China to be a part of a multi-polar world.

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