The Forgotten People: The Khoi-San

Dear Sir:

This is a message to the Leadership.  We know of everything and everyone involved in the plan to hurt us.  Please let them Google to learn who the White Dragon Society and the white hats are.  They have given us their commitment for our protection.  I feel sorry for anyone who will try to hurt us or anyone of our family members and friends.  Just do your own research to see what the white hats have done to the most powerful people on this planet.

We know who supports false kings and who wants to erase bloodlines.  They know up to the highest levels.  Khoi-San Leaders, you are being used to fight each other.  If you want to be a king or a leader, we will respect you, but be there for the people and accommodate other leaders also.  Everyone on this planet will get more than what they can expect.  Don’t sell your souls for a plate of food.

The world is waiting for any move from those with dark thoughts.  We humbly ask everyone around the globe who reads this message to pass it on to whoever else you think can help us in this fight.  It is important for everyone to get involved in this final push (Where We Go One, We Go All).

If any one of our Khoi-San people is harmed, then start with the government leadership in South Africa and then go international by following the other letters to this editor.  Why do you think that a Deputy Secretary of State and the highest U.S. delegation to visit South Africa since 2012 urgently came here to have high-level meetings on Friday, March 15, 2019?

Read between the lines.  How does he even know of the high levels of crime in the ghettos?  How does he know about the underworld?  How can we lose an average of 30 Khoi people being murdered per month in one suburb alone, and have a total media blackout?  Nobody talks about it?  When the people take to the streets, then they are harassed by the police?  Please stop this madness.

Our people live in total poverty and are in desperate need of housing.  We are told to put our names on the housing list, but the waiting period is 10 to 20 years.  We do that, but then some politicians are calling people from other parts of Africa to come and boost their voting totals here in South Africa, and they get houses without going on a waiting list?  When our people protest this, then we are attacked by the police.

It is so sad to see all the greed.  They get free houses, but then they grab more than one house, even knowing that very few of our Khoi people managed to get houses, if any at all.  Whose land is this, anyway?  The Caucasians and later the Black race that came here, all found Khoi and San people here.  Now none of them want to share the land with us.

We have been living on this part of the globe for the last 250,000 years.  We have the oldest DNA on this planet and every nation shares our DNA.  Do your own research.  Who do you think Adam and Eve were?

Our ancestors never believed in staying too long in the same place, because they didn’t want to hurt Mother Earth and disturb nature.  This is why it is almost impossible for us to show you documents of ownership of land, but those documents are written on the rocks.

We have always been accommodating, because deep down in our souls we know that nobody can take ownership of Mother Earth.  We are all supposed to be the custodians of nature.  If we are not going to change our ways of greed, then she will destroy us.  She is alive and can feel our energy, whether it is positive or negative.

I agree with the proposal to turn the deserts green and create a space of love where each family (those who want) can own one hectare of land in order to turn Earth into a beautiful paradise.

You have no idea of how the world has changed already.  The Earth has reached the Galactic Sun.  She vibrates now on a higher frequency and we are forced to raise our individual frequencies.  The dark forces, Marduk, the Parents, and the Structure are no more, and all the power players are now working for good.  This is all over the cyber news.  The changes are irreversible.  The Peace Agreement is enforceable from Above and Below.  This was planned 13,500 years ago.  The Golden Age has started.

Poverty shouldn’t exist on this planet anymore.  Don’t make a stain against your name.  There is prosperity for everyone.  No amount of “False Flags” can change the time loop.  The forces of good know everything and in all of your secret meetings, they see everything.  We are not alone anymore.  Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

“Though your sins be like scarlet, they can be as white as snow.”  I believe the past can be forgiven, but only if that person has been proven to change for the better.  If you want to do something wicked now in this present time and think you can get away with it, then you lose your immunity.

I vote for South African-style Truth and Reconciliation hearings so that this madness can stop and we can create a win-win situation in order to establish lasting peace on this planet.


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