This notion that some politicans like Hillary, Netanyahu, Obama, and Pelosi have been replaced by clones smacks of hyperbolic, hysteric, histrionics from a sophomoric reporter, not the former editor-in-chief for Asian affairs at Forbes, especially since cloning would require a lot more than some plastic surgery, and these people are seen by the entire world and their associates every day.



First of all, P, you are engaging in what is known as a straw man attack.  You attribute ideas to me that I do not have and then you attack them.  While many of my sources keep insisting cloning is real, I have always said I stick to Occam’s Razor and look for more probable explanations.

The view I have, and this is based on fact-based reporting from real sources, is that they take people who look like famous politicians and alter them with plastic surgery to make them resemble whoever it is even more.  The other thing they do is use computer graphics to create fake TV images of these people.

Do you remember how Hillary Clinton was stuffed into a van during the Presidential election campaign and reappeared a few hours later 40 pounds lighter?  That lighter person was identified as a known lookalike.

The other thing you are doing is engaging in what is known as an ad hominem attack.  You attack me, and not my reporting, with insults like “hyperbolic, hysteric, histrionics from a sophomoric reporter.”

This is slander and I could sue you if I were the type of person who liked to sue.

My question to you is, “Are you a paid troll or just brainwashed?”


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