Letters to the Editor

“Always lose me when making wild unsubstantiated claims. I’ll give you the possibility Elon isn’t the saviour of free speech. Sure.

But to claim his rockets are cgi videos as a money making scam?! The completely insane amount of work and technological advances required for teslas auto piloting system. The fact StarLink is being used in the Ukraine.

Just throws your credibility in everything else you say under the bus. In my opinion.”

-Recent Video Comment

You are partially right, I used Starlink satellites myself this summer to access the internet while in the Canadian wilderness.
However, he has also been caught using computer graphic fakes like when he said he sent a tesla car into space as a publicity stunt when tesla stock prices were tumbling.
What is clear is that Musk is using DARPA technology paid for with tax payer money for private gain.
He is also a proven vaccine and fake pandemic pusher. He is a KM controlled “white hat.”
-Benjamin Fulford

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