More questions about Obama

Hi Benjamin!

So, wasn’t Obama supposed to have been “executed” in Gitmo?  Then what’s up with having dinner with Robert de Niro?  Or is it all “bla bla bla…”?  Seriously, are all these “people” who should be dead, resurrecting or have a few clones or doubles always lined up to fool the sleeping sheeple on and on?  (the Clintons, Kissinger, etc.)  I’d be curious to know WHO gives you these sort of infos, to then make you lose credibility!

Barack Obama Dines With Robert De Niro After He Said Trump Should Be In Prison

Any thoughts?


Hi I,

It’s too early to tell if this was a trap and Obama was never executed, or if they are putting out computer graphics to make it seem he is still around.  We shall see.


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