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“This is a question for Mr. Fulford, and can be addressed openly if he feels it appropriate to do so; does he know if targetted individuals will be compensated specifically for their suffering and acknowledged publically with a formal apology from whatever agencies executed virtual/psychic/physical harassment against them? Another question I have, which I do hope will be addressed in open forum is, whatever happened to the children that were being saved from the DUMBs; this was being reported as something everyone was sure of as having happened, but it was never disclosed what became of those kids: are they being treated in a super secret military hospital somewhere in bum-fuck Egypt (pardon the expression), or were they treated to the same fate as those held in protective custody by Trump admin/US border control until Biden was inaugurated (in other words, put into foster care and are now being trafficked by the state)? “
US Rep says targetted individuals are not lying: https://youtu.be/oSTjg2zFh8w
As someone who has also been the target of a sustained harassment I can testify this is a real phenomenon. The people carrying it out are usually members of a cult controlled ultimately by the Khazarian Mafia. This needs to be the subject of public hearings.
As for the kids in the DUMBS, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. This may sound weird but it is as if several different timelines are merging and when this process is finally finished we will get full disclosure about that and so many other things.
In the meantime, we all need to directly fight any injustice we personally experience in order to make sure justice is done. 
– Benjamin Fulford

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